How To Beef Up Attic Insulation - This Old House

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How to Beef Up Attic Insulation - This Old House
How to Beef Up Attic Insulation - This Old House
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Biggest Attic Insulation Scam... REVEALED!
How to Choose and Use Insulation - This Old House
How to Choose and Use Insulation - This Old House
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Installing a Radiant Barrier in the Attic Alternative Method to Insulate the Attic
How to re-insulate your attic with EcoTouch™ PINK™ FIBERGLAS® insulation
How to re-insulate your attic with EcoTouch™ PINK™ FIBERGLAS® insulation

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K. Compton: Green Building Advisor is a great resource

Cole Acres: Cellulose is dangerous. Do not put in your house. That fire retardant wares off in 3-5 years & any spark in attic will ignite your whole house. Cellulose settles 1/2" to 1" per year. Fiberglass has glass in it so it doesn't settle. Cellulose is extremely dirty. Why would you put basically garbage right above your ceiling. I would suck out all old insulation. Seal all air penetrations & blow in clean fiberglass

MaKayla Meza: That would have been a beautiful bedroom

filmingNgaming: Could have fluffed the old insolation as well

lifeisgood070: What about light fixtures? and is it ok to not blow it? it will not loft completely, but it settles over time anyways so it's ok?

Jordan J: Just rake it around Tony stir up the asbestos for me lol

Ed A: Wow... Is that house in the Arctic circle?

Shaun Sayres: Man I would hate to be that guy after his wife sees that mess. what an awful job

Terry Baublitz: I just throw all my used toilet paper up there seems to work well.

Gus Koedding: The reason the blow in is blown in is because you need an agitator to break the cellulose up enough to insulate correctly. Additionally fiberglass batt is fine for vaulted ceilings and walls but the R-Value and efficiency of blown cellulose is way better, especially in climates with extreme climate changes like the Pacific Northwest

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RegularGuy4822: Man, it's so annoying to see, in every single home improvement video, the army of detractors who offer no specific criticism of their own or (worse) the people who don't know what they're talking about, like the people talking about how dumb it is to insulate the attic floor. Guys, read a book or something before commenting. The attic is unheated space, and the floor of the attic forms the insulated shell of the heated space of the house. You could finish the attic, but you wouldn't have enough space left to do insulation to code afterwards. Also, to the people who complain that they don't show peripheral jobs like air-sealing, venting, testing for asbestos, etc., the homeowner watching the video has to make himself aware of these issues. You can't have a four-hour video where the homeowner learns that there's an attic leak, live knob and tube wiring, asbestos insulation, air leakage, a poorly-sealed chimney, insufficient ventilation, etc. You have to assume that the homeowner is actually ready to insulate when the video starts. I don't mind mentioning these in comments, but I think it's incorrect to say that the video "missed" these problems.

radioguy1620: my house had 12 inch insulation inside of a slipped over cover, wouldnt that be better, no fibers flying everywhere.

Tripp Ross: How in God's name did you get the platform in the attic?? I assume not through a pull down access door...

Soil Builders Grower's: Keep up the good work #thisoldhouse

Soil Builders Grower's: My father inherited a home from his parents that is dated back to the 1940s the area is Central Valley of California, farmland. The homes built are Victorian-style and farm-homes dated back to the 1920s 1930s 1940s mostly in the Fresno, Clovis area and South valley Tulare, CA. I would like to see homes we modified in this area restoring the past of our ancestors. #askthisoldhouse #thisoldhouse

appleseedfanatic: If it was me I'd put insulation on the roof part then use the cello insulation like you did then the pink one. But double the pink up. That way you have like an R 500 or something my house is pissing heat out.

Silvester Del Bosque: Dude I bet he was unhappy with it. I’m not even impressed, looks like they went lazy on this project.

sjors91: Our house is almost 100 years old has a fully build skeleton that was badly made a few years ago wenn we moved in you can't get behind it anyhow without breaking the whole 2nd floor this costs piles of money how could any company insulate this

Darron: I think they accidentally insulated the floor of that attic space instead of above between the rafters.
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