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2289 testimonial
2289 testimonial
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The 1377 Project: Progressive Upgrade Performance
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David “Airguner 2289 and 66” S: What .177 pellets were you using?  And what gun?    I have never had a pellet gun that would not shoot clean through a pellet tin.

TunedCavityLasers: This gun is awesome with some mods. A buddy gave me one of these rusted out and broken down. Thing now shoots like a champ, destroys my 2240 : /

awesomemia10: Haha they just brought this gun back. I have my new one right next to me. Check doomsday bug out kit. That has the gun.

Breezy B: can i use the crossman 1377 flat top piston and valve in this?

BlakMayo44: nobody has the model 1399. i have one but i cant find information on it anywhere.

randydsound: international guns stock the model also, if u live in surrey,bc. i upgraded mine. pic in pro vid. works hella lot better

banshee107: u kidda sound like bubbles

STEVEDIGIBOYtv: Never kill something you are not going to eat.

nate7237: @bc71766 you can still gt them online though, go to

ben c: can't buy it any more .. they dont stock up on this gun

nate7237: @CanadiansKicksAss123 if i remeber correctly i paid about $100 for it

CanadiansKicksAss123: How much would it be at canadian tire

nate7237: well i wouldnt rely on it that much. it will kill pigeons if you hit them in the right spot at no further than 20 yds

xagog: Thank you:) I was asking because i want to add this gun to my survival equipment, i'm not planning to shot animals for fun.

nate7237: out of all my guns this is the most powerful. it is powerful enough for small game, i used it on pigeaons, if you shoot birds, make sure it a neck, head, or back shot, it doesent seem to have the power to get through the breast unless your about 25 feet away. also for more penetrating power, use pointed pellets.

xagog: What about power?Is this gun powerfull enough for small game (squirells,rabbits etc.) hunting?

rob kuhnke: Crosman make a steel breech with a rail on it.

thegolfballshop: Great review! I got one at a garge sale for $15.00 and I love it!

DipshitAndDumbass: the 2200 series is completely interchangeable, and you can order steel breaches online. also, the Canadian 2289g now is currently shooting at 495 fps, and you can mod the gun to shoot up to around 530 fps.

MasterChiefxyba: the .22 will have less velocity than the .177 cus is heavier so bascally is the same
crosman 2289g 5 out of 5

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