How To: KOHLER Custom Shower System Setup - Pressure Loop & Plumbing Conections Atlanta Tile

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Joe S: 90 percent of that valve could have been fabricated outside of that wall. easier, faster and no burnt up studs. and too many 90s, killing your flow.

moomike laloo: Flow won't be a problem, he used 3/4 pipe. Ever seen the size holes in the fixtures? I like the pipe layout but yes, I would have bench built most of that. I don't like the burnt studs either. I did a similar one recently and use Uponor Pex. Nice gentle sweeps in adjoining bays and much less joints. Looks squirrely but owner loves his new shower.

Constance Brosnan: Pride in workmanship!

Tim Gregerson: How do you drain such a system after showering? It seems that these pipes will hold a lot of water that will cool off for the start of your next shower unless you add a diverter valve to a drain. Is the bottom out line from the K-669 valve left open for this purpose. Your video doesn't mention that open pipe at all, so I'm just wondering what the safe way is to add a drain diverter to the K-669.

kamazkiw: o.O

Dabig Wanker: OMG - what a mess - all that to take a shower. Sorta looks like the plumbing for a Saturn rocket, or perhaps an new musical instrument. This guy is proud of this - must work for Nibco (a company that makes copper fittings).

avetis Tepirjyan: 3 way diverter valve has same options And more accurate 

ramheez: @ormonddude BEcause you need a loop to maintain proper water pressure through out the system.

mike cripps: I think this pipework is a bit excessive to what is actually needed, as for the burn marks, i have never used a heat shield in my life and dont intend to, if care is taken a shield isnt always needed. I personnaly think the only thing that looks nice about this is the finish, if i was the customer i would have like to seen as many bends pulled using benders rather than preformed fittings. Also these valves arent for controling pressure there for controlling flow, 2 massivley

kbodge: Yeah scorched wood is not a big deal....but charred wood is no excuse next time try some flashing folded up in a tight Z behind what you're soldering and you'll have no worries. Pressure loops are fine....should have planned it out so you could run a T straight to the bottom of your control valves to eliminate the the drops from the pressure loop to the control valves. Not sure why the supplies are crossed...but I'm sure there is a reason for it. Always nice to see copper put to good use.

onlyaredneckfortwose: Just wow how do those hold water and body or face sprayer lol

ron foster: @FlintMich pex for that job hell nooooooooo

Ted Salas: @333gpp333 It could have been prevented, a very unsafe sign of workmanship

camelazo: wooden and steam pipes nice!!!!

nicandlucian: nice but you burned up these 2x4or 6's nicely, when mine was done i showed my plumber a simple easy way to prevented that, you can use ceramic tiles, they block of the heat nicely prevent the 2x4 or 6's and surrounding wood from burning, after all if they use ceramic tiles on the space shuttle for reentry to prevent it from burning up, why not use it for your heat welding on pipes that are close to wood. it worked nicely.

mrcaneda69: y not pex lol

Jack Phoenix: all the plumbers who gave u thumbs down are upset that you do better work than them ! haters always gunna hate.

poohpush: its a single handle faucet i assume. it turns through cold to hot to avoid scalding

phaschum: Volume control valves. As for the torched wood, what plumber with even a few years behind him hasn't burned wood or the hair on his hands?

tracidairraid: co za flachowiec:D

Dmitriy Khazansky: Can you do this system with PEX?

Zosia Religa: Is that a special valve showing for the body sprayers? Why does it look like there's a bulge in the body spray rough in? Also will this system work well if you only have 30psi pressure from a well?

27TUBGUY: @xtcvsop overkill?? its actually required.

timcat100: 1/2 inch compared to 3/4 does not increase pressure. Christ I am not a plumber and a monkey could figure this one out. You might even get a decrease in pressure with an increase in flow/volume. Looking at this monkey wrench is why I do my own plumbing.

Steve F: If you were creating a video named, "How to: KOHLER custom shower system setup", would you show a different, more complicated setup that didn't involve a "KOHLER custom shower"? And I don't see your "way more technical and professionally installed" video anywhere. Would you care to provide us all a link so we can watch and then bow down to worship you...

Sirus: Oh dear....

Ted Salas: What's up with all that burnt wood?

timcat100: I wasn't asking a question...but thanks for the offer.

boraboy4ever: Plumbing looks better than what some plumbers put in.

Michael Laverty: Really and I guess that's why the republicans have worked so long and so hard making sure they remove any and all traces of unions so the working class folks can enjoy the growing wealth of poverty in today's wonderful free market society .. come on guy clean out your head gear and take a look around when "little people" have more cash they spend it right ?

womackke: burnt studs, priceless

Dorsey Ingram: i'm stuplipiffed......

tlewislong: That looked great!

27TUBGUY: check out the moen I di, its crazy. on nu look refinishing on facebook.

harrisua1111: that is the most redundant piping arrangement i have ever seen. If i didn't know any better i would say a tile guy did that. Be careful, don't cut your arm on those solder joints! I also love that sweet rolling offset!!!! Nice work...

weedandwine: Copper is always the best way to do systems like that. It's much more secure and easier to be exact when it comes to a customer with specific requests. You have used way to many fittings and spent to much time though. Balancing loops are fine but you've got to much going on there. Oh, and burned wood is very unprofessional. While I'm on a roll here, all that work and you install Kohler? I always seem to get call backs with Kohler valves.

Ooomfoofoo: Bending Properly bent copper tube will not collapse on the outside of the bend and will not buckle on the inside of the bend. Mechanical tests have shown that the bursting strength of the bend portion is normally greater than it was before the tube was bent. The increase in bursting pressure is the result of an increase in the tensile strength and yield strength of the tube where it has been cold worked during bending.

George P: @tgsalas It's from the torch from welding the pipes.

BathroomsNottingham: wow very helpful video, thanks alot!

ramheez: @bull7136 perhaps the client was not interested in that type of design.

snyperkyzer: Good job! thanks for the info...

James Waechter: That is a nice looking shower in the finished pictures at the end of the video. It looks like the installer got paid by the fitting! I hope the incoming water pressure is high; it seems like a lot of unnecessary (in my opinion) elbows, which will kill the water pressure. It's good the piping downstream of the thermostatic valves is 3/4" to minimize that. I would have seriously considered pex, but there is a lot going on inside the wall that may have made putting together everything difficult.

Obeyance Dekat: I understood this, and im not even a plumber, and this is why i dont have wanna-be know it alls like you doing my plumbing...

mike cripps: seperate things that alot of people get confused! The finish is good weldone but if i installed that it wouldnt be the work that i chose to show off on youtube, id use something way more technical and professionally installed!

Bob D: Nice job ! I love when a plan comes together, don't you ? Trust me, done body sprays before & they're not easy ! The finished product looks great...nice to see other tilers in Atlanta doing good work ;-) StarrTile...Bob

xtcvsop: way to excessive, no need to make it so fancy overkill

FSEVENMAN: Leave it to a Euro dude to find a way to squeeze in some techno jam. Great job on the plumbing work. You almost hate to cover up those pipes. Nice work guy.

FlintMich: The end product looks outstanding. Forgive my plumbing ignorance, but wouldn't it have been a lot easier to use PEX to make all of those curves and corners?

legoman2313: look like a rollers coaster.

Tjfreak: Thats nice work,I don't spend enough time in the shower to to get this all going,get in - get out, know what I'm sayin.
How to: KOHLER custom shower system setup - pressure loop & plumbing conections Atlanta tile 3.7 out of 5

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How to: KOHLER custom shower system setup - pressure loop & plumbing conections Atlanta tile