Trippy Stick Vaporizer & How To Make Hash Oil

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dip stick electric dabber trouble shooting fixing repair
dip stick electric dabber trouble shooting fixing repair

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Lyles 🐢: lol, stoners are full of hot air.

Robin Rowlands: this guy is wow,dumb.....

Narii: lol hell naw

gio solis: I hate ppl like you wasting my freaking time. Change the name to this freaking video this is just you talking crap, you know what delete this crap no ones knows wtf you saying anyways. I should make you drink acid and cut you in little pieces for this bullcrap video. Have a great day ;D


Matt Music: Its funny to me that you JUST had this idea in 2012. lol

FamouSx408: one question. someone plz awnser i need help. my wax turned out really hard. how can i make it slimyish lmao?

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bigtaker5: Why polypropylene?

Dick Gozinya: His last big idea ...the bong ?

Kyle F: Lol wtf I gotta agree. Could barely hear u and when I did finally understand u I realized they started doing the idea you are mentioning atleast two years ago

cmd80337: honestly bruh I stopped listening to you at 34 seconds in because I could barely hear you anyway with that bullcrap music you got playing on to another video

David Robinson: pg is the main ingredient for e liquid. do your research before calling some one an idiot.

Lordlordyy: Hes high lol I bet

IndyJay: i get pre-filled hash carts from the local club. they're mixed with something clear to make the oil more viscous. glycerin?

John Eddison: this is not how you make hash oil

Drew S: Lmaoo... Dude chill

baileyonthedaily: what the freak?

jim weed: should be titled "nerd in cellar has an old idea" wow

jbinkley22: Umm they already do that...
Trippy stick vaporizer & How To Make Hash Oil 5 out of 5

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Trippy stick vaporizer & How To Make Hash Oil