How To Replace A Cracked Floor Tile

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How to Replace a Cracked Floor Tile
How to Replace a Cracked Floor Tile
Fixing cracks in tile without replacing them.
Fixing cracks in tile without replacing them.
How to fix tile, remove, repair and replace cracked, loose or chipped tile to floor or walls diy
How to fix tile, remove, repair and replace cracked, loose or chipped tile to floor or walls diy
How-To Fix Loose & Hollow Tile Floors: Don't Remove or Replace! Just Drill & Fill!
How-To Fix Loose & Hollow Tile Floors: Don't Remove or Replace! Just Drill & Fill!

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noonce: My adhesive had to be roto hammered with a chisel, here the camera just changes to the next scene and the adhesive is all dust 😂

FoSsiL924: Please don't make any tile videos you have zero clue on how or why . I've been doing tile and marble in a union for 25+ years and you never use glue you always use some form of thinset for a few reasons #1 being glue doesn't totally cure for at least 72 and it usually takes a whole week regardless of what kind of glue you use also how fast the glue will dry is affected by the weather or temps the best thing to use for patching is some kind of rapid or fast setting thinset . Btw if the floor isn't perfectly flat and you have to build up the tile a little you can't use glue .I catch a lot of Home Depot clowns trying to get do it yourself people to use glue and I thoroughly enjoy telling them they should go work in a different department .

Oh Yeah Yeah: These vids are So satisfying

Rick T: This should be titled "MOST INCORRECT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE"!
I was a ceramic tile contractor for 33 years. This is horribly wrong and
misleading on so many levels!
1. You could never remove floor grout with a utility knife. Good luck with
that. Even with that carbide tool shown in the end, it would take a long
time. Grout gets very hard over time. The only reason this grout fell out
is because the surrounding tiles have lost their bond and the grout is
falling apart. Watch it fall apart as they cut it in the video.
2. At the end he says he was able to remove the grout with a knife because
it was "old and dry". Actually the older the grout, the harder it is, and isn't
all old grout "dry"? I'm a lifelong tileman... he just plain makes this up.
3. You can see as they work on the removal, and at the end when they're
grouting that much of the surrounding tiles have missing grout around them.
This is because the surrounding tiles have lost their adhesion to the floor,
therefore it is a mistake to leave them undbonded, and bond one tile between
them. This will make the new grout all crack out quickly as the loose tile
and bonded tile move independently of each other when walked on.
4. Using WALL MASTIC as an adhesive for a floor tile??? What??? I've used
a gazzilion buckets of mastic laying WALL tile... the stuff takes days to dry
even with small wall tiles, would practically never dry under a large floor tile,
and is like using elmers glue to bond the space shuttle tiles...huge mistake.
Use a cement mortar!! Read the specs on a bucket of "acrylic adhesive"
next time you're at home depot... it's not for floors.
5. He says after a "few hours" the mastic is dry and they can grout...maybe
after a few weeks, or months would be more accurate. It would even begin
to dry 1% in a few hours.
6. The mastic is oozing up and takes up most of the space of the grout joint.
You need all this space for the grout to fill, so it has some depth for strength
and ability to grip the sides of the tile, which holds it in place. Grout doesn't
have much "bond strength".. it depends on griping the tiles and slightly
squishing underneath the edges to hold in place.
7. He says if she didn't have a spare tile, the proper way to find it would be
to see the salesman at the tile store... that's insane! You'd never find a 15
year old tile in a million years. This is like asking a car "salesman" for an
obscure part for a 40 year old car. The only possible hope would be to find
an OLD tileguy like me who will tell you to go to Goodwill where they have old
tile pieces for sale- from people who are cleaning out their garages.
Check the homeowners attic, garage, closets, under all the sinks, behind the
water heater, or any cubbyhole and hope there is tile stashed somewhere,
otherwise forget it and just find a new piece that's similar.
I love the 'This Old House' show, but the producers should have some respect
for the public and remove this horribly wrong video, so poor homeowners
don't take this seriously. Let this guy stick to his trade, which obviously isn't
a tile contractor!
Please homeowners, don't do a thing you see in this video!
Sincerely, the tileman :)

Percival: Dobra robota Siwy, ale krzyżaczki to w dupę se chyba wsadziłeś.

Marie Edward: Someone didn’t backbutter! There was no adhesion on that tile

NtroPtoXtroP: A cracked tile wouldn’t have looked nearly as bad as the drastically wrong grout color that doofus installed. Sticks out like a sore thumb, and always will. Grout companies make an array of grout color chart sticks that can be placed alongside the existing grout in order to determine the correct color.

He also has no understanding of why a notched trowel is used on thinset or mastic. After applying thinset or mastic, the notched trowel should be used in A SINGLE DIRECTION. Then when the tile is installed, it should be moved back and forth with downward pressure in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction the thinset or mastic were notched. This technique causes the notched ridges to collapse and distribute the adhesive more evenly throughout the bottom surface of the tile.

He also didn’t backbutter the tile. Backbuttering eliminates voids within the distribution of thinset or mastic.

The bottom line is that this incompetent hack improperly installed a tile which sound hollow when walked on, will ultimately come loose, and will be bordered by grout that doesn’t even come close to matching the color of the existing grout.

Great job, moron!

Mike Swierk: Backer board

대성타일DST: 타일수리하는 방법 배우고 갑니다.
많은 도움이 됩니다.
한국타일시공법 보러오세요.
진동기를 이용한 타일시공 자료도 있습니다.

themi giakoumis: This is how NOT to tile!
Never comb adhesive in different directions like tom did and alway back butter the tile! Absolute crap advice here

jacobleblanc27: Every step of this process was either not the ideal method or it was outright wrong.

Peter Broadey: When tiling the floor alway keep a few leftover tiles as spare.

steve beuchert: Mastic on floor tile?

Lit gaming: Hey there is another broken tile next to the one you are replacing...
Oh wait is actually the crack on my screen.

bkoz319: need to back butter

Michael Hassan: I Wet the tile put some of cement on it before i stick on the flor with cement

Kevin Ray: 4:49 Got it. Ohh. Lmao

Kevin Ray: The only thing tommy CAN’T do is a poor quality job lol the man is the definition of pro.

zoran stefanovic: That tile was not installed correctly if it was it would take you a while chiseling the tile loose..this one was barely hanging on.

cmetube: Never ever put tile on top of plywood! Always use a cement board underneath. Her floor will rot and all that kitchen floor will be a big mess to remove and repair.
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