Exceed Rc Falcon 40

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The Improved XHeli Exceed RC Falcon 40 Heli reviewed by NightFlyyer.
The Improved XHeli Exceed RC Falcon 40 Heli reviewed by NightFlyyer.
Exceed Rc Flacon 40 4ch Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter
Exceed Rc Flacon 40 4ch Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter
Exceed Rc Falcon 40 Rc Helicopter flight
Exceed Rc Falcon 40 Rc Helicopter flight
Exceed RC Falcon 40 RC helicopter flying (worth watching!)
Exceed RC Falcon 40 RC helicopter flying (worth watching!)
Exceed Falcon 40 v2 from XHeli.com
Exceed Falcon 40 v2 from XHeli.com

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Kelly Comstock: why do you think that anyone would want to watch you hover for 10 minutes? We all got the point after 45 seconds...

megamindstorm101: @frostxr did you trim it back all the way. and also there is manual trim generally on the servos you can twist a plastic cover like thing to make it longer or shorter thus manually trimming it.

frostxr: I still cant figure out why my falcon always goes forward when I try to take off, which causes it to flip and crash.

fernando13e: ive never crashed mine before, still flying great, they are great helicopters for beginners, but only for indoors, if you are going to fly outdoors please take in mind the speed of the wind, even with a slight breeze it will make you crash, i love this helicopter...

THUNDERBOLT: how loang dows it take to charge it

Alexander Talavera Karslake: @lonstar70 i ahve some interesting videos of the falcon 40 in my channel, check those out if you're still interested

Seat Cushion: its so twitchy o.o

blaky8602: yeah you can

blaky8602: let me ask u have u ever flown one of these? if u havent wy should u be commenting if u dont no anything about them! your the one thats the asshole

khmaiazn: .... i know those landing skids are cheap plastic sticks that break, you should consider getting a heli that has a better more durable landing skid, like the exceed RC eagle 50 that i own, i drop it down hard and the landing skid is very flexible and durable that it doesnt break like these cheap falcons... try it out

chrsfincher: they may say the vid is dumb, but grats on the flying skills these things r so easy to break that i gave up. i got to where i could hover like the vid but everytime it hits the ground it breaks. i cant spend that kind of money just to play with it for 10 mins every couple of weeks

Horacio Rappaccioli: i was triyng out my falcon 40 and i notized the conrols were inverted when i pushed the right stick forward it went backward and the same happened with moving side to side what should i do

greatmoney: This is one of the worst demo videos I have EVER seen. 10 minutes of hovering with flash frames of PRODUCT PLACEMENT?!!?!?!? kill yourself you idiot... and your mom while your at it you Freudian asshole.

ThomasFullery: Are there any repair instructions available?? Maybe you can help me. I need to replace my flybar, but I don't see how to disassemble the pieces without breaking them. I don't want to destroy the whole rotorhead. What tools will get the flybar out of the rotorhead without breaking it?

ryan lemons: i wonder if you could put one of those hobby wireless cams on it?

Adam Stokes: yea ive been waiting on servos to come back in stock, every website is sold out :(

patrickson bartido: thank you! hope to hear more from you...

Diamond Pilot Dan's Channel: heh. its all practice. but i HIGHLY recomend learning indoors. but once you get like 3 hours of flight in something just clicks and u know controls like the back of your hands. and be careful, with this model the servos are WAY easey to break. i broke both mine eventually lol now im waiting for parts. but just spend your first flights on the ground and trim before you go up. good luck :D

patrickson bartido: can you give me some tips on how to learn to fly falcon 40, i buy this rc lask week... and i dont want to crash my rc... thanks!

Diamond Pilot Dan's Channel: just takes time :) much easier indoors
Exceed Rc falcon 40 5 out of 5

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Exceed Rc falcon 40