Woodcut Bowlsaver

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Woodcut Bowlsaver
Woodcut Bowlsaver
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steven hobbs: i use the exact same one, its about not wasting the timber. i got so sick of most of my timber ending up as shavings on the floor when they could have easily been saved by using this cutter. timber isnt cheap these days and it pays to use it wisely.

Erika Revelli: me gusta esta herramienta, es magnifica

Gary Caisse: thanks.One of the best coring tools i have seen so far how much and where do I get it???

coconutdiv: listen carefully to the sudden sound change in the wood carving...well i would if you were not speaking at the same time and putting music too...god damnit

radhouen tunis: from witch tree you used this wood ?

Rick Williams: Seems bass-akwards... Why not do the smallest and work up to the largest so one does not need to re-chuck over and over.

jonathan dempsey: For all the haters of coring systems. If Glenn Lucas uses one. Then its no bad thing

Аleksey Bek: Interesting device, how easy it works. Like!

David Chambers: Checked their website - they want about $400 for these. Way too much $$ for a simple mechanical item. Guess I'll have to wait for harbor freight version.

Hampus Flodin: that's useful, but really boring

Ken Fullman: Russian bowls?

Heroe van Schnell: oh man ... you're really a wood bowl master LOL

Giuliano Caruso: Don't use the fingers!

thomazneto58: Hello, friend, where can I buy a Woodcut Bowlsaver? I thank you for your attention.

☺Altruism☺: I'm SOLD!

This thing is badass! Saves time and its effective!

Leave time to do other things. Saves wood makes less waste! :)

Ian Grover: Difficult to see the grain with very old, slow growing trees. Huon Pine is such a species and originates in the SW wilderness of Tasmania. There is a log displayed at the entry to the wilderness that is 8-9 feet in diameter and is 3,500 years old! Once finished and oiled the grain pops out and is incredibly beautiful.

Steven Rose: congrats, you have now made 3 boring, plain bowls that noone wants. 

youllregretit: this really sucks the fun/skill out of it. i feel like people that learned how to woodwork like rembrandt paints would be disgusted that the world has been converted to brainless color by numbers.

MrMarvinoid: bowl, bowl, bowl...

Lester Wood: how thick does the blank need to be, or how think can you cut
Woodcut Bowlsaver 5 out of 5

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Woodcut Bowlsaver