Learn Spanish - Lesson 1 - Basic Needs

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tuteian melisa: Not a very bad, but check out this spanish lesson... *onlinespanishcourses.uphero.* *com* if you are really interested in learning SPANISH

Ibrahim Yare: no necesiso ir al banco,al cine, 

simran menon: I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about how to speak spanish easy try *Banfan Spanish System* ( do a search on google )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

Felipe Herrera: the Americans really care about learning to speak Spanish?

Peter Chabanowich: Bless you for posting this tutorial. So very helpful.

Mahesh Prashad Joshi: it;s great .. 

Boy Lucky: what is program here ?? can I download 

Je Le: spanish is fun lolololol

simonbob13: I'm going to try to learn Spanish by watching this 6.5 hour playlist over and over while I'm sleeping for about a week. I'll update you with any results.

Isaac Evans: thank you im the only one in my family who speakes spanish

starstruckt: where is the pronounciation manuel?

Nic3549: Fantástico! Muchas gracias.

P0werAspirazioni: Interested in Arabic?

j.r raphard: mucho trabajo pota

mya jackson: i know spanish why im i on this ?


aya1211ful: can you teach me spanish? im a very good student

Kat Hope: esto me ayodo mucho

danluiss: hello everyone!!! im from mexico and im learning english but i need to talk whit someone native in order to practice, if you wanna practice your spanish i could help you and you could help me.

SailorMew: Watching people struggling to speak my language. >:)

Le Khangle: hola you guy,we translated document from spanish to english or english to spanish. Please contact me when you need thanks

Davids Karusa: Ei dirst

Mine Gold: I can not very hard to please who taught me?

SmokeytheFleetwood: OMG this is awesome.

crazyjenny42: what about german?

Sadaya Georges: wrd son

Ana Laura: I couldn't understand you

chante Whisonant: Spanish: Este video es de gran ayuda!Gracias! English: These videos is a big help! Thank you!

Akira Miku: rol ik spanish already this is actually weird but yeah yeah its nice seeing people wanting to learn this lenguage

fortgreene31: i like this

ruby lucobuan: like this

lllexoduslll: [necesito]

mj0500: hola gente yo soy de argentina y se hablar español jajajajja es re facil por dios!!!!

Mustafa Ansari: Puedo ir al bano

Juan David: Lol.. me too, es que me gusta ver como se quiebran la cabezota aprendiendo este idioma.

HellBlazer056: vete a la mierda

jewel henegar: It didn't give the quiz!!!!

greenjellybeanz13: need..to...learn......spanish...so i came to youtube..?

Juan David: Hey are you from england ? I would like to learn some words and expressions used in British english that I don't know . I speak spanish if you want to ex change knowledge.

jguillermooliver: Necesito c and s in that order

Andrés Caristi: Consuela says: No no, i need lemon pledge

2000VinceCarter: if someone want to speak french i can teach you but you need to teach me spanish or japanesse

TheLast LeafBlock: did you just say buy my bum???

SocalDNM: I am interested how would we do this though?

Augusto Gabriel: thanks teach for your work : )

Big John: I can read and write Spanish well, but I have a hard time speaking it fluently and understanding it when someone else speaks it. Any advice please?

Susie Condon: I would love to

michael daniel: bit.ly\simplespanish helped me learn Spanish a little easier.

D Bones: "Yo necessito ir al bano. " XD

Allyson Campell: el español es superr facil,bueno exepto por las reglas ortográficas
Learn Spanish - Lesson 1 - Basic Needs 4.9 out of 5

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Learn Spanish - Lesson 1 - Basic Needs