Making A Home Made Folding Bucksaw

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Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
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DIY Folding Bucksaw - Mountain Venture
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Build A Folding Buck Saw
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Mowen McGuire: It is great how you designed this from other Howto's, with simple hand tools, and added some of your own idea's, thanks for adding to the library of information. I'll take this into consideration when i do my own.

stepitup: i appreciate your enthusiasm! and enjoy your channel! thanks Native

Terry Evans: I liked a lot of your ideas concerning the buck saw. I myself had planned on making one, but after seeing your video, I can see I need to redo my plan. Thanks!

TurtleWolf Pack: Not a bad design at all, no use footage?

Robert Tolley: your amazing, very nice

Shawn Rufus: Really nice job. You go girl.

Teacher SBD: lots of good ideas in your project!

Vic Vic: Hi,
I'm from Romania and I want to buy myself something. How much product + transport to Romania?

double531: Best take-down saw on YouTube. Thank you.

Ex-Law Enforcement: I Like It. Ya done a great job on "Your Design" and "Your Build" of it. The Stain came out real well also.

Ron Hart: Hi Robin,
Nice job on your hand held buck saw. Very well explained, well thought out. Thank you for sharing.

Anthony Mosiman: In the storage mode, replace the wingnuts with T-nuts. They fit flush and don't get lost because they are mounted to the cross-piece member. Along that same train of thought, replace the storage carriage bolts with countersunk slot screws. Same reason, they fit flush. Every Leatherman and Victorinox has a slot screwdriver patiently waiting for employment. Or, you could use a dime, one thin dime, one tenth of a dollar. This substitution would behoove the blade mount too. Snagging things in the backpack should be avoided if at all possible.
I'll be curious to see if abandoning the trapezoidal structural gambit is a non-issue for saw frame rigidity to remain rectangular and not becoming a rhombus with the dowels and broad shoulders of the center board.
BOTTOM LINE: I like it!!

Scoutforlife: Enjoyed this Robin, Neat Job on that.Like the way the blade is kept out of trouble when its folded.Found you researching a saw video i was putting out. I'd appreciate you taking a look if ya have time. Subbed you. Peace.

keepercreek: Amazing job - love the finger grooves!

Louicanthrope: Thumbs up, well done

Midwest Woodcraft: hey robin, how often have you used this saw, and how is it holding up.. Im looking to make one myself, and I really love the design.

young. c. jung: I saw many bucksaw made DIY.
And I made one myself.
But, yours is the best of the best.
Great job. mam.

Bill23799: Nicely done. Only thing missing was a wood cutting demonstration. Have you used it to cut much wood?
How well does it work? I know some folks prefer to angle in the sides about 15 degrees. Do you think that
adds some strength to the saw?

TREX3151: Sitting here at the kitchen table with a 1x3x4ft Ash board. Your saw is very close to what I had in mind except for the blind shallow hole for the dowel. That is a great idea and I plan on adding that to the build. Great vid and thanks for taking the time to film it and get it out there!

Bobby Taylor: Pardon my French, but you're a bad motherfuc*er. Love your videos! Subscribed! 😀
Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw 5 out of 5

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Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw