How To Build A Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden Without Mortar

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How to Build a Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden without Mortar
How to Build a Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden without Mortar
How to Build a Block Wall Without Mortar
How to Build a Block Wall Without Mortar
VermiBag Ep 23
VermiBag Ep 23 "Making a Raised Bed Garden with Concrete Blocks"
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How To: Raised Bed Garden (Easy Way) Planter Wall Blocks!!
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Polo Esquivel: What did they use to keep the concrete blocks stuck together?? Morter or construction glue

Frank Rizzo: Mexicans? Need me a few HARD WORKING mex's!! Plenty of projects for a few of them hard working sob's,Many of these lazy asfkAmericans>>could learn a thing or few from many of them😉😎

Frank Rizzo: Holy smokes!! I bet your suspension was BEGGING for relief by the time u got home😳😔 car bog much on your way home?

Rosecity jp: It looks Fabulous !! I really like it & they did a very nice job !!! GREAT JOB ALBERTO !!!
I would Love to have a craftsman like you to set my beds up like that BUT I live in Oregon !!
I"m sure you will get a lot of calls for your work !!

Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III: Alberto didn't seem too interested. Could be because you made him build dry-stack walls out of what are essentially capstones and he knows they aren't going to last long LOLOLOLOL Poor Alberto. What a guy's gotta do to put food on the table.

xxxnstuffxxx: Terrible advice from start to finish. Firstly, loading your Jeep beyond safe limits. If you're going to get blocks, go to a place that will deliver it! Next, building an un-mortared wall with no foundation and inadequate support (walls need support every 2-3 metres). Wouldn't be surprised if your next two videos are about (a) how to clear-up two tons of soil and blocks when this fails and (b) how to fix broken suspension.

Finally, if you are going to do a how-to video, script it, stick to the point (no waffling about what else you're growing) and learn how to edit. For a 20+ min video, there's probably only 5 mons of relevant (albeit misguided) information here.

Just goes to show that being vegan does NOT give you super(brain)powers...

Jesus Rodriguez: Ccccf

wi54725: Man, how I wish I had seen this video when it first aired. I was the dolt that tried this with big cinder blocks. I got a perfect rectangle that held the growing mix quite well and produced great collards, mustards, kale, and turnip greens. It also produced numerous lesions, bruises, cuts, and scrapes every time I brushed up against the rough edges. And, then when I was really klutzy, I knocked the top block off into one of the collards. What's embarrassing the most is that I was once a general contractor/homebuilder. I was smart enough never to hire myself as a brick and block mason.

The Voodoos: Well done Alberta

The Voodoos: Well he might be working great.? But for sure he's working slow.P.S when you come to digging in your raised beds those blocks will all be moving around.USE SOME CEMENT

Ferg Ferguson: You talk a lot and say nothing...perhaps you should just get to the video just film workers doing the talk

Coleen Harman: You kind of skipped a step ;) how deep did you dig your trenches before you placed your blocks?

vidvidvid: How do you attach the bricks together?

Albert Johnston: Hello John, Thanks for another great educational video. I am wondering if you considered a below surface bed instead of a raised bed. If so, why did you determine that the above surface would be better? - Albert, Zone 9A-B, Central Florida. I look forward to hearing your comments on an upcoming Q&A Growing Your Greens video.

TheSomnambule: Your 40 year bricky friend didn't even lay a strong running bond..

Dan: I built a similar raised bed, all my bricks were level how do you keep the bricks from falling over.?

Lynda Chevalier: Only Problem I had was sometimes the Volume was good and Most of the time could hardly hear you. Had all my Speakers set as HIGH as they could go. Please do something about that, I feel you are worth hearing.

DancingDratini: he looks so uncomfortable being in the video lol

malcolmsplace: Hi John, can you tell me the size of the blocks you used, also the width of your bed. I think it's the best way to go and I'd like to replicate it if I can.Kind regards Malcolm

Ryin88: Ive been hearing more and more about cylinder blocks leaching chemicals. Im surprised John didnt mention it, or did he??
How to Build a Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden without Mortar 5 out of 5

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How to Build a Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden without Mortar