The Drake Equation And The Search For Extraterrestrial Life

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The Drake Equation and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
The Drake Equation and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
An Interview with Frank Drake Conducted by Andrew Fraknoi on June 24. 2012
An Interview with Frank Drake Conducted by Andrew Fraknoi on June 24. 2012
Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains The Drake Equation
Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains The Drake Equation
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Sheldon and the Drake Equation
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Will We Ever Really Find Intelligent Alien Life? Mashable Explains

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Rod Karlsen: if Time is an innate quality of the universe and ends within a black hole...what about the black holes that are in the space? were they "universes" before? or are they just shortcuts within other parallel dimensions?

SeltsamerAttraktor: @Gamer123SIMZ The universe keeps getting bigger, yes, but because the space between galaxies expands, not that there's new matter popping somehow into existence.

MrCabanes: The equation assumes an organic cell-based life form. What about other kind of life forms based on elements such as gas, fire, light? Anything is possible, why scientists box our universe with limited vision?

WonModeerf: @gool54 Welcome to the world of science my friend.

cydwest: @MrCabanes Gases are loose collections of molecules that don't contact each other much, so they can't create the complex reactions for life. Fire a chemical reaction of a substance becoming oxidized, so again it can't really become anything beyond that. Light isn't matter, but energy, so it shouldn't be even theoretically possible for it to form something resembling life. I don't want to sound too dismissive, it was actually fun to think about your ideas, but it's part of the process of science.

utubecrazyharish: Hmmm.....have a fundamental quesiton....has space and time coexisted for the same time?

riversonthemoon: I've always found the Drake equation to be kind of useless. The possibility of alien intelligence captures my imagination as much as the next guy, but I don't see how much value we can get from multiplying assumptions. That being said, it is interesting to think about.

Thirty ought Six: what's the square root of 69?

MrCabanes: @BR177 What paradoxical science could be sometimes-)

farley pants: is that music at the end from Spore? Spore is SO much easier than the real thing!

BR177: @MrCabanes because they need to prove things to be credible or they will be called lunatics lol.. anyway I don't think you are mad I share your point of view and I really believe those scientist dreamed about it too

rollandburn: based on ALL the physical evidence? it seems kind of irrational to spend the billions on a theory.... unless of course some there were some physical evidence of intelligent life out there, perhaps the kind that has come to us for a visit.

SeltsamerAttraktor: I don't like the Drake equation at all. It's just putting some factors together and guessing their numerical values. Furthermore it does a number of assumptions that might not be right, i.e. that an advanced civilization will communicate by means of radio waves or even EMradiation in the first place. We are just in our technological infancy. Any civ. a few thousand years older will use a different method, far more ingenious, based on their superior understanding of fundamental physics.Or cables.

johnjamo1: There is not much data to the drake equation so it is strictly hypothesising when using it.

gool54: doesnt make any sense as values are just a guess how you can use datas which are just a guess????

Joseph Grace: its just a way of organising our ignorance.

KaningLamigin: @monkies978 I agree, however it is very unlikely. The fact that in this planet, we humans are the only intelligent life among the many other species suggests that there is a relatively low chance for extra-terrestial life to have similar intelligence. Finding extra terrestial life is tedious at the least, let alone an intelligent one.

MrCabanes: @cydwest I was using the examples of gas, fire and light to dress up the pattern of having different forms of intelligence other than what we are used to. I truly believe that anything is possible. Who would have thought 50 years ago, that theories on true artificial intelligence could be possible. Thinking sand grains, lol . . . The interface and the intelligence are 2 different things and the equation is not considering this aspect.

mikebe41: yes I agree with yo, but it sure sucks, to be all alone in the damn big universe!

sunkissedlotus: two - one on top one on bottom haha.

Nol Duindam: It's just cool@gool54

spartacandream: @charliedgz So common even, that we're different that we only had a humanlike civilization once. You're right, we really don't know for certain, we're just figuring this out. Or trying to anyway

Nol Duindam: Dude that man is a genius

Adam Garth: Hmmm... makes you think?

AlienshateU: Learn about the Fermi Paradox. They are setting you all up for the fake "alien invasion" to help set up the 7 year New World Order just in time for 2012! Do not fall for it. Do NOT take the RFID Somark tattoos nor PositiveID verichips! 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

MazeleyFanClub: Equation seems to be limited mainly by fL, the amount of time a communications-capable civilization lives. I really don't think it's very long. We'll be destroying our own civilization within a century (climate change.) We've been handed a gold mine in terms of livable conditions, and "progress" = burning lots of fossil fuels ruins it by design. I bet this story is very common in the universe, not that we will ever find out.

bearr7: there will a lot more ufo over city very soon texas is just the first

d34dly4rr0w: You cannot work out how often advanced civillization arises. You have nothing to base it on, the furthest we know so far is that we are the only intelligent lifeform in the universe. This is of course, based on all the physical evidence. For all we know, intelligent lifeform could be an extremely rare thing in the universe.

IDUCHARM: To make it simple look at this: a) to go on another exoplanete(planet outside our solar system)it will take us about 73,000 years at our max earth speed. b) the his no solid proof of intelligent life out there c) there is no proof of intelligent life even on our planet... Forget it we are alone, alone, alone ....

monkies978: Our existence proves the possibility of intelligent life in the universe. It's very arrogant to assume we are the only intelligent beings in the universe.
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The Drake Equation and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life