Factory Unlock IPhone 5S, IPhone 4S, IPhone 5C, IPhone 4, IPhone 5, Canada, Verizon, AT&T

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SenseiPhone: Factory Unlock iPhone

Verebes Lenke: For all having problems unlocking their AT&T phones, you can have a look at attiphoneunlocking for great service, it's the fastest unlocking site I've ever use, never took us more than 5 hours to unlock some of my phone.

SleeperWag: False. Only some are. The one I received was NOT factory unlocked.

Tota Lahib: I have a I phone 4 from sprint can i unlock it here for sure?

Mahmoud Almaleki: Will jailbreaking let me call with different SIM card

Edward Marin: iphone 5 sprint to virgin mobile US??

Don Charron: agreed, thanks for the suggestion, it is great!

diplomatlik: So you can factory unlock a Verizon 4s w/bad esn?

Jiog99: i have a verizon iphone 4s, is it possible to unlock it with tmobile usa?

sead garanovic: Hey PLEASE help me. Ok I bought a sprint iphone 5 and its locked and I have att service. If i get it unlocked by you guys am i able to use my att service on my CDMA iphone 5? :) thank you

rafasz83: I have iphone 5 from sprint, its activated can you unlock it? Has anybody used this service ???

Alex Popsie: This will be the best comment you read today., if you go to iphonegeeks.us they will unlock any 5s 5s for free, and its really quick to use. Unlocking your phone for free.

antonio ontiveros: will this unlock iphone 4s from verizon? and will it be able to run on att after unlock?

robdafresh: i'm in the us by the way

ErnieDaJoker: for free??

Edna Wools: Hey there peeps, I always tell people to head over to iphonegeeks.us to get their iphone unlocked.. vote up to help people

antonio ontiveros: where can i find this at?

robdafresh: how much will you guys charge me to unlock my brand new iphone 4s sprint phone? i wanna use it w/ straight talk or virgin mobile!!

Febryan Paudi: Verizon iPhone 5 is factory unlocked by default.

Sean DEF: can u unlock sprint Iphone 5?

TheEvilEyes: I hate you all.

Michael Boachie-Mensah: How much to unlock an iphone 5 on sprint?

andres blanco: does this mean an iphone 4s from verizon can be in the NO SERVICE status i found a lost iphone and dont want it being tracked by police

TheGhostMan21: bs doesnt work i click continue and it doesnt go

Riley Sharp: Unlock any iPhone iOS Version with this working tutorial!!! www.JailbreakBj.com This is real!!!

Lucas Ingram: Found a really good site for unlocking AT&T stuff, the site is attiphoneunlocking, you can google it, they are able to unlock all AT&T devices under 2 hours.

Febryan Paudi: Of which country? France? US? etc?

Cole Mcelroy: can u unlock my iphone 4

JEFF JONES: I tried some of the sites listed throughout youtube and on google and the best I found is foreverunlocks. I do a lot of unlocks so I tried a lot of sites and like the service I get from them

Braydon Oliver: I dont trust this video, but i found good tutorial here: www.JailbreakBj.com Best tutorial ever!!

Thankmelater007: I have a iPhone 4 France Virgin Mobile... Can it be unlock ?

Priyank Joshi: Can u unlock Verizon 4s with 5.1.1 firmware?

rafasz83: you obviously work for them.

Taylor Stephenson: Can I unlock a verizon iphone 4 to use on my ATT network?

Adam Hughes: I am not sure about this video., Its so quick and easy to get your 4s unlocked at iphonegeeks.us!!. I will only ever use that site now.

josekhalifa35: I found an iPhone 5 from Verizon is it gonna work for sure or is this bullcrap

Strangerinthetub15: can you unlock iphone 4s to t mobile from appalanchian wirerless??

rulastexca: Can you do this for virgin mobile carrier?

isserrano: Can yuo factory unlock sprint iPhone 5

TheEvilEyes: Too many fake comments -.-

Redion Elezi: hi! i have an iphone 4 with france orange. how cost to me the f. unlocked? thanks.
Factory Unlock iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Canada, Verizon, AT&T 4.8 out of 5

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Factory Unlock iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Canada, Verizon, AT&T