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zdea777: I'd rather play Tiger Woods PGA TOUR on a GameCube than shell out 60 bucks for this crap

DicloniusGames: I'm still upset there's no Augusta in this game. Kinda bullcrap.

TriGGletyplay: If this 3rd review iv watched is bad im not buying it for my new XboxOne. But you know, im just gonna have to buy it for my new XboxOne. Its what I do. How bad is this game? How many courses? I want loads of courses, MILLIONS!

Michael Good: I really miss the "Countryclub" option.

RJ Hicks13B: go to settings and turn the big moments off. it's that simple so obviously you didn't look

Colin Gordon: just get golf club instead!! better gameplay, yeah no real golfers but more complete game and it is 30 dollars cheaper

Mark Van Veen: Very dissapointed in it after playing the tw franchise for 10 augusta or pebble beach. Pga tour mode dosnt have half the tournaments or actual tournament names . Not near enough golfers in it either. Commentery is too repeatitive. All in all a massive letdown

Toon Linkie: EA god damn freakED IT UP AGAIN

A. Mc: The problem with the way EA has released this game is... most Tiger Woods PGA Tour fans refuse the lack of content... enough to skip buying all the DLC for this game (which may be too much in $$$, or way too little due to lack of general support) and just wait for the next, (hopefully more inclusive) Rory McIlroy PGA Tour game.

MrLionBlood 1977: 18 hours into the game already. So I'm having a blast. Been reading reviews smashing the game. I just don't see it. It definitely needs some things added. But all in all, I love the game. To me the graphics r awesome to. I think people have become way to picky about crap. It's a game, not real life. Besides things will be added for the game through updates. Just hope they add Augusta, want the green jacket

JRL: Yay, I saved $60+%7!

MrNiceHk: Honestly in 2015 with Next Gen I feel like i played more realistic games 10 years ago, why cant they have photo realistic courses ... I'll be passing on this again

50PIECENUGGET: I really just want more courses like please c'mon

Jason Rose: I went out and bought this game today,  and when I got home I had to wait for a 3Gb download to install which took a while and then to my surprise,  when the game finally started running, I couldn't believe a bad the graphics were!

I actually thought it was a problem with the display settings on the Xbox One, but when I loaded up Forza 5 and Horizon 2 just to double check that it was a system display setting problem,  the graphics were brilliant as always on both Forza games!

Let me explain exactly what I'm talking about.       The first thing I noticed was the visual noise (extreme sharpness),  especially with the grass textures. 

As the grass waves in the wind,  it's as if there is no anti aliasing, and the large areas of grass visually look like the bad reception you use to get on a old television (Bad static noise)!

I also noticed that the colours were very dull as well,  and as you mentioned in this review,   I also noticed the visuals popping in and out on the flybys and when the ball was flying through the air.

I'm really hoping that NHL 16 will look as good as it does in the video previews.

I don't understand how EA can get away with showing these amazing visuals in the presentation videos and photos,  and yet the actual game doesn't look anything like the golf game it was meant to be!

I will be taking this crap golf game back for a full refund tomorrow!

crbuke: EA Access saved me $60 this time, really dissapointed and will wait till it hits the vault.

cclizarkb: Putting sucks

Jason Rose: So far the best golf game on PC and console is 'The Golf Club'!  Well I'm not sure about the console version,  but on PC it is the best!  All courses are free because they're created by the gamers themselves using the Greg Norman Course Designer in which you can create a course in minutes!

However the one thing that is also great about this game, is that the software company who designed and developed the game,  are always creating new courses and content,  and you're not having to pay for the new courses or content for the course designer!

'The Golf Club'  best golf Sim for value,  and the graphics are awesome as well!

Jason Rose: Thanks mate, great review!  You just saved me $100 Australian dollars!

Pipes: Best golf game I have ever played.
Totally disagree with this reviewer. 
I just finished my 10 hours with EA access, I think this guy has zero clue.

risingforce86: I don't agree with this review.. The game is fun and far better than any other golf game that we have to play right now. Unless you plan on rockin' " The Golf Club" all year this is your best bet. Visuals are fine.. You playing golf or looking around the course? You expect way too much from the PS4 and XB1, they are both low end PC's nothing more. Lastly EVERYONE does DLC now, if you expect all features in a game at launch you an idiot. Your gonna get 50% of a game for $60 these days.
SportsGamerShow - Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Review 5 out of 5

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