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Sioux: Thank you.  just what I needed to know.  The only thing is I'm to green to know the technical intricacies and therefor the video was too much information and too long for me but I'm sure it was information others may want to know.  It is certainly appreciated.

Sword Whisperer: Azooms are junk. But the ejector on any Glock will tear up any brass it ejects. Nickel or anything. They are very sharp, and I have to take a fine emory board to my reload rims to polish off the burrs every firing. No snap cap is going to stand up to the Glock ejector.

Russ Johnson: You didn't mention whether the Tipton plastic wears or otherwise "shaves" off the area of the casing where the "bullet" joins the casing lip.

Russ Johnson: FWIW I didn't read all the comments, so maybe this has already been mentioned; but wouldn't firing real ammo also leave brass "shards" in the chamber area after firing a quantity of rounds?  Just a thought.  Good video and good clear focus on topic.  Thanks

curiousmarksman7: Tiptons are great. My experience with Azooms is that they fall apart pretty quick, and I don't like the thought of slamming anodized aluminum around in my gun. I bet that material causes faster parts wear than brass or plastic.

D Wite: Thanks for the info but 25 minutes for snap caps?!

finck2208: There are some guys on ebay who make snap caps. The use actual cartridge brass and actual bulllets. There is just no charge. Instead of a primer they use a resin cap. They are not only the best in my opinion but also the cheapest, and I've shelled out for alot of a zooms and Tiptons. The only problem is they usually paint the bullet with a bright nail polish like paint so they don't get confused with real bullets. Use nail polish remover and take off the paint. Then they are good to go and better than any store bought garbage. 

SERENA YANG: Thanks, I was about to buy azoom, but do you know if Tipton make 7.7x58 Japanese snap caps ? 

Rodney Downs: Thanks for the info. Tiptons it is.
.... well, now ive changed my mind. After reading the reviews on amazon it looks like the Walther line of pistols have issues ejecting these and im getting them for my PPQ M2. so I guess ill have to get something else. Thanks for the review just the same

Marthike9122: Police are very, very smart. They wouldn't need the bright orange. But yeah, it's good training.

Jason Mendiola: I just wondering cuz I've never used snap caps before. Would I have the same problems with my revolver?

Thelma Sessions: I'm just learning about firearms. Someone gave me a "dummy round", a Tipton 9pb, so I can experience a misfire. I decided to check how the dummy rounds work and found your video. Thank you for taking the time to explain the difference of various snap caps. I learned a lot.

Felecia Young: Superb explanation! Thank you. Worth the listen. Very thorough. 

Mark Palmer: I was trying the 9mm A-Zooms in a new Ruger SR9 and couldn't believe what was happening with them.  I was convinced the gun was defective because the snap caps did not want to cycle right.  If they managed to cycle, they felt horrible.  This is because these snap caps are garbage just as you describe.  A few quick cycling tests with real ammo was all it took to convince me.   

Henry Stinson: What about the Ultimate Arms Gear company's snap caps?  I don't know whether they have springs in them, but they are nickle cased.  Available through Amazon (and others).  Here's the description for the 9mm 9-19 parabellums:
"These Trainer Cartridges are Inert Dummy Rounds Used for Training and Instructional Activities.
Developed for Military and Law Enforcement Use - New Nickel case with ABS Plastic Insert Makes the Round Highly Visible.
Popular with Many Departments and Agencies for Use In Immediate Action Training for Just That Reason.
Completely Inert Dummy Training Round. Excellent for Classroom Training, Loading/Reloading Drills, Gun Handling Drills, Malfunction Drills and Diagnosing Shooting Problems. Each Round Uses A Solid Brass Case So There Is No Chance of Rim Breakage.
Ultimate Arms Gear Designed by ST Action Pro."

Steve H.: I'm not ready to throw out $150.00 worth of A Zooms to go buy Tipton Snapcaps.

TheSiegelayer: Great, I find this video 5 hours after I buy $30 worth of A Zoom Snap Caps.... :) Coincidentally, I searched these caps after I noticed the paint is already coming off of them from just 3 cycles. Was going to buy the Tipton's at Academy but they had every caliber in stock except for 9mm.

Nigel Hiley: push that baby, hard.

nthefoothills: I've used the same 6 9mm A-Zoom snap caps for almost two years and hundreds of dry fires each.  The paint is all worn off the rims and the front of the "case" but there are no chips or major deformations.  I bore snake after dry firing.  I just checked one of my Glock 19s and the caps and I don't see any chips anywhere.  I'd stay away from the brass and the Tipton do look like the best.  Just another data point for what it's worth.  I've also used .357, .45, and 30-06 in a Garand without any chipping.  The paint will wear off.

2basyq: Myth...Dry fire is bad for a gun
truth... snap caps are only necessary as a training tool for drills not dry fireing

Why do you waste your money on all of the snap caps you have bought over the years?
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