Toya Carter Wright For Hairfinity!

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hairfinity: Hi Cindy. You can find a retailer in your area at Thanks

SheSoonStar90: I have seen the good and the bad. I know we are all different. Can't wait to try for myself but I feel with biotin and hydraloric it will give me the results I have been waiting for.

S Dunn: Toya your hair is beautiful. Protective styles work. 

Stephanie Davis: Just got mines 

♥Haitian Sensation♥: i want to try this but it cost to much

aneva moore: I've been using it for a week now and am noticing more thickness already!

Lisa Love: Biotin is the me!

SheSoonStar90: Can't wait!

Tamara Hinds: Do it make your roots thicker. I just started using it

Cindy Richard: I want to try this product but I can't find it in the Dallas, Tx area. I got sick earlier and the medication I was on has thinned my hair out some therefore I really need this product to get my hair growth back. Please tell me how to and where I can pick up a bottle.

Kawanda longhairdontcare: Could someone post me, tell me how to get the product.. thanks

Danielle Murray: can you take biotin and hairfinity at the same time?

Tori Johnston: I love it!!!

andrika1990: I'd love to get to bra strap length lol but first I need to get to armpit length....hairfinity works but after six months my patience is still difficult to maintain 

wylette brown: i don't know what i am doing wrong and i have used hairfinity thanks Toya for sharing this video with all of us on the YT ur hair is On Point very pretty .

stalluon25: Yes it is her hair don't hate.

cherissepoole83cp30: I must try

houseoftehillah: I love hairfinity too but is there anyway you can make that capsule smaller cuz I struggled to finish one bottle and I want to get more but the capsules are too big for me. I don't know about anyone else.

ladynefertitibk: She has gorgeous hair.

carameldelice8317: yes it does my husband is using it and have had great results!

Lori Bolden: I am looking for video or testimony on your channel from natural hair customers experiencing hair growth/

victor johnson: Hi candygirl2319. My name is victor and I need some feedback about the pills would hairfinity work for a guy I'm trying to grow out my hair to locs up n change my look

LaBeLLa MiSSDonna: You'll be there in no time doll! My short term goal is waist length (transitioning). I'm midback length now. My long term goal is waist length (fully natural). Just keep doing what you're doing now: washing, conditioning, &moisturizing on a regular basis, protective styles, minimum heat, hair vitamins&lots of water. Don't think about it too much. Just keep your hair in protective styles&moisturized. I swear when you take your extensions out you're gonna be like "WHOA!" lol! =)

Kya Missick: I really don't think that is waist length though.

kikicouture10: I love that Toya did this, it serves as inspiration. Toya and her daughter both have nice hair, they take good care of it, thanks for sharing.♡

Danielle White: I really want to try this but I have acne prone skin will it break me out and does it has any side effects I should be aware of someone please rely back thank you

LaBeLLa MiSSDonna: Absolutely lol. My real hair is a tad bit shorter than hers&I'm transitioning to natural hair, which she already has. I definitely attribute about 80-85% of my length retention to sewn in weaves. Matter of fact I have 1now lol. It's definitely my all time fave protective style. People have to understand that just because you wear a weave that doesn't mean that your own natural hair underneath isn't long&healthy. =)

NikkiNob55: I've been taking Hairfinity for going on 4 month, no acne at all. I drink a lot of water though. Any vitamin with Biotin in it can cause break outs if you are not drinking enough water.

SuperCutensweet: You should try and contact the site an email them. But i've heard you have to drink A LOT of water while taking these vitamins i also want to try them but don't want to break out in the process

LaBeLLa MiSSDonna: It is indeed her real hair. If you go on the website a better pic of her hair is shown. My hair is just a tad bit shorter than hers& the only real difference is that she's fully natural& I'm transitioning. I actually have a weave in now lol. So yes it's most definitely true, just because you wear weave doesn't mean that your own natural hair underneath it isn't long& healthy. People wear weaves for various reasons. It's 1 of my fave protective styles.

67Meems: I wonder how long she's been taking Hairfinity

keelioness: I'm wondering why people think she's lying? Her hair is bra strap length..that's very doable when you take care of your hair.

trojanqtie: I've been taking Hairfinity for over a year now and have never had any acne problems. I'm not even a big water drinker.

Cantetinza17: I've been taking Hairfinity for almost a year this July and it adds nutrients to your hair, so it can go grow nice and healthy, but its not a miracle pill that will make your hair grow like a weed. I like cornrows and braids, I've never really been a fan of weaves, but protective styling helps a lot. I like it, I buy 2 bottles at a time.

NikkiNob55: Oh and my hair has never performed better. With Hairfinity my hair grows about an inch a month, I will never stop taking it, my hair loves it!

AgentDouble Oh Soul !!: Gorgeous.

Alicia Boxill: Didnt she cut her hair after it grew so long n pretty
Toya Carter Wright for Hairfinity! 4.8 out of 5

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Toya Carter Wright for Hairfinity!