Motorized Bicycle With Jackshaft Kit

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Motorized Bike Jackshaft. What it does and how it does it *Viewer Request* Hill Climb and Speed Test
Motorized Bike Jackshaft. What it does and how it does it *Viewer Request* Hill Climb and Speed Test
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Motorized Bicycle with Jackshaft Kit
Motorized Bicycle with Jackshaft Kit
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1000 Mile Motorized Bicycle Review

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C R: What are your thoughts about useing a double brake lever and hook the clutch on the outer post and brake to the inner so when you clutch to stop brake engages to

Jack Stretcher: it is a nice bike and I'm not a hater or a troll but everyone should just

buy the Skyhawk 66cc motor by grubee

they are the best and longest-lasting you break it in for two tanks of gas you remove the muffler cap and remove the air filter you will go 45mph... and don't think you know everything because yes and air filter sounds important but I've been running mine for 10,000 miles never even tune the carb and original spark plug.

all of these jackshaft kits and motor upgrades are basically a waste of money and time

Chamblizi The All Mighty!: Pretty cool now I have a question is a jack shaft kit mandatory... I have a 700c bike and all the forum heads keep trying to shove these down my throat....

I really don't want it seems unnecessary when I could juice the motor up and just do some part time pedaling to get over one major hill about 3 day a week at about 386ft one way.

The price is not negotiable at this time but will a standard kit that is meant for mainly flat land will this do damage to my clutch on flat surfaces.

Király. M.R.P TM: Wau! Is a chainsaw motor?

Kid powerlifter: It would put stress on the entire engine

Neves Projects: Hi Bikeman, just came across this, Nice build, do you have a free wheel on that peddle crank ? you must, did you make that free wheel gear or did you buy it ?

1fltjponr: What brand is your jack shaft ?

Pirin Adventures walking holidays: Just watched another youtube video and the guy said not to use disc brakes, however as most bikes nowadays have disc breaks what are your thoughts, have you got the jackshaft kit to combate this problem? Any info would be greatly received, anywhere in the UK to buy this stuff? Great idea BTW and you look truly happy bombing up and down on your motorised Bike :-) I presume this could work on a tricycle too?

GenMinion: 36 mph w/ jackshaft? you gotta be crapting me. Mine's still using direct drive and I'm hitting 42+ MPH.

RedSurfBoy: Hell yeah, Sweet!!! BikeLife

American_Original_: How fast does it go

Bender: "rubs nipples"

Ronny Viana: Hello, how are you !! I am Brazilian I live in Vila Velha ES, I need a complete jackshift kit, where can I get this same kit that you sell? If you sell you would send a kit of these for me here in my zip code 29117330, Rua Estrela D.alva Cidade Vila Velha ES - Brasil. And how much does it cost? Thank you, thank you.

Adam Fears: killer seat

waynemelton1: hey you gotta check out some of my videos just type in my name there and check out some of my videos I met you

waynemelton1: hey Craig I met you before I'm the black guy I used to live in Brooklyn Connecticut and I built the stingray with the motor on it

Matthew Kasparian: yeah but do you sell them and where can I buy 1

HarmonWHJ Smith: Where did you get the Jack Shaft from and how much was the kit ?  Bill Juster

Tim Harris: how did you get the front sprocket to freewheel?

Chon Dominguez: Nice. I keep watching this over and over. I'm starting to build my second bike. This time with the jackshaft kit. I can't wait. Thanks for sharing.
Motorized Bicycle with Jackshaft Kit 5 out of 5

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Motorized Bicycle with Jackshaft Kit