Onkyo TX-NR807 NoSound Problem FIX!

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BluntForceTrauma666: I'm not sure yet, but this very may well have been the most freaked up video I've ever watched on YT...

Life IsGood: It sucks that u didn't go more into what all u had done until this point.

c0uchsl0uch: Bought mine at a pawn shop for $125 . did not work because of heat issue.
Onkyo paid shipping both ways and did not charge for repair.
Listening to receiver now :)

Brother J: evidence that retardation still exist.

Roik Hockenberger: Onkyo is a truly solid company and will stand behind their products. I had a no-sound problem on my Tx-8050 receiver and Onkyo efficiently took care of the problem, paid for both ways shipping too. Fixed at totally no cost and now I am a super loyal Onkyo fan! To prove it I just bought a new Onkyo CD player. It's fantastic. Here is a company, folks, that knows how to treat their customer base and earn your business.

Next Nexit: wtf you heat up your board with halogeen light this chip get to hot then your board get broke you must solder the chip then you not need your lights anymore.

David Petrusewicz: just turn up your heat in your apartment or house lol

Qazi Zahid Hasan: i am planing to go for a TX-NR609. will i do it or not. it seems that there are a lot of consequences on ONKYO devices

Yuyu01 Yuyu01: search for ONKYO CUSTOMER CARE on the net. Some products will be repaired for free because this problem is a manufacturing issue

Google Name: I don't think u have a fix here but a way to start a house fire ,

Anh Huynh: You lair dinnt show anything about you fix it

Yehuda Nataf: Hi to all...The solution for this issue is reballing CHIP Q3001 (DTS)

PeterMac83: In my TX-NR905 stop work USB and Etheret, when I'm doing factory reset display shows "NET CLEAR SKIP [ENT]" not pure "CLEAR" Please help :(

Forevernorthstars: Helpful advice thanks but it really shows how lousy Onkyo AV receivers are.

Gary Davis: I have the opposite problem. My audio goes out while watching TV so I turn off the receiver and use the TV's audio for a while and then later turn on the receiver and it is working again. This has happened a handful of times.

So my problem seems heat related and after a cool down, it's back to normal.

I have a TX-NR509.

Scott Prazak: So you heat up the board EVERY time?

Jarosław Jan: Will be beter if you do rebaling procesor!!!! but remember for reon use lead free balls!!! for this smal procesor it might be lead balls!!!

Goran Milosevic: Hi!
Model Tx-NR509. After 2.5 year issue with sound and no LAN connectivity.
Use same method but only on processor near lan port Q3001 with DSP logo on it.
Use fan and expose ~1.5 minutes. Wait to cool chip and all works fine.
Thanks mdworzan, save me +100Eur
Same procedure explained on http://www.avsforum.com/t/1450333/onkyo-tx-sr707-no-sound-add-me-to-the-list#post_23846324
Onkyo TX-NR807 NoSound problem FIX! 5 out of 5

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Onkyo TX-NR807 NoSound problem FIX!