Sony Hi8 Handycam CCD-TRV138 Camcorder (circa 2005)

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Sony Hi8 Handycam CCD-TRV138 Camcorder (circa 2005)
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ruskal mitchell: I have that camera and my viewfinders don't work and I have no picture in playback only sound I can record sound w it ive tried it but no picture ever I need to fix it but idk whats the problem

christian hobbs: mine says tape locked and ive entered a few different tapes and said the same thing. someone get back to be thank you

Jennifer Clark: My mom is giving me one that works but how do I get it on my computer ?

Aaron West: Drop kick it!

1stDivision: I want these....If you would like to see them to me for 15 - 20 bucks...I can still use these even though they don't record...All I need is the stand by.... MSG me if you're serious.. "Why let it go to waste...?"

LeahFowlkes: I have one similar. Tried playing tapes today for the first time in years--- no luck. Won't play back. Very disappointed. 

0304isaac0304: just smack the bottom

VICNASTY1989: I did that so much it stopped working after awhile- LOL! -Thanks for watching!

VICNASTY1989: You cannot do direct uploads with this camera, although you can if you run the A/V output wire through an analog signal converter to your computer- hope that helps. -Thanks for watching!

Sherie Waif: just bought one 110$ and have no cassette to test it

martin malacara: I have the same camera and I use it as a cctv, and is on working 24 hours at day for one year already..and dont have any problems.. it's a excellent camera....

VICNASTY1989: @SuperMe4lyfe Sorry, just saw this message its a Sony DSC-W350 (14.1mp Cybershot 720p video) -Thanks for watching!

SuperMe4lyfe: what camcorder did you use to record this video

DarkzSpawnz: When i record video , its not save .. and i cant watch my record :(


VICNASTY1989: How old of a camera did you record yours might be struggling to lock tracking on your tapes....-Thanks for watching!

VICNASTY1989: @IncredableDrE Nice, A classic!

TheBlowtorchabortion: man i have the same cam but no charger will you sell your changer ?

VICNASTY1989: I guess the lens and video sensor technology has improved so much that there is no longer a need for the movie light. Although, I agree- that would be a nice feature to bring back!- Thanks for watching!

jay11j: I think this is the same thing as my aunt has, and she had issue too like you and gave up on it.

VICNASTY1989: @vwestlife Yeah I have been looking for one for awhile so I can transfer some of my Hi8 tapes over to DVD but I can't find one working that is affordable, I wish they would fix it reasonably- this camera had a great picture and really nice features- its a real shame they had this common defect. Thanks for watching!

Makeupbyivana: how can i transfor pictures nd stuff from my camera to computer.? :) PLEASE REPLAY !

69furball69: Convert it to use nightshot with daylight settings and use it for a nightvision security camera - connected to pc, of course. You'll need an IR pass filter and maybe a ND filter. Check out my x-ray vision video made with a converted sony handycam trv93.

jfs1988: Thats happening to mine too. I bougth a cleaning tape from Best Buy & that didnt work. This analog camcorder has better quality than most new digital camcorders.

Elisabet montero: si

Levi castillo: Can you upload videos on to the computer with this camera?

boo103160: I have the CCD TR-81 and would love to get in working again. Thanks for the inspiration. My problem is that the monitor shows only a white streak of light down the center. Any ideas?

Sherie Waif: How do I upload from one of the same camera, onto laptop? The man at store said Dazzel port wouldn't work because it is analog. Do I need a driver installed is, there any way to use ASB or must I buy an analog converter?

VICNASTY1989: @RetroPCDOS Do you have any remedies or quick fixes? Because I have stacks of Hi8 Tapes that I cannot play right now.

VICNASTY1989: That's pretty amazing its been running for a full year! Yeah, I also really liked this camera- it is quite feature packed! -Thanks for watching!

databits .: 22k views of a Handycam!?? I need to make more Handycam videos!! :)

Andrey Molina: I have it old :( I want My born see video but it not work :'(


Comnoiu Adrian: How to upload a videos files from a camera tape to a computer or laptop.Have this cameras USB cables for transfer?

OldSchoolTechCorner: @VICNASTY1989 Your issue may be the same as mine, as just pickup a CCD-TRV138 that has that same problem. Going to do a video when I fix the problem, but it the flex cable towards the top, that goes to the transport to the mainboard. To see if your having that problem tap on the top of the camcorder by the cassette compartment, it sure work for a few seconds, if it does you have to take the whole camcorder apart reinsert one flexible ribbon cable that located towards the top part..

hellofrankenbery: JUST SO YOU KNOW.... I had an issue with my old VideoHi8 TRV308... I got an error code C:31:23 and after a few googles, I found out that if you literally HIT the camera, REALLY HARD. It can fix the problem. Mine is now working fine. I was really nervous hurting my old camera, but i figured there was nothing to lose!

vwestlife: These Hi8 Handycams are still worth pretty good money on eBay, even when broken.

lennartkns: led is great feature. Why do not put this newer handycameras?

Poncho Yates: I have the same problem with my 138 when I insert the tape I get on the screen to reinstall the tape. What did you do to fix your problem and please let me know. Thank you.

charlotte solis: I bought a handyman camcorder and at a pawn shop but i cant seem to see my hi8 video cassettes it came with one insde and i can see that video butt can seem to see mines???? may you know something that may help me .

VICNASTY1989: @jay11j Its a real shame to because its a great camera, and you cannot playback your old tapes.

Cory Hartin: Yes, video capture. I just got, or found, a trv-260. Nice camera actually, not HD, but nightshot plus 80 bucks. 20x optical. 990x optical would be sweet. I bought a cleaner and never leave tapes in it for others who get a dv recorder

IncredableDrE: @VICNASTY1989 Wow 2005 mine is from the early 90s

VICNASTY1989: Thanks, I'll have to check that out!

bakonfreek: I like my 2003 MiniDV camera better because it's smaller and has stereo sound, but it was $1000 plus in 2003 :/

VICNASTY1989: @IncredableDrE If I'm not mistaken Kodak pioneered this technology in 1985.

dubified89: They made hi8 cameras in 2005?

VICNASTY1989: Sounds like the flexible cable running through the swivel joint has a bad connection, or the LCD has been cracked or damaged. -Thanks for watching!

movies and more: so whats the problem with it

VICNASTY1989: @MultiAdy22 This camera would need a digital video converter as it just has analog (RCA -yellow/ white) connectors. The model above this had the DV output (although I am unsure of its actual camera model number) -Thanks for watching!
Sony Hi8 Handycam CCD-TRV138 Camcorder (circa 2005) 4.5 out of 5

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Sony Hi8 Handycam CCD-TRV138 Camcorder (circa 2005)