Remington 870 Tactical Build - When Stock Is Not Enough (need More Cow Bell) By SAR

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Bill Hager: Nice!

Ron Martin: yo my man I live in a bad hood  I have my family to protect but don't have the money to go to a shop  can say thank you only     thank you

Steven Rawlings: Wow! This is such a great video, no chat or erms and ahhs that drag other videos down. I've been thinking about modifying my 870 for a while and watched loads of videos but this was has convinced me to go for, really well done Steve, excellent work.

jake josh: congrats on building the most tastelessly modded 870 ive seen to date.

E. White: So now your 870 holds 7+1?

CFNA300: what happened to Last of the mohicans?

GamerNxUSN: why would people be asking why you are carrying, I carry in my home every day up until I go to bed, hell I even carry while mowing my lawn.

Sizzling Holidayz: if you guys desire to get ripped more quickly without wasting a one extra minute in the gym, then you should watch this video SIXPP.COM Children being children, however, the grotesque Hopping Pot had taken hold of their imaginations. The solution was to jettison the pro-Muggle moral but keep the warty cauldron, so by the middle of

Jonathan Chark: Did you remove the dents in the magazine tube that restrict the capacity?

Sean Carvalho: Is it true u can do those same mods to the Stevens 320 ?

Tim McCann: Very cool, no words needed! Great sound track!

Lou Poisson: Nice. Thankyou brother in arms.

blanketyblank: Steve, can you tell us the name of the background music? Good stuff. Thanks.

mustangls1: I got a good laugh out of this, nice one!

sharkinfested: It would more than likely be fine to have a magazine extension on a pre-ban shotgun. Newly manufactured firearms are the ones that would subjected to new laws like these extensions.

Cerberus xwx: Very nice thanks for the video.

makeupmom: If the new gun laws pass this would be considered a ban weapon and need to pay the 200 stamp but if you change the stock to a shorter sporting style and stay with a 5 round mag they can't touch it but the side saddle and short barrel are fine

C.G.: Steve this is a rockin soundtrack! How about leaving a credit for the artist? Sweet build BTW, how you liking that Knoxx stock?

Seawolf1090: I did this some years back on my 870 Express. Instead of filing the mag tube bumps, I drilled them out - took two minutes. The 8-round tube works fine with my barrel, shortened to 20 inches. No choke now, and it still puts slugs into two inches at 30 yards. Added bolt-on 'rifle sights' atop the vent rib. I ended up going back to the original wood stock too - the folder flops side to side too much - cheap 'ultralite' style. Also caused too much recoil to shoulder - butt end too narrow.

Sheepdog Chappy: yes you can.
Remington 870 Tactical Build - When stock is not enough (need more cow bell) by SAR 5 out of 5

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Remington 870 Tactical Build - When stock is not enough (need more cow bell) by SAR