How To Reduce Motorcycle Handlebar Vibration

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How To Reduce Motorcycle Handlebar Vibration
How To Reduce Motorcycle Handlebar Vibration
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Royal enfield classic 350 How to reduce handlebar vibrations
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FZ-10 Forums members vids: Go get tubes of silicone and tape one end of the bars, fill with silicone, let it dry, install with dirtbike pillow grips. Thank us later..

Joe G: my handle bars shake when start up and take off

hybredmoon: I got a honda shadow VT1100 and that thing makes my arms go numb at 60mph in about 10 minutes. It is a shaft drive so changing the gearing is out, any other suggestions would be welcome.

HowToNewLight: When i Double my Motorcycle i hear Creaking Noise When I Ride in Double can you Help me Resolve this Problem

Jay Mai: I am having vibrations on my bike too. 2011 honda cbr600rr. I bought it used and i realized the last owner took out the OEM handldbars inner tube. I knew it when i looked up OEM parts and saw it is included in the diagram. So i am going to try to buy the set and see how it works. I know bunch of aftermarket solutions out there but i think OEM is designed for it. So i will post updates after i got them. Thanks for the video :).

Iseekknowledge: Please respond; I put knuckle guards on my 2014 vstrom 1000 and had to take out and put back in my end weights. It only has 4000 miles on it, put the guards on with about 700 miles. For some odd reason my front tire is already cupped and there are tiny weathered cracks where the tread appears to be separating from the tire. The tire pressure has always been proper. Could this be caused by the weights not being screwed in right? I did put almost 3000 miles on it in a weeks time when I went to colorado...

SomethingExcellent: I got the vibronator for my 2015 sportster. $100, worth every penny. They are amazing.

DENMONKEY: I don't recommend those grips. I tried them and they fell apart in no time at all.
Just like your throttle one which is starting to break down.
Don't waste your time

Torque India: I feel vibrations after 90-100kmph in my Royal Enfield classic 350....Can you suggest something to reduce that?

Travis Ross: I filled my handlebars with beach sand, along with those same bar-ends. It worked great. I also put bonded sealing washers in between the handlebar mount and the triple tree. That worked great as well.

Overall, I don't think there is one solution. You need to use a combination of different techniques to reduce vibration to a reasonable amount.

Kit Walker: I have a honda unicorn but none of the products are available in India guess i will need to improvise!

hoptard: I wouldn't use steel BB's, they're harder and dampen less. I use lead BB's (way softer and absorb) from a "Dive Shop", they come in a bag. Or you could use fishing line smaller lead weights. Hope it helps, did for me.

nzbeeker: I watched this video, then added anti-vibration weights... Huge difference, thanks.
Before and after photos here:

leftfield123: I had an '05 Vee Strom that buzzed quite a bit until I put bar risers on.  After that, I never really noticed any buzz.  Might work on other bikes.

TroyaE117: Lead shot works well. I have used them on an old Russky bike.

James Roe: Even BMW's have vibrstion, but you have some good tips .. ty...  Im starting with the Grip On grip covers first.. 

Graham Dorschell: Thanks for the vid - I found filling the whole bar with Silicon worked good too .   G

alanIrl99: Good layman's guide & summary - very useful. Thanks for that :)

Ron Klucsar: Thanks for your mention of Vibranator in your video. I recently started working for the inventor of Vibranators and we have had a lot of great feedback from our anti-vibration technology that inserts into the handle bars. Here is a link to our website Please let us know if you have any questions on our product. We would be glad to offer any feedback. 

cvcoco: Ok, two ideas that work. On a Yamaha FZ150 and a Honda CB750, I cut small squares of inner tube and placed them inside the lower half-moon of the handlebar clamp. The way the clamps are designed you cannot run a strip completely around the handlebar at the point of the clamp so dont try, but they will accept a few layers on the bottom bowl. Anyway this gives about 25% reduction in buzz, to the point its manageable. Second way is that dirt bike crossbar pad bars, correctly positioned and tightened, give a huge reduction in vibration. But of course they are ugly and take up a lot of accessory real estate. But Ive found that isolating the bars from the triple clamp is the most effective. If I had access to machining tools I would grind out the existing bar clamps and install a thick rubber donut all around. Not doing that well will result in bars that cannot be tightened firmly so thought has to be given to the project.
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How To Reduce Motorcycle Handlebar Vibration