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David S: What .177 pellets were you using?  And what gun?    I have never had a pellet gun that would not shoot clean through a pellet tin.

TunedCavityLasers: This gun is awesome with some mods. A buddy gave me one of these rusted out and broken down. Thing now shoots like a champ, destroys my 2240 : /

awesomemia10: Haha they just brought this gun back. I have my new one right next to me. Check doomsday bug out kit. That has the gun.

NinetySix: can i use the crossman 1377 flat top piston and valve in this?

BlakMayo44: nobody has the model 1399. i have one but i cant find information on it anywhere.

randydsound: international guns stock the model also, if u live in surrey,bc. i upgraded mine. pic in pro vid. works hella lot better

banshee107: u kidda sound like bubbles

STEVEDIGIBOYtv: Never kill something you are not going to eat.

nate7237: @bc71766 you can still gt them online though, go to

ben c: can't buy it any more .. they dont stock up on this gun

nate7237: @CanadiansKicksAss123 if i remeber correctly i paid about $100 for it

nate7237: well i wouldnt rely on it that much. it will kill pigeons if you hit them in the right spot at no further than 20 yds

xagog: Thank you:) I was asking because i want to add this gun to my survival equipment, i'm not planning to shot animals for fun.

nate7237: out of all my guns this is the most powerful. it is powerful enough for small game, i used it on pigeaons, if you shoot birds, make sure it a neck, head, or back shot, it doesent seem to have the power to get through the breast unless your about 25 feet away. also for more penetrating power, use pointed pellets.

xagog: What about power?Is this gun powerfull enough for small game (squirells,rabbits etc.) hunting?

rob kuhnke: Crosman make a steel breech with a rail on it.

thegolfballshop: Great review! I got one at a garge sale for $15.00 and I love it!

MasterChiefxyba: the .22 will have less velocity than the .177 cus is heavier so bascally is the same

nate7237: ya i know :( i think thats stupid because the UK has some of the strictest gun control rules in the world, and they can have airguns alot more powerful than that

nate7237: ya but the phantom shoots at 1000 fps, this gun shoots at 450 fps
crosman 2289g 5 out of 5

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crosman 2289g