Toya Carter Wright For Hairfinity!

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Toya Carter Wright Talks About Hairfinity!
Toya Carter Wright Talks About Hairfinity!
The Power of Hairfinity!
The Power of Hairfinity!
2015 Update & Hairfinity Update
2015 Update & Hairfinity Update
Toya Wright Hair Review  Before & After Install
Toya Wright Hair Review Before & After Install
Toya Wright Collection (Russian Hair)
Toya Wright Collection (Russian Hair)

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Mrs.Stephanie Selvaggio: Just got mines 

S Dunn: Toya your hair is beautiful. Protective styles work. 

Kawanda longhairdontcare: Could someone post me, tell me how to get the product.. thanks

aneva moore: I've been using it for a week now and am noticing more thickness already!

SheSoonStar90: Can't wait!

SheSoonStar90: I have seen the good and the bad. I know we are all different. Can't wait to try for myself but I feel with biotin and hydraloric it will give me the results I have been waiting for.

Hairfinity: Hi Cindy. You can find a retailer in your area at Thanks

Cindy Richard: I want to try this product but I can't find it in the Dallas, Tx area. I got sick earlier and the medication I was on has thinned my hair out some therefore I really need this product to get my hair growth back. Please tell me how to and where I can pick up a bottle.

Danielle Murray: can you take biotin and hairfinity at the same time?

Lisa Love : Biotin is the me!

♥Haitian Sensation♥: i want to try this but it cost to much

Tamara Hinds: Do it make your roots thicker. I just started using it

Tori Johnston: I love it!!!

andrika1990: I'd love to get to bra strap length lol but first I need to get to armpit length....hairfinity works but after six months my patience is still difficult to maintain 

wylette brown: i don't know what i am doing wrong and i have used hairfinity thanks Toya for sharing this video with all of us on the YT ur hair is On Point very pretty .

SuperCutensweet: You should try and contact the site an email them. But i've heard you have to drink A LOT of water while taking these vitamins i also want to try them but don't want to break out in the process

Danielle White: I really want to try this but I have acne prone skin will it break me out and does it has any side effects I should be aware of someone please rely back thank you

Lori Bolden: I am looking for video or testimony on your channel from natural hair customers experiencing hair growth/

carameldelice8317: yes it does my husband is using it and have had great results!

victor johnson: Hi candygirl2319. My name is victor and I need some feedback about the pills would hairfinity work for a guy I'm trying to grow out my hair to locs up n change my look
Toya Carter Wright for Hairfinity! 5 out of 5

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Toya Carter Wright for Hairfinity!