Check Engine Light Flashing? Misfire Diagnosis By Autolite Spark Plugs

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Derek B: What if it's solid, but blinks for 5-10 seconds every 30 minutes to a couple hours of driving?

0135daddy: I hate misfires I've changed all coil packs in my Lincoln Navigator and I still have a misfire what could it be my check engine light still blinking.... After I run my truck for a while then it starts to rumble and the light flashes....HELP

Leon C Chheang: Rpm ran 3000 and engine light came on blinking and disappeared ?

Crunchy Kyle: I have a 2005 e320. I parked it, let it sit overnight. Came out to my car in the morning. And I noticed the car had trouble starting. Sounded like the battery might have been weak. Car started took off and noticed the car was not going over 10mph and was sluggish when gas was applied. Then the check engine light started flashing. Turned around and went back home. Car started gaining and losing power on the way back to my house. WhY???

Anthony Figueroa: I just changed 5/6 spark plugs because apparently they were all misfiring but the white part on the last spark plug doesn't want to come out and its damaged. I planned on leaving that spark plug in temporarily because I couldn't get it out so I started the vehicle and got a flashing check engine light with the smell of gas and something burning. I have no idea what to do.

David Wood: Video was very informative especially if you are a tech type, Im not one, but have spent lots on trying to fix engine light problem while accelerating uphill with only an empty wallet! My 2003 GMC Safari van wont take me to my favorite fishing spots due to many hills so still looking for corrections, having done tune-ups, plug changes, sensor upgrades and more recently distributor upgrades. Even dealership is not sure and now is suggesting dropping my gas tank??

Zahid Jutt Aman: so nice video

Nope Nope: my check engine light was flashing misfire cylinders 5 & 6 replaced both coils & sparks still runs bad when i put in reverse it cuts off. fuel injectors are good . have a air intake vacuum leak .

Mallory McGuire: Will you fix my car? :( None of these mechanics I've talked to have any background like this.

Eric Jurado: Muy bien explicado...

Sonja Foster: I changed everything in my 2002 v6 mustang. now the engine light started flashing. I drove it out the road and stopped for about 5 minutes. I turned the car back on and everything was off and car run good. what is wrong with my car?

Christopher O'Neill: My 2013 chrysler town and country with a 3.6. The check engine light does not come on but it is idling rough. I replaced all the plugs and replaced the ignition coil on cylinder two. It is still running rough. any suggestions

SKennedy: Ugh, my engine light came on - the code came back as needing a tune up. Okay. A little later, ALL lights came on (ABS, alternator, engine). They went off (including engine light). The car gave a little "shift" and I thought it died. But, it didn't, the power steering wasn't working. I pulled over, called a tow truck. Started it back and all is well. There is a little knock under the engine (I haven't been able to get under there yet). It was running -- and then it just all DIED. The tow truck guy said he was afraid to start it back. Any ideas? These lights just started going on and off, etc. All, some, none - etc. Thanks for ANY help!

Shaik Moulali: good day

Luis Avelar: Yes he knows his stuff that I give it to him .. but he speaks like a computer no enthusiasm it would have been the same if they put only the video with the computer talking

pittmalp: U tube movies



Kemal agdemir: I have 2002 toyota camry v4 cylinder and i changed spark plugs, fuel injectors and one of the ignation coil and i still have check engine light on also i got a code p 0420 catalytic converter issue , check engine light is flashing plz can you help me whats going on with my car ? i already paid around $ 600 and still have that crap problem plz help me out

Mher Esteves: I have 1996 Toyota Camry 2.2 liter got code P0303. I replace spark plug and wire set already and still the same. While driving the car service engine soon is flashing and look like loss power too. Need help. Thanks..
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Check Engine Light Flashing? Misfire Diagnosis by Autolite Spark Plugs