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Dhruv Sabharwal: LOL at the one min and 12 second mark the woman has tipped over her line of bars while the men r jumping over them straight

soundshout: LOL @ 0:23

Michael Meadows: LeBoot bootcamps are now at GoodLife Fitness in Brampton, Ontario at the Bramalea City Centre with LTS Master Trainer Michael Meadows. click the link to sign up. https://sales.goodlifefitness.com/teamtraining/ChooseProduct/22541

Kevin Bush: Awesome video! Great seeing some new uses for the bars that I have not incorporated in my training before. Loved the enthusiasm in the video!

Druzy Quartz: i'm going to turn all the moves i saw in this vid into a HIIT WOD for myself, and do it over and over and over and over.. along with strength and BW moves.. i'm having so much fun with these +Lebert Fitness and am getting the Barre DVD!

Patty Kinsella: I am looking for the dimensions on these (small area to use them) but can't seem to find that info on your site.

MartialMotions: How many mm is the bar thick?

OriginalJoseyWales: Can someone 5' 6'' do full chest/tricep dips using these? The product seems quite low to the ground so I wonder if my knees would hit the ground if I do dips.

Underground Training Gear: OMG that Asian, WOW

Dieter Campbell: Definitely, its a great product - just took some getting used to and adjusting but it has really made a nice addition to the at home gym. Thanks!:)

aviatormxpilot: Thanks, will order my set soon

Dieter Campbell: I myself am 6ft and yeah your knees do hit the floor.

aviatormxpilot: Are they adjustable and are they a set of two?

snickerpuss91: Thank you! :-)

Laranjamarela: Hi, I wanna buy this but am on a tight budget.I consider this an investment since its so versatile. My question is simple. I'm 6'1". Will this allow me to do chest dips without my knees touching the floor? Thanks in advance and cheers from france!

Lachrimosa: I want one so bad too bad I'm broke :(

AngelElite: I want one.

snickerpuss91: Thank you! :-) I use a table now, will I even see results that way? I think even a little workout is better than nothing! x) :-)

Mladen Minogly: Where can I get these online that they ship to Croatia? I've googled and googled and all online store just ship to the US or UK -.-. Thanks!

MeekMeek1977: I just purchased the PINK!! I am excitedly waiting on my shipment!!
Lebert EQualizer® Fitness Training 5 out of 5

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Lebert EQualizer® Fitness Training