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Greg Hockey: thanks for the review but you left out one of the most important hardware specs. is the RAM upgradable? does it have 1 or 2 slots or is the 2GB that comes with it soldered to the mainboard.

David Whited: Will it run Microsoft Office applications like Excel, PowerPoint, etc without any problem?

Blessin John: hi did you say 5 hours of battery life is that right

Zuby A: Does anyone else's X202 reach the 60-80 (celsius) degree range fairly easily with a simple YouTube video?

Manoj Acharya: Thanks for your reply. I have another doubt which is haunting me from quiet some time. Regarding Performance and Speed, how are Ultrabook processors compared to regular Notebook processors. Is an ultrabook processor with 1.8 Ghz clock speed equivalent to regular notebook processor with clock speed 2.5 Ghz? I know that the ultraprocessors use less power and give greater battery life. But my point is about the performance and speed.

TechTest Drives: Hi, the i3 version isn't the fastest notebook around but it will run both programmes fine as long as you don't do too much multitasking.

Manoj Acharya: Hi, How about F202 (i3) version for Visual Studio and SQL Server development? Will there be any performance lag while using these softwares?

Jack Leonard Junior: Hello sir.I wondered, can this note book play games such as "League of legends"?

Kelvin Foong: give u a like : ) u did a good review for us

TechTest Drives: Hi, it's great for YouTube. Minecraft will run, but it isn't great for gaming. It's more suited for email, internet, MS Office and other productive programs etc.

Mike Boston: Good review mate. Made me decide to get one, think it will replace my tablet since its still very portable but you can do much more with it in terms of productivity.

TechTest Drives: Hi, the heat from the screen is minimal, I didn't actually notice any. There is a fair amount of heat that comes from the bottom of the laptop, near the middle. This can be felt a bit through the keyboard.

MrFreakyaye: Hi, how hot is the f202? and how much heat emanates from the screen and keyboard? Thanks!

TechTest Drives: Hi, thanks for watching our videos! It seems to be very hard to find with the Celeron CPU. It is listed on the ASUS US website under specifications. I see Best Buy call it the Q200 with the i3 CPU.

Tony Boeldt: I can't find this anywhere here in the US. It only shows the Core i3 model.
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ASUS VivoBook F202 / X202 *Review* Part 2- TechTestDrives | HD