How To: KOHLER Custom Shower System Setup - Pressure Loop & Plumbing Conections Atlanta Tile

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stephen frank: leak central ..

Jon Rutherford: seems a shame to box it in! should of glass fronted it lol

Almond o: some of the worse plumbing iv seen, from someone talks utter bs and makes it up as he goes

John Fixit: Holy extra pipe fitting-Frankenstien Batman!! You must charge by the fitting instead of by the hour! (many plumbers do that!) The upper balance loop is not needed at all, a single tee centered would have worked perfectly, especially with oversized pipe. The lower one would have been fine with the hand held tee'd off at the point where the pipe exits the valve, then a simple centered tee above that. Again, oversized pipe solves the balance issue. That bigger pipe means more volume of water that has to change temperature- so when the user wants a degree or two change, it's so dammed sluggish that they have a difficult time adjusting. (call it hunting if you want, but it's just a lot more water changing temp. One of my customers has 2 homes that both had near identical bathroom remodels,75 miles apart so 2 different plumbers. The job included over head rain, and 10 body sprays, 2 handhelds, and 2 fancy heads. One got piped in 3/4" with all the loops, the other with 1/2" and centered tees. No difference at all---EXCEPT the one in 3/4"+loops, is so sluggish, that the owner sued the plumber to get it changed. The judge ordered it changed!! The 'loopy' plumber included a temperature gauge at the valve outlet. You could see the temp change, but it took 30 seconds for the change at the heads to stabilize! Don't get me started on the charcoal! Stick to the TILE, leave the plumbing to a plumber.

Cannon Plumbing and Drain, LLC: 3/4 is used for volume not pressure as the pressure always stays the same its the volume that changes unless you have a booster pump, oh and I hope you brazed the water lines that go down and up through the slab, you cant sauter in the foundation , thanks

Cannon Plumbing and Drain, LLC: if your not a licensed plumber in your state don't touch it, the correct name is diverter as well not pressure balancing, the pressure balance is in the thermostatic valve which is simply called a shower valve, the others are not hand wash they are hand wand, body sprays and a shower head, this is coming from a licensed master plumber from Texas-M-40870, whats your license number, because if your touching potable water with no license that is a no no, so many people think they know but don't, tile looks great just don't plumb any more unless your licensed sir, there is going to be so much turbulence in that shower, take care and remember this is positive feed back not trying to bash you, thanks

odeis5: Who the freak was running the torch, get him the hell off the job site before he burns someones freaking house down, the guy is retarded.

Mario D'Agostini: nice work
as far as all the negative comments. everyone always has a better way don't they lol

chris sadowski: Next time before posting something make sure to do it right. And practice the polish accent of yours

chris sadowski: Nothing to be proud of . Sloppy job man

charlesrg: Would you make a video on tuning the temperature on a kohler thermostatic valve ?

Eric Tucker: apparently I've been dooshing wrong

Faysal Chraibi: u need to explain how it work and how water flow throughout the pipes thank you

crooked left: nice that you made charcoal out of customers framing .

Tom Chute: Wow I likeĀ it , thisĀ gives me some great ideas

Maida Dutcher: Great to see that... I made it too. Using woodprix handbooks :)

Bobby O'Reilly: 22 will lower ur preasure and higjter ur flow rate this guy is making it up as he goes along and look at that fkin mess of usless pipes

gavotheman: Just fit a bar mixer. The lads hasn't done a terrible job here and 90% of people commenting wouldn't be able to do this. The problem you have with this type of shower is it is a considerable amount of extra time to install. They are not installation or maintenance friendly.

Jim Cowley: oh lord
How to: KOHLER custom shower system setup - pressure loop & plumbing conections Atlanta tile 5 out of 5

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How to: KOHLER custom shower system setup - pressure loop & plumbing conections Atlanta tile