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Ashleighmermaid: just hang ur clothes outside, it will dry and no electric needed

Jacob Hart: do it dry the clothes or just wring it out?

Maria Reyes: I am very agree with you Tina,he is adorable

Maria Reyes: I like your videos,and you are very cute!!

Tina Guajardo: you are sooooo adorable! i like how you make it simple for us all!!!!

clark Grizwalt: Great video I was wondering if you could tell me how many watts that spinner runs off of because I use solar power

Саша Игнатьев: Очень класная и нужная вещь,где ее можно приобрести?

lizard944: So, put your clothing articles in this, one at a time, then put the clothes in your regular dryer, then iron them and you will save money on your electric bill. Got it.

Gordon Hannan: Haha, how many of those shirts do you have? My real question is this was posted in 2008. Do you still have/use it and does it still work?

mitziesmom: I also read somewhere that ironing disinfects the clothing, which is great.

Diana Rosario: as I said I like that machine I'll buy one thanks

iamprovil: Same shirt. Mind blown.

LaTeishia Douglass: thanks 4 sharing this video.i ordered this machine 2day so im excited :). i ordered the mini washer last week & it truly delivers. seriously, who ever invented these things...God bless them :). again thanx 4 uploading this video.

jbooks888: 1600 is really fast - a shirt would be 99% dry, I would imagine.

The Laundry Alternative: Molds have been finished and we have been back in production for several months. You don't want to rush these things before mass production, it's important to get the details right first. We carry the Eco-Egg mini washers, they are more expensive but significantly better quality and have an automatic rinse cycle. The computer control panels cost quite a bit more but are much more convenient for users.

chris b: Another issue this machine has is that it occasionally eats cloths. Yep, that's right, it will burn a hole in one of your favorite garments when it so desires.

Sam Bird: What Causes Mysterious Holes in Clothes After Washing. Holes appearing in clothing after laundering is one of those mysteries that you will have to do a process of elimination to figure out. Look at each probable cause and then you'll need to check out and resolve each one. Cotton should not be spun higher than 600 revolutions per minute..I Believe Spin Dryers are bad on fabric. Read tag indication on how to wash your clothes Wash cold water dry Low. meaning treat it delicate to avoid damage.

chris b: Mini Spin Dryer has been pulled because the company that made it for them went out of business.So there trying to find a new foreign company to make it for them mass production.When you go to there website as of late August 2012 stating they will be available in beginning to mid summer.Rocky start because wont be available till the fall or winter.There been some delays with the Cheese.Some deal broke.China makes 100s of models not sold in the USA.Laundry ALT should buy the PANDA washing mach.

The Laundry Alternative: Yes, but other readers might. If you wish to, you can easily get your issue remedied, it's up to you.

The Laundry Alternative: We don't treat customers that way. What is your name? Order number? We don't require customers to pay for return shipping on damaged units, only on returns.
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