Woodcut Bowlsaver

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Woodcut Bowlsaver
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coconutdiv: listen carefully to the sudden sound change in the wood carving...well i would if you were not speaking at the same time and putting music too...god damnit

radhouen tunis: from witch tree you used this wood ?

Rick Williams: Seems bass-akwards... Why not do the smallest and work up to the largest so one does not need to re-chuck over and over.

jonathan dempsey: For all the haters of coring systems. If Glenn Lucas uses one. Then its no bad thing

Аleksey Bek: Interesting device, how easy it works. Like!

David Chambers: Checked their website - they want about $400 for these. Way too much $$ for a simple mechanical item. Guess I'll have to wait for harbor freight version.

Hampus Flodin: that's useful, but really boring

KennyBennyRabbit: Russian bowls?

Heroe van Schnell: oh man ... you're really a wood bowl master LOL

Giuliano Caruso: Don't use the fingers!

thomazneto58: Hello, friend, where can I buy a Woodcut Bowlsaver? I thank you for your attention.

☺Altruism☺: I'm SOLD!

This thing is badass! Saves time and its effective!

Leave time to do other things. Saves wood makes less waste! :)

Ian Grover: Difficult to see the grain with very old, slow growing trees. Huon Pine is such a species and originates in the SW wilderness of Tasmania. There is a log displayed at the entry to the wilderness that is 8-9 feet in diameter and is 3,500 years old! Once finished and oiled the grain pops out and is incredibly beautiful.

Steven Rose: congrats, you have now made 3 boring, plain bowls that noone wants. 

youllregretit: this really sucks the fun/skill out of it. i feel like people that learned how to woodwork like rembrandt paints would be disgusted that the world has been converted to brainless color by numbers.

MrMarvinoid: bowl, bowl, bowl...

Lester Wood: how thick does the blank need to be, or how think can you cut 

adsdentiste: πολύ ενδιαφέρον Σε ευχαριστώ

Skon Master: Where can You get this In Australia

Alecks1990: at the end : someone got a lot of fun making bowls ^^ ... nice video 
Woodcut Bowlsaver 5 out of 5

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Woodcut Bowlsaver