How To Stop The Annoying Beeping Of The Fios Router

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How to stop the annoying beeping of the Fios router
How to stop the annoying beeping of the Fios router
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Stop Verizon Fios Box Beeping
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Verizon Fios Battery Replacement Free - Stop The Beeping Battery
Solving the
Solving the "FIOS Beep"
Easily silence beeping from a Verizon FiOS panel for free!
Easily silence beeping from a Verizon FiOS panel for free!

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PaullHutchh: Same exact situation for me. Literally 3am and I had school the next day. I was awake too!

jonathanomgitsme: Took my beeper out today. Big help here was knowing there were two screws in the back that needed to come out. Thank you!!

Andy Ternay: You are awesome and I bow before your greatness.

jason X: I love u. Ty imma get rid of the speaker

Michael White: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Your instructions were spot on. I was a little faint of heart doing this because I understand if you break the fiber optic cable your finished. When I got to the point of popping the speaker off, I chickened out. I felt there was too good a chance of damaging the mother board, and I DID NOT want to do that. So, on the first try, I put an epoxy over the hole on the speaker. I thought that it would stop the speaker from working, or quiet it enough to live with it. THAT DID NOT WORK. So on the second attempt, I used a sharp utility knife to get under the speaker and make a little space between the speaker and board. Then I used a small screw driver and twisted it under the speaker and it popped the leads. No damage to the mother board! Thanks again.

Douglas Psulkowski: Great job! Worked like a charm!

Cranvill McDonald's: All that to save less than $20/ yr.?

Laura Roth: Super helpful!!! Thanks for also recording how to put it all back together again!

Pamela Holmes: I just finished doing this and it worked perfectly....thank you so much.

Jonas Stierli: It does work! Thank you so much!

Shane Bellanca: unplug the battery with out disassemble the hold dam thing

rd264: I was about to swing a 20 lb sledge hammer at the Verizon box then I saw this great video ... who ever designed this piece of junction box crap [mines c. 2007] were idiots.. I followed this video but did not have the correct star driver to remove the last 3 screws so my beeper is still threatening. The blue alarm defeat button is supposed to work for 24 hours, so Ive tried seems to be working, Need to hold it down at least 60 secs.

Jeffrey Santos: This video was immensely helpful!.. so thanks very much for sharing. Quite impressive! I do have to say though that I did everything that was put in the video and had ONT problems afterwards. Basically, after removing the buzzer, my ONT would only source power from the backup battery and not the AC. It's highly possible that I damaged something else while messing around with the internals, but I had to have my entire ONT replaced by Verizon. My unit was about 9 years old.. and the newest model has no battery.. which is great!

William Messenger: Works! Thank you. I decided it was too much trouble to take the unit off the wall. Instead, I unplugged the power, took out the battery, and used a utility knife to cut a hole in the housing. Cut about a 1.5 x 1.5 inch hole on the side of the housing to the left of where the battery was, at the top , at the very back. (In the video, observe where the beeper is when she takes the circuit board out of the housing and puts it back in. Visualize where that is in the closed housing.) The beeper is at the top right of the hole you just cut. Double check it , then check it again because there's another black thing in there that looks a bit similar, though larger. Stick a screwdriver behind the beeper, up against the wall of the housing. Twist the screwdriver, and pop! the beeper will come off. Mine was soldered, and twisting the screwdriver against the side of the beeper gave enough force to break the leads. This is a permanent amputation. No more beeping, even with no battery.

Nai: You're my hero. You saved my life. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Ninaquas _: thank you so much

Jim C: Thank you! Just completed the operation, appreciate the detailed instructions. They sure make it a challenge to get to that little speaker! Now I don't have to push the silence button every day!

Doug Hartman: I have been looking for this video for a long time. This is great. Thank you so much for sharing. Your are wonderful.

RichBshine1972: Hi nice video.just so you know the unit you are referring to is the optical network terminal.the router connects you to the Internet and gives you program information for your tv.

kithi tan prem-on: thank you so much for such a detailed video, and a permanent solution for this! i followed everything to the T. i can't believe you're only 13. my mind is blown.

the other videos saying to remove the battery and put it back does not work if your battery is completely drained, which was my case.
How to stop the annoying beeping of the Fios router 5 out of 5

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How to stop the annoying beeping of the Fios router