Making A Home Made Folding Bucksaw

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Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
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DIY Folding Bucksaw
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My Homemade Foldable Bucksaw
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Folding buck saw
Folding buck saw

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stepitup: you sure a trusting sole with that saw there little lady.... thats a nucklebuster tryin to cut that groove... But I like it.

nava1uni: Nice instruction.  A suggestion is to mount your miter piece to a board and then you can clamp it to a table and it won't move on you and cutting will be easier

Spawn Works: you go girl!

Sikorsky67: Very instructable! Thanks for the pedagogical video. 

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Nice job an original ideal

MrKelso159: I drilled a hole in the small dowel or pin and ran my paracord thru it so I wouldn't lose it or if it came off it wouldn't hit me in the eye. Works good ! Great job on the saw.

Ei Pi: hahaha  i wish you would have shown you cutting the groove. Im sure that was interesting

norb98: god job!!!

MrJdaugh: Your the best Handywoman I've ever seen.Great job!Especially with hand tools!

Simon Jones: Best I've ever seen, amazing! I'd love one any day of the week ;-)

Just Saying.: Women + tools = sexy

gig777: Very nice saw! How did you get the blade storage groove cut in straight  with a hand saw? Or did you need to use a table saw for that?

Never2OldToSurvive: Great job on the details and build. This is my next project.

ray bladen: that's an excellent diy bucksaw.  kudos to you.. may have to try that.  I bought a pack bucksaw from gander mtn for 25.00. its only 12'' long I  prefer atleast 18.  good way to improvise the chair carrier.  good vid.

Steve Racz: I think your folding design is interesting but I also think most of your improvements will not give better performance or safety. Oak is heavy and stiff and your saw isn't too light in the end. Your handles are quite bulky and will not be comfortable for any amount of serious sawing. By making your blade fold in to your wide handles, you lose a lot of the blade in the handles when it is in use. A dowel on the crosspiece into the handles might not give the amount of pivoting it needs when tightening the blade, The dowel will likely break at some point. Using a dowel on the cord to tighten your saw and inserting it into your crosspiece has increased the likelihood of it falling out, since with your design there is far less travel required for it to pop out. When a flat stick is used, after it is wound up, the stick can be slid down further on the crosspiece, so that it would take a very big knock to push it completely past the crosspiece.
The bucksaw you're trying to improve on has been around since at least the 16th century, possibly far longer.
I love the enthusiasm though!

Rude: awesome job! nicely executed

Randal Englebright: I used an old ash handle off a shovel or rake and a couple scraps of oak wood. bought a 21 inch blade at true  value for 4 bucks and used two 1/4 by 2 stainless steel screws( which happened to thread right into the blade, no wing nuts required)  then notched with a 1/4 inch wood chisel, mortise and tenon style, and tensioned it all with paracord. 

Randal Englebright: luv your design.. just made my first bucksaw today

Confederatemule: Great!! I really like your design. I've been lookin on you tube and your idea seems to be the best for a DIY  Buck Saw. I am gonna build one just like it, if you don't mind. :) ....Mule
Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw 5 out of 5

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Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw