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Justin Clark: You won't put cheap aluminum ammo through your gun? My CCW Glock 23 is yet to malfunction after 9 years and probably 3,000 aluminum cased rounds. ALUMINUM IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE TO CYCLE THROUGH ANY SMALL ARM.

MrTrashcan1: Great info. Incidentally, the brass used on the Tipton is probably BETTER than that used in real rounds. Remember that real rounds are only fired once, or at most a few times if you reload. Snap caps have to withstand much more than that.

Michael Seibert: Thanks

Carlos G.: Damnit, I just bought and used a-zooms now for the past few weeks with my new Glock.

Randy Beasley: Thank you for the great info, and for saving me some $$$

Paul Grumsha: The triple k's are the only ones I use...coincidentally they're the first and only ones I've tried

jennings flippen: What is the light??????

Head Stirlingite: Thanks, saved myself some time and money and cancelled an order of those a-zooms on amazon.

David Butt: dat coke nail...

joe z: Couldn't disagree more. Tiptons jam. Not after five hundred dry fires, or fifty dry fires, not after five, they just don't frickin' work. Tiptons jam constantly in every gun I've tried them in ... EVERY SINGLE GUN! A plastic molding is not as accurate as machined aluminum. Period. The A Zooms work perfectly. Can you cycle them through hundreds of times? What? Are you a frickin' idiot? Of course not! Sorry, dude, these work great for their intended use. Practice loading mags, practice extracting, some dry firing. Some! Not hundreds of cycles. That's just stupid. Aluminum vs steel. What do you expect?

sixgunluvr1: Everything you have on the table is junk......have you not heard of B's Dry Fire?

MrApple: ST Action Pro for me.

Dudely Skeptic: Sorry, but I couldn't help but notice your cocaine nail on your pinky. That is all.

Trae UCity: Thanks, so much for this video! I got lucky. I was going to purchase the A-Zooms after I finished shooting at my gun range, last night; but forgot. I'm glad I watched your video, prior to purchasing today.

Paul X: Thanks great info

Robert Schwarz: Great video! I got some of the tiptons to use with my first semi-auto 9mm, and only after 300-400 i would notice some of the brass chips on the extractor and on the inside. Even when a partial rack of the slide would cause one to stovepipe, it held up with no cracks or chips on the plastic. Thanks again for your review!

Brian Wilkes: They are good for having someone put one in your mag. So you can practice a misfire

MariVi Valeiras: Thank you for the video. It helped me find the best to teach daughter to use a gun.

JIMDAWG: question: once there is a deep pimple in the primer such as what you show at 18:55, aren't you getting close to the point where you almost have zero contact with the firing pin and as such not the best way to dry fire?

Troy S: I just bought a pack of A-zoom 9mm before watching this. I tried feeding them into my sidearm and they wouldnt even fit. Returning them tomorrow. Wish i had done more research instead of wasting my time.
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