The Lebert EQUALIZER Fitness Training In HD!

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NEW The Lebert EQUALIZER™ Fitness Training HD Video in Toronto
NEW The Lebert EQUALIZER™ Fitness Training HD Video in Toronto
The Lebert EQUALIZER™ fitness training in HD!
The Lebert EQUALIZER™ fitness training in HD!
Workout Equipment Review
Workout Equipment Review "Lebert Equalizer" (Big Brandon Carter)
Portable Dip Bar Review (Lebert Equalizer and similar)
Portable Dip Bar Review (Lebert Equalizer and similar)
Learn How to Lose Belly Fat and Build Lean Muscle using The Lebert EQUALIZER™
Learn How to Lose Belly Fat and Build Lean Muscle using The Lebert EQUALIZER™
Lebert Equalizer Bars Review
Lebert Equalizer Bars Review
Bars4Life Motivation Video - Lebert Equalizer Training [HD]
Bars4Life Motivation Video - Lebert Equalizer Training [HD]
Bodybuilding using The Lebert EQUALIZER™
Bodybuilding using The Lebert EQUALIZER™
4 Min Full Body At-Home Equalizer Workout
4 Min Full Body At-Home Equalizer Workout

"Excuses Are For Bitches" Motivational Workout Speech (Big Brandon Carter)

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Kevin Bush: Awesome video! Great seeing some new uses for the bars that I have not incorporated in my training before. Loved the enthusiasm in the video!

Meg Walton: i'm going to turn all the moves i saw in this vid into a HIIT WOD for myself, and do it over and over and over and over.. along with strength and BW moves.. i'm having so much fun with these +Lebert Fitness and am getting the Barre DVD!

Patty Kinsella: I am looking for the dimensions on these (small area to use them) but can't seem to find that info on your site.

Denise Falcomer: Hi Where can I find DVD's to workout with ... Thanks

Marc Lebert: @ferg571 Thanks we love the EQ's too!

Marc Lebert: @0711Lauren Thanks Lauren! Hope the training and coaching is going well! I am sure it is!

Marc Lebert: @Afesh2004 Thanks!! We think so... got a little agility, plyos, movement drills, strength training, etc! Fun stuff!

Marc Lebert: Awesome! Have fun and train hard with your new PINK EQ! :]

Marc Lebert: @robertfostertos Thanks Rob- ya we can kick it old school! Whatever that means ;)

Marc Lebert: @1personaltrainers Thanks personal trainers!

many miler: Amazing & So Fun

conquestlife1: I want one.

0711Lauren: Awesome video... will share it on my site!

Marc Lebert: Sure if you are consistent and work hard! You don't even need any equipment- bodyweight will do! Keep training! :)

Mladen Minogly: Where can I get these online that they ship to Croatia? I've googled and googled and all online store just ship to the US or UK -.-. Thanks!

Marc Lebert: @profspeed Thanks Nick! It really was a great EQ shoot! Love the Savage Hill and can't wait to have you up this way!! Keep up the great work and looking forward to an EQ vid too! Cheers, Marc

MartialMotions: How many mm is the bar thick?

Marc Lebert: Hi, yes we show a lot of "extreme" stuff here but there are many exercises for everyone and many ways to modify them as well. Check out our new EQ workout with Sharon Mann on this channel for the basic moves with progressions. :)

David Landazury: cool and simple idea OMG that Asian, WOW

Marc Lebert: Hopefully soon! We are working on it! :]

Marc Lebert: Bonjour! I am 6'1 as well and can do chest dips! Check out the video on this channel called EQUALIZER tricep dips to leg raise! :)

Ken Malmstrom: Posting this one on my facebook wall for my clients and fellow trainers to see, come in and take a bow Marc. Awesome video!!! Kudos

Sharon S: I have a pair and I love 'em!!

petesclass: Great shoot, fabulous energy and rocking background! I forgot how stellar the Equalizers look new and I am totally stealing three of those moves for tomorrow night's TKO Sports Conditioning Class. That's for sharing your inspired lifestyle Marc

aviatormxpilot: Thanks, will order my set soon

Marc Lebert: @KenMalmstrom Thanks Ken, really appreciate the kind words and support! PRAXIS rawks- have it up at home!

OriginalJoseyWales: Can someone 5' 6'' do full chest/tricep dips using these? The product seems quite low to the ground so I wonder if my knees would hit the ground if I do dips.

Marc Lebert: @lisareneetaija THANK U! :)

Marc Lebert: It is close Dieter for me too. Leaning forward with knees way back and more emphasis on pecs or keeping super tall and strict and isolating the tris I am fine. But always ways around it to smash the tris! :)

aviatormxpilot: Are they adjustable and are they a set of two?

ebacherk: Hi Marc! Wish I could be there with you for your training help. God bless you always! Brother 2 Brother! Ken

Marc Lebert: @mgalasso Thanks Mike- please share with the phys-ed folks! Hope to see you soon!!!

Marc Lebert: @MaryEmerson80 The video does show some of the extreme stuff yes but if you stick with the basics and get really good at them you weill be that fit! Push-ups, pull-ups or vertical rows and work the legs hard. Get good at those- enjoy!

Dieter Campbell: I myself am 6ft and yeah your knees do hit the floor.

ferg571: Best single piece of equipment we have! 6 sets so far, more to come- love the Equalizers!!

Marc Lebert: You may be able to use chairs, table or in my case I like to use our wood deck but it's still hard to do all those exercises or even just the basic rows, tricep extensions and dips without portable pull-up and dip bars like the Equalizer! :)

Rob Foster: Glad Fitness Source has these now Marc. Looking forward to some tandem demos

Marc Lebert: @SEAWEEDRAVEN Hi! Glad you like the Equalizers! [ [ Keep training hard!

snickerpuss91: Thank you! :-) I use a table now, will I even see results that way? I think even a little workout is better than nothing! x) :-)

mgalasso: Great clip Marc. Cool synchronization and variety of exercises. I will share it for sure!

Marc Lebert: Glad you love your EQ's! :]]

1hardcore: i could do alot of these with just a chair and some bands... just sayin

Laranjamarela: Hi, I wanna buy this but am on a tight budget.I consider this an investment since its so versatile. My question is simple. I'm 6'1". Will this allow me to do chest dips without my knees touching the floor? Thanks in advance and cheers from france!

Marc Lebert: Hi, no they are not adjustable (for good reason) but they do come as a set of two with free poster, DVD, new free download on our website and now in Pink and Lime green too! :)

Marc Lebert: @SEAWEEDRAVEN Thanks! Dips and pull-ups are always effective and the Equalizers make it easy to do these bodybuilding basics anywhere! And then some! Cheers, Marc :)

Marc Lebert: Thanks! We think it is! :) Great ideas too- thanks!

Dieter Campbell: Definitely, its a great product - just took some getting used to and adjusting but it has really made a nice addition to the at home gym. Thanks!:)

Marc Lebert: And it's hard to do the kneeling tricep extensions (skull crushers) with a chair or bands anywhere near as effective for the abs and triceps than with the EQ :)

Elisabeth Magalhaes: great video Marc. :)
The Lebert EQUALIZER™ fitness training in HD! 4.8 out of 5

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The Lebert EQUALIZER™ fitness training in HD!