Power Bank / Portable Battery Charger 20,000 MAh Review

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Power Bank / Portable Battery Charger 20.000 mAh Review
Power Bank / Portable Battery Charger 20.000 mAh Review
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POWER BANK 20.000mAh
POWER BANK 20.000mAh
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defective 12000mAh 2 USB Power Bank External Battery Charger (defective)
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Power Bank 20000mAh
Power bank portable charger
Power bank portable charger
ที่ชาร์ตแบตสำรอง POWER BANK 12000MAH - POWER BANK 20000MAH
ที่ชาร์ตแบตสำรอง POWER BANK 12000MAH - POWER BANK 20000MAH
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myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000 Review - BWOne.com

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5thPlayerGam1ng: Omg yes!! Thank you so much! This will be perfect for my Avermedia....I hope lol. Thank you so much! FAVORITED FTW!

PR Tech Reviews: Hey guys! We took your advice (yes we read your comments) and we made a new portable powerboat video! It's not the same one as in this video but you can check it out at here! 3000 MaH Ravpower Portable Phone Charge/ PowerBank 

kTHElidd: that's a great ipod touch!

Grace Puy: Are you supposed to charge it with the lights on or not?

Sudip Jyotibasu: 2nd one was samsung 

Ray november: I bought it for my wife and This power bank sucks big time!... Very long time to recharge it, And it drains like nightmare! N now it not working anymore after 1 week using it... Now im using yoo bao!

Samuel Wallace: hey PR tech review this is good? I have an 2350 MAH CEllphone this can charge when off 9 times?

Pablo Izquierdo: I bought one of those and in reality is 2000mah no 20000mah as is advertised. Better spend a little more and buy a good one like the easyacc 12000mah. 

Stefan Meyer: pretty worthless review. I don't need to see how to connect a USB cable to different devices. I think it would be useful to know if it actually has 20,000 mAh or not. Meaning can you recharge a 2,000 mAh battery 10 times. Most China batteries lie about their capacity and I wouldn't be surprised if the power bank can really only hold 6,000-7,000 mAh.

Layth al-zuabi: i have one 30000 mah.. and it give me only 2000 mah... they are lie on us and they also dont replay on messges.. so dont think to have one.. they stolen our money 

Josh Dallas: How many electronic products can compatible with??How many times it can charge?OK,i feel it so heavy,i have bought one, from another brand:KINKOO.has a massive 8,000 mAh capacity and intelligent output control system, it can compatible with all apple and android smartphones,tablets,GoPro cameras, MP3 players, mobile gaming devices, bluetooth devices, and other usb charged devices.KINKOO is the best I ever used mobile power bank.

Enricosikki: +9NVK The same result like mine Note2 ... totally crap! >.<

chenshi56: Made in China ? how long it lasts? reliable ?

svolter: 20000mah is probably a little bit overrated. They always rate it for the battery inside, not the output voltage. Inside is usually 3.7v lithium battery pack. Going to 3.7v to 5v is at least a 30%-40% loss. And then more loss because it is less efficient to charge another battery. But 20.000 sounds better than 12.000 :-)

PR Tech Reviews: Weird. Try contacting the seller.

PR Tech Reviews: Thanks!

Hotdog Molly: Yes he says that at the beginning of the video

gia955: IT IS FOR REALLY 20000 MAH ???

asw eeafr: you cannot charge it as when the output usb is charging other device, the input cannot be use unless you unplug the output usb.

Harry Hardcastle: How long will this keep my iPhone 5 alive? I travel alot and im not always near a place that i can charge my phone at.

Azerol Nizam: how to know if the battery is fully charged??? is it the light stop blinking or just turn off like that???

Vladislav Damqnov: with 1amp charge rate and 20ah capacity the amount of time it would take to fully charge it should be around 20hours :)

Hotdog Molly: holy crap From the USA $29.999 + $4.00 Shipping 30 grand to much money

PR Tech Reviews: I personally like black but any color is fine. The battery doesn't overheat but the device sometimes does if its plugged in at a higher amp.

