VW Polo Service Light Reset

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Ch1ckenStreet: Nice one. Worked on my 07 Polo. No more annoying beep

Akram Watch List: Good video, thanks 

Jamie White: Ok I have an 06 polo and I got a service done in April. I have only done 6000 miles up until now and a spanner and a small clock symbol has appeared on my dash should I just reset it or take it to a garage

Maula Sefu: worked for me!! Thanks

Stefke Boss: I like dat sound before turning car on... xD So I keep it on, my services are based on kilometers, so I know anyways when to do one... but nice video....

Tom Palmer: Thank you

Nick Ros: Cheers dude

Mr GShocker: Cheers

Genkukec: cool, tnx!!

Conn Clissmann: Clear and simple video - many thanks. As James Monks mentioned in this thread about his version 4, I tried this with a recently serviced 2000 Polo 1.0 (petrol) (3rd generation, I believe) and all I had to do is hold in the trip-meter button for longer. At one stage, it came up Service OIL - I held out longer and it worked - a return trip to the garage saved! Thanks for the starting point.

Eduard Asavei: fb

Brotenstein: Oh man thank u so much for this THANK YOU :*

Molise Natie Maleeme: hi, I have a Polo Classic 2005 Model. Problem I have is that it has cold air coming in even when the heater is turned off. It becomes so cold when it picks up speed. the other thing is the heater just decided to give in and I replaced the thermostat but it is just the same

anil gurung: thanks man its been buggin me for a while

Lamar E: Okay thank you sir, I will definitely be giving it a try, I have gotten annoyed by the service light constantly beeping every time I start the car.

Jorge S Uribe: Muy bueno. Lo voy a intentar con mi Polo 2006. Prendió el aviso de mantenimiento y le faltan 5 mil kms. Thanks.

peugeotCitroen2CV: Thats good to know thanks.

richard widdicombe: Hi my car is a Vw golf tdi 1.9 reg P 1997 I think.. We're do I find a garage with that machine in Ealing London and were do I find the crankshaft position sensor please?

Lamar E: Please tell me how to do this on a VW Passat 2002?

Anthony Simiya: I'lL TH oyuM I uM I'm gT enouGh hmk IMOyummYtHink

peugeotCitroen2CV: possibly a sensor got damaged or not put back correctly like the crankshaft position sensor. Get it to someone with a diagnostics machine (what year is the mk3 is it obd compatible) and see what fault is coming up, if its going into limp mode then it has some form of on board diagnostics system.

peugeotCitroen2CV: No worries glad to help.

peugeotCitroen2CV: If your having problems with cowboys, go onto one of the VW forums first, the members will know good VW mechanics. Btw im only guessing about the crankshaft position sensor, if the glow plug light is on id check the glow plugs, their relay, the wiring etc. Although it could possibly be a problem that if you describe it in good details on a forum some member might know right away what it is. Good luck

richard widdicombe: Ok thanks for your help. I do what you said look it up on the internet. The garage where I took was like cowboys as they had my car for 2 weeks and could not fix it then I told my friend he looked at it after I bought a second hand gear box and found out it was not the gear box but the linkage. All a nightmare I have 3 Vw golf now as of that big mistake at that garage. I love old cars as there much easy to work on. But since that happen I was starting to hate them. But I do as you said. Thanks

peugeotCitroen2CV: eh?

James Monks: Great video, I had the same annoying service light on my mk 4 polo. Now its gone so, thanks! Only difference was that with the mk 4 you don't rotate the reset button, instead you just hold it down for longer :)

peugeotCitroen2CV: Im not very familiar with the ventilation system on the polo. But cold air coming through when the heater dial is set to cold is normal, if the fan is turned off then air will still come rushing through the cabin air intake, the air recirculation button if activated should stop the air coming in so fast, so should turning off the individual vents. If the inside doesnt warm up the heater matrix could be gone or there is air in the coolant system

NiTrOxFiRe: Risolto grazie

peugeotCitroen2CV: Ah im not sure it would be obd compliant it might work with VAG com, but im not too sure about VW's or their diagnostic system. Im from Northern Ireland so i dont know where a vw specialist would be in london, start with a google search for 'vw specialists in london' but a better bet would be to try a UK based vw forum. The crankshaft position sensor should be round the bellhousing area ie where the engine and gearbox meet assuming it reads the position off the flywheel.

peugeotCitroen2CV: Its been a while since I've been in a passat but i think you hold the right button in on the instrument cluster then turn on the ignition, keep the button held in and turn the left button while it displays service on, the service light should go out after that. Release both buttons, turn off the ignition and turn it back on.

richard widdicombe: Hi I have a mark 3 golf and the coil light keeps flashing, this has happen since I changed the clutch. Now my car is in limp mode. Do you know how to stop this coil light flashing please?? Thank you.
VW Polo service light reset 4.8 out of 5

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VW Polo service light reset