GemTech Silenced AR-15----Quick Detach Suppressor

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Chris Robinson: Great looking MK18.

If you haven't already, maybe do a video explaining to some of your viewers (who appear to be pretty ignorant judging by the comments) what all the items on that rifle do.

FILM N SHOOT CO: How much does that unit cost>??

Adolf Hitler: you guys ever put a DB meter on it for a difference?

Аlex Nelson: This channel is badass haha

Daniel Gonzalez: Can u do some specs on that AR

Gimie Itnow: $300 + for no change? No thanks

giantpune: I'm no expert or anything, but I think your pumpkin may have expired. Next time check the date on the bottom.

Steven To: sorry but it's hard to take you seriously when you have like 7 completely useless attachments and I'm pretty sure you never touched that grip, I only use a acog sight and an angled fore grip.

archangel20031: Big difference?
1: Loud as all hell.
Add the "CAN"
2: Just about as loud as all hell!

randy johnson: there isn't much difference in sound volume which is a huge disappointment...also your gun has way to many attachments which looks stupid.

Kroz Lee: I wish I could get paid to shoot and blow crap up. Cool vid

William Uhr: WTF does anyone other than Michael Bay need an exploding target for?

Just An Old Southerner: I can't really say I'm very impressed.

Colorado Mikey: so cool shirt, pumpkin reminds me of my first experience, and my computer speakers cant distinguish the sounds of a suppressed round vs non suppressed round. good production quality though.

Essaykiller360: When you say Can, what exactly is the difference between a can and any other suppressor? Or is that just another name for a suprossor. Because I know for instance a shroud is more cosmetic and for looks.. Sorry if it's a stupid question

keokio7: really nice ar.. no silencers here in cali though =(

Daniel Hill: gear queer....

Ryan: it feels so unnatural shooting with a stronger left body side !!

FurryACiD: I don't think you have enough attachments on that rifle.  Why not a bipod and 6 more lasers on it?

Franchesco Pizon: Still a lot of noise
GemTech Silenced AR-15----Quick Detach Suppressor 5 out of 5

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GemTech Silenced AR-15----Quick Detach Suppressor