Merkel DB 141 Review

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Titus Hunter: Can it put down the African crocs?

carlos estrela: q cal e esse é que marca e essa ai

sanat Datta: veru very nice

K. Backus: Great little double rifle. I'd like to have one of these in 45/70.

RANJIT SINGH: Hello sir 12bor ka prz kitna he plz batayen

fiskeman92: I prefer the over and under doublerifle .

scorpio46 temanggung: kokean ngomong tinimbang nembake

Sandeep Singh Deol: very nice

fwi1298: to long of a scope for that rifle, needs to be shorter so as to get at the breach for the reload


Thomas Grey: How much of an everyday fellows fortune must one spend to procure a swanky Merkel like this?

patrick richard: gros blaireau

logan pollock: I always liked the 9.3x 74 for North American hunting.  I think the least I ever paid was 73 bucks for twenty rounds.  I had an A. Zoli and a couple Valmet 412 models.  I actually preferred the Valmet.  The Leupold Vari-x II 1-4x scope worked like a dream, even for very hurried shooting.  I never had a Merkel because of the price and because I was disappointed by a couple of their shotguns.

remchuck: the rifle is a thing of beauty. looks like a lot of fun to shoot
as well.

Tom Smyth: Wtf Pete you look like an idiot

Kristoffer Skjelbred: Close the gun propper!! dont smack it together like that you dork

Majid Nikkhah:

Toozman: I beautiful double rifle set up. It would be a perfect one rifle battery for Africa. The 9.3 x 74 may be too light for some areas regulations for dangerous game, however shot placement with a 9.3 x 74 or it's magazine rifle counterpart 9.3 x 62 will take any game on the planet. For the person who loads their own ammunition the ability to adjust the regulation to develop loads for different game would be a great help but you really need to know what you are doing.

slider65: Ejector is pretty much standard these days on all dangerous game rifles as is manual Safety as you don't want to loose time mucking around dumping spent cases from the chambers and reloading or having to remember to flick the safety off when you have something like a cape buffalo charging in on you.

skyym3: Wait a minute, you are telling me that your queen allows you to have a weapon that is capable of taking life.  What is this world coming to. I mean those were actual metallic cartridges that this bloke was shooting. I did not see any powder horns or patches or ramrods or pieces of flint. I mean, you could possibly fire off eight to ten really fast projectiles off within one minute or so.  This is unacceptable, absolute cowdung.  I think the royal family better sit down for a spot of tea and reconsider the freedoms they are allowing the lowly subjects.  What is this world coming to when any person can get there hands on a tool that could hurt, kill or maim another living creature in Europe. All joking aside, this is a very nice rifle. That being said, something is wrong when other equal individuals dictate what their peers can and cannot own or have in their possession. This is why my ancestors risked there lives and sailed across a vance body of water to the unknown so they could choose what was good for themselves and what was not. We are living in a technological futuristic world our ancestors could not even dream about. I think it is time we all grew up and started to think and live for ourselves.  Cheers
Merkel DB 141 Review 5 out of 5

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Merkel DB 141 Review