Onkyo TX-NR807 NoSound Problem FIX!

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Yuyu01 Yuyu01: search for ONKYO CUSTOMER CARE on the net. Some products will be repaired for free because this problem is a manufacturing issue

Google Name: I don't think u have a fix here but a way to start a house fire ,

Anh Huynh: You lair dinnt show anything about you fix it 

Yehuda Nataf: Hi to all...The solution for this issue is reballing CHIP Q3001 (DTS)

PeterMacPL: In my TX-NR905 stop work USB and Etheret, when I'm doing factory reset display shows "NET CLEAR SKIP [ENT]" not pure "CLEAR" Please help :(

Forevernorthstars: Helpful advice thanks but it really shows how lousy Onkyo AV receivers are.

Gary Davis: I have the opposite problem. My audio goes out while watching TV so I turn off the receiver and use the TV's audio for a while and then later turn on the receiver and it is working again. This has happened a handful of times.

So my problem seems heat related and after a cool down, it's back to normal.

I have a TX-NR509.

Scott Prazak: So you heat up the board EVERY time?

Jarosław Jan: Will be beter if you do rebaling procesor!!!! but remember for reon use lead free balls!!! for this smal procesor it might be lead balls!!!

Goran Milosevic: Hi!
Model Tx-NR509. After 2.5 year issue with sound and no LAN connectivity.
Use same method but only on processor near lan port Q3001 with DSP logo on it.
Use fan and expose ~1.5 minutes. Wait to cool chip and all works fine.
Thanks mdworzan, save me +100Eur
Same procedure explained on http://www.avsforum.com/t/1450333/onkyo-tx-sr707-no-sound-add-me-to-the-list#post_23846324

bruno william: did work I used a heat gun and work fine and i add some fans to cool the heat 

John Doe: Does anyone know what a typical HDMI board cost to replace?

vintage stereo: Very nice video. I have hdmi problems with a onkyo tx-sr706. Is this the same hdmi board as in the previous models, if so , I can try to repair it with the help of a youtube video where they explain how to fix the job. Can copy this video and place it on my channel, i will of course give all the credits to you with a link to you page. make some new subscribers.

vintage stereo: I don't think vintage can beaten by modern gear... the first one still have to be built

melenmike: this model will eat them vintage stereo !!

vintage stereo: That is the reason why i only buy and review vintage stereo equipment, much better sound and better quality, check my reviews and discover the old deeper vintage sound and quality

Samsonite1971: I have the tx-nr709 and I have the same problems. It is the second Onkyo recieved I have owned but considering the hassle I had with this one I will definatly never buy another product from them.

Wujek Dobra Rada: I have TX-SR607 and exactly same problem, except my Onkyo starts to produce sound by itself after few minutes of warm up. On the side note - first thing which broke is whole analog video circuit (analog video inputs do not work and I have no OSD), but I can live with it. In short: this was my first and last Onkyo purchase. I will never, ever buy anymore s**t like this...
Onkyo TX-NR807 NoSound problem FIX! 5 out of 5

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Onkyo TX-NR807 NoSound problem FIX!