PR Tech Reviews: It should work. I dont see why not. And refer ti Saint DHman's comment for how many times because he made a great explanation.

Seductive Panda: can i just plug in like my Samsung (semi smartphone), and or ipod touch 4g in the 2.1A port without having to worry about the battery over amping and like exploding

doughles1: Just got the same thing (white version) on Ebay for $21, free shipping, US seller. It works fine out of the box when I plug in my phone (its been charged halfway when I received it). After I recharge it for the first time to full, it stops charging my phone but sucking my phone's battery battery instead:( My notice, Before: The LED light blinks when it charge my phone. After: LED light stop blinking when I plug in my phone.

Bigjr818: How much was it

Kasper supré: Does this work for an Iphone 5? and how come this one is so cheap, I've been looking around on the internet and most of the 20 000mah are selling at double or triple the price. How many time will I be able to charge my Iphone 5 (3.8 V, 5.45 Wh (1,440 mAh)

Saint DHman: mAh is the unit of measuring electricity. 20000mAh written on powerbank is the storage, not output capacity. Output capacity of the one shows in the video is far less then 20000mAh, just about 3000mAh.

PR Tech Reviews: Thank You. Subscribe for more videos like this. Should be getting a camera soon like I always say xD

PR Tech Reviews: About at least 5-6 hours.

PR Tech Reviews: Yes that is fine, there are no side effects, just the powerbank batter will drain faster. Otherwise there is not effect on the powerbank's life or the battery of your devices life.

PR Tech Reviews: It is a reliable device, but I feel like it is only a 4,000 mAh battery because every time I have used it, it can only charge my 2600 mAh battery 1.5 times.

JGBLADES: I spent 8 bucks on the over 10,000mah power box i got. 4x2600mah samsung for $1.25 ea.

PR Tech Reviews: Ya thats cause it was the middle of the night.

sam watson: there's a 60.000 mah version now.

Wolf Fang: Prtechreviews i have found a 30,000 mah verson for 26$ what colour is best for its peformance and does it overheat often or short circut? how long have u had it?


PR Tech Reviews: Yes it is pretty cheap, but its worth it due to the fact that you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Clare Lim: can i know is it need to charge the power bank be4 using is it? i dun really know how to operate it. please teach me how to use. thanks very much.

PR Tech Reviews: Well when plugged into the 1 amp one thats is what mine says but when it I use the 2.1 amp port, my devices say AC.

Saint DHman: no, don't buy it. find out more info from my other comments under this video.

poweradd power bank: this video was so wonderful! it's make viewer learn much about this product,we are a power bank maker,now,we want have cooperation with you and want get your help,my email is lidehu1989@163.com ,look forward you reply,thank you!

Matt Hawkins: Strangely I tried it again and both ports gave me "AC" on my Nexus 7. This was using a different cable but not sure that could make a difference as they were both charge+data cables. Overall I think the power bank is good value for money and the 12000mAh model ran my Raspberry Pi for 18 hours.

PR Tech Reviews: Yes ik, I think that this powerbank has a defect of some sort or it might just be a fake number that was marketed.

PR Tech Reviews: Your Welcome! I hope your satisfied with the product.

Wolf Fang: so was the 20,000 mah version for 14$ on ebay legit?

ponytoes: Thanks, I just bought two of these on eBay @ $59 each (ouch) and most of the instructions are in Chinese. I had it figured out, but appreciate watching your video. Good job!

Yoyo Xie: 20000mah, may i know its G.W ? soldem power bank with the full capacity , and 20000mah is really a little dangerous if use low quality battery.
Power Bank / Portable Battery Charger 20,000 mAh Review 4.1 out of 5

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Power Bank / Portable Battery Charger 20,000 mAh Review