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Alex L.: Save your time with this crapty review. It's 25 minutes of him repeating "Shaving" and "Flakes." If you're seriously interested in knowing just Google it, read the forums because this has been discussed a lot.

deucedeuce22oz: I think it's crazy that these things are such poor quality, yet so damn Expensive!! I think the price for these is outrageous for what they are. They're probably pennies to manufacture, but they charge you significantly more for these than ammo (while ammo is probably more expensive to make). I don't know that for a fact... but it's hard for me to believe that these could be cheaper to make, especially being such poor quality.

cchiker: So who is paying you for this video?

Martina Dejaquiz: this was damned good - exactly the info in depth i was looking for! i'm ordering some Tipton's now! even if you are Italian and sound like you're from brooklyn or somewhere there abouts! just kidding - i love Italians, products from italy and the NE.! thanks!

rbrtck: Perhaps I missed something or am seeing it wrong, but that looks like your striker protruding from the breech face here:

Isn't this a dangerous condition?

dreezy dree: if you guys are worried about crap getting in your gun, EITHER DONT GET A GUN OR DONT USE IT LOL

Wyatt Earp: Is the weight of the Tipton smap caps simular to the real ammunition?

Isaac Coronado: I've heard that center fire guns don't have to worry about ruining their firing pin during dry firing, that only rim fire guns need to worry. Is this true?
Because I've bought some snap caps that are empty in the primer "prevents damage to firing pin". Or should I fill the primer with silicone?

Cody Ziebell: teaching children to load and shoot guns wtf lol

cyootoob: JEE ZUS! SHUT UP ALREADY! There were some good observations but you need to lay off the caffeine! If you had any plan whatsoever you could have said everything in 4-6 minutes (and I'm being generous). Talking more doesn't make you smarter.

Moe Grimm58: I don't know about all this. I DO KNOW I've been using Pachmyer for years and they don't look anything like the A-Zooms he shows. They're blue and ITALY is printed in white lettering on them. Got them from Brownells. All of the Pachmyers I have look exactly (precisely) like the red Tiptons in this video. Never had ANY problem. None.

iPervy: So glad i watched this, I was just about to buy a few sets of azooms because they were metal and figured that would be better. THanks for the vid!

Ky Plummer: No you're right brother that trash in there is unacceptable, those little shavings will build up and get places you don't want it to be, thanks for the video.

duradim1: This video is a little old and possibly outdated. I think A-Zoom has improved their product but don't know for sure. As far as the shards of brass and aluminum are concerned, I would think that some of this is to be expected. But I think his recommendation is good.

Nuno Rocha: Long pinky nails are dirt what are you a rick James wannabe 1970s pimp?

Frank Berger: thank you for that tip!!!!!Frank

Don Davidson: These are a disposable items and are not meant to be forever. It would be preferable to have the drill round wear instead your vastly more expensive barrel. However if you analyze it, the barrel too is a wearable component.
I don't see your obsession with brass flakes in your Glock. Is it really that big of a deal? Why not just wipe the debris off during your training if you were concerned that this minuscule amount of material might somehow jam a weapon or continue to operate and fire even after being buried in wet concrete cement and after being subjected to tens of thousands of dirty and corroded rounds before it experienced a misfire. After firing a box of live ammunition you will find more debris in the throat, ramp, chamber and the inside of an automatic pistol.

If you think about it these drill rounds were created by some very smart engineers at Pacmy These aluminum snap caps made by a gas were devised by engineers at Pachmyr which I am sure included mechanical engineers and metallurgist all knowing that the softer metal would not harm your barrel or be as you put it "the worst".

Additionally the red A-Zoom cases are much, MUCH more conspicuous than the others you reviewed or as some do, that being the use of empty brass weighted to that of live rounds, even with red primers these drill rounds are not conspicuously drill rounds. And I can see many scenarios where an accidental discharge could occur!
So in short I disagree with your findings but thank you for starting the debate!

Additionally do you play classic guitar? I noted the long nails. Maybe do a video on Spanish guitar.

Frances Hunt: What about the plastic? Does it not break off at all?

Garantia COBIA: Who in his right mind would think of putting a piece of aluminum into a cycling steel mechanism and expect it to last, you don't need to be a metallurgist to understand such a simple fact!

Garantia COBIA: We are heading for dry firing campus shootings in the near future!
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