How To: KOHLER Custom Shower System Setup - Pressure Loop & Plumbing Conections Atlanta Tile

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Extra Credits: Game Reviews
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Bobby O'Reilly: 22 will lower ur preasure and higjter ur flow rate this guy is making it up as he goes along and look at that fkin mess of usless pipes

gavotheman: Just fit a bar mixer. The lads hasn't done a terrible job here and 90% of people commenting wouldn't be able to do this. The problem you have with this type of shower is it is a considerable amount of extra time to install. They are not installation or maintenance friendly.

nick badi: this guy needs to be taught how to use a tube bender way to many elbows there

Jim Cowley: oh lord

ramstafar ram: all the selfish plumbers came all at once to comment at this video, I know and ive worked for a bunch of "professional plumbers " and I can tell you all they care about is the paid checks they don't give a crap about codes

Jimmy Ray: can we say over engineered?

Greg d Greg d: Just pre build the whole unit, then install

Jim Monheim: So much soldering use pex pipe and shark bite connections or crimp connections

Corinne Mills: also use a heat mat ur going to burn some ones house down

Corinne Mills: hansgrohe ibox half the cost this is the 21st century omg

Hink Hackelsack: Lot of pop up junk...nice.

hitty9: Appreciate the things I learned from watching this. Gotta keep an open mind.
But burning the wood makes charcoal. Can catch fire easier with just a spark and could smell burnt in high humidity.
I've used Al foil to shield the wood but sometimes that melts. Anybody else have any creative solutions?

Jeremy Fleming: wow, love it.

MrDseanm: Wow! a lot of labor, hope you charged a good price. Everything is fine except it could have been efficiently done but this is good. I did not know you had to be a licensed plumber to post a youtube video, that's news to me, I say ignore that. Far as drywall screws and copper nails.... yeah you are fine ignore that comment, those nails are copper dipped they are not actually made of copper effects are the same. Barbequing wood is not good, that is BAD news you need to work on that, that is a big NO NO. Whether its 3/4" or 1/2" there will be a significant amount of pressure loss, 3/4" might be less effected than a 1/2" but there is still a drop in pressure hence I said it could have been plumbed a bit more efficiently but what you did is fine.
Home owner is a fool.... or who ever recommended this system.... with so many solder joints, 100s, if one fails imagine the cost and headache that follows!!! From potential mold, dryrot, structural damage.... and if the valve leaked at some point in time its not like you could run to any ace or HD to get replacement parts. After about a decade or so they would completely stop manufacturing parts and parts would cost a lot. Now its all fancy 10 years into it starts the nightmare. A service plumber would have to charge two service calls in most cases, get the cartridge model number and possibly order from the manufacturer and come back again to install it and lots of water wastage in between RUBBISH!!!! I had to get a Moen trim, not the valve just the trim that costed $275! Special designs have special price! Oh I almost forgot just because you are licensed it does not make you any better, as long as you keep the crap rolling!

John Smith: Tilemasterga, are you a licensed plumber, if so please give us your license number.

I see things done in your work that leads me to believe you are not a licensed plumber.

Rolando Garcia: 2x4 burned no good

lahattec: Interesting, but it looks like you are using dry-wall screws for your clamps. Shouldn't you use brass or stainless screws to avoid galvanic corrosion of the screws due to dissimilar metals contacting? Thanks!

beefcurrywithrice: ever heard of pex ?

JACK WOOD: Just curious, don't all of those 90 degree angles decrease pressure and flow?

Chasingerrors: why would you run it under the floor and back out the return wall instead of running it thru the wall.
How to: KOHLER custom shower system setup - pressure loop & plumbing conections Atlanta tile 5 out of 5

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How to: KOHLER custom shower system setup - pressure loop & plumbing conections Atlanta tile