How To Beef Up Attic Insulation - This Old House

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How to Beef Up Attic Insulation - This Old House
How to Beef Up Attic Insulation - This Old House
LOFT LEGS. how to insulate an attic. loft insulation. loft boarding. how to board a loft
LOFT LEGS. how to insulate an attic. loft insulation. loft boarding. how to board a loft
Installing Fiberglass Attic Insulation
Installing Fiberglass Attic Insulation
Attic Insulation Installation Los Angeles. CA Customer Review
Attic Insulation Installation Los Angeles. CA Customer Review

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wonthefight: @This Old House, why didn't you do an air seal?

jan jansen: it is better to use that roominstead of insulate it overal jesus christ this is idiotic !

jan jansen: you have to insulate the saddleroof not your attic !

C.Duncan Sutherland: Hey, this great thank you. However, I did not hear mention of a vapor barrier. Was there one needed? The old isolation that was left and added to did not seem to have one either. I have a very similar situation and I am hoping you can answer my question before I proceed with the solution you presented in this video, thank You!

S.R. Hurst: No mention of soffit vents or insulated attic hatches or any sort of ventilation which would be a mighty big concern with beefed up insulation.

R H: how flammable is this cellulose stuff? Is it a potential fire hazard?

Rob: How do you insulate around a Central heating system in the attic ?

Sean M: The host states that the cellulose they just spread was insufficient according to the building code. A little misleading. ANY amount is an improvement to that existing insulation. For permitted new construction...yes. But not for this job.

nick acuna: my attic is in a similar situation. I want to do the same thing in this video. how much will this insulatuon material cost?

Glen Davison: You need to airseal before put insulation or the insulation does no good.

PipersSon: Waste Paper!, Waste Paper! of course we have NEVER USED IT, and Never Will. We deal with prominent builders, housing associations, landlords with hundreds of properiies, we also deal with the insulation of large hospitals, schools and army barracks, do you think we would dare APPROACH our clients with that junk. Just one whisper that we've used it would get us banned by these prominent firms. After 50 years trading do you think we are going to attempt the QUICK CON on our clients. You're market is the gullible fools, the elderly and slow witted, we deal with HOUSING ENGINEERS AND qualified architects. Take it back to the public landfill areas it came from and dump it.

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Jason T: what is better for attic blown in or batt and fiberglass or rock wool?

Timothy PleX: What about checking for air leaks?

Mike Mendes: This is totally the wrong solution! Insulating without airsealing is MALPRACTICE! All top plates, vent penetrations, recessed lights, etc need to be air sealed with spray foam. Then cellulose should be blown up to R-60 in any cold part of the country. Using fiberglass batts is a waste of money since they don't work worth a darn unless completely enclosed. These people may have been on a budget, but they completely wasted their money with this process.

Anna Agbe: Our cellulose is blowing into the house through the ac vents we only have fiberglass wrapped around the air ducts and cellulose that has been compromised due to water damage throughout the attic. What would you consider the best way to avoid cellulose traveling through the ducts- we have roofing being done soon- this is an older home in texas & we want to avoid high cost, & be prepared for roofing leaks/ damage in the future as well. Should we remove the old cellulose & replace it along with out flooring? Thanks for the info

desertsun100: So spreading blown in by hand works just as well??

rick artuso: Why not just put the normal insulation in first and avoid the other junk?.

enoch powellsghost: at what point will the thickness of insulation is enough?.
as decades go the recommendation increases the thickness to comply to new codes.
why not just fill the loft area with insulation and be done with it!.
Also the savings in heating are dropping as you increase the insulation and costs.

Marcia Bevilacqua: Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'inplix' website:)
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How to Beef Up Attic Insulation - This Old House