Easy & Affordable Backyard Aquaponics

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Easy & Affordable Backyard Aquaponics
Easy & Affordable Backyard Aquaponics
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Pam Adger: +craig I Happy Birthday! Easy & Affordable Backyard Aquaponics

John Oliver: Brilliant!

David Epstein: Nice setup, Next time you might want to tweek it with a Trickle Valve set so you can have a longer flood time and greater distribution of nutrients. Plus gives you a lot of versatility with techniques of NFT, Deep Water and Flood Drain. Since you've got big beds you'll need a lot of rocks. A deep water alternative might be cool. 

massis32210: great job...keep it up...

Gladys Bach: *crazy gardening technique uses fish poo to grow organic food 4X faster*

alan spurlock: i really am really interested in aquaponics. however, it seems like there is a lot of set up cost. i am not sure that the yield is any better than a traditional garden. also, u have to pay the electricity for the pump. is this all hype or fad? or am i missing something here?

namingsway: couldnt you just drill a few holes in the grow beds ? like maybe 5 small ones in each ? that would cut costs in pvc pipe no ?

claudia gamino: How many pounds of hydroton do I need for a 15 us quart tote/container??

Albert Bettikofer: You need a 3rd bin involved that stages the water a little longer to clean it and break down more fish waste. Otherwise, I think your going to end up with dead fish. There are specific varieties that do that well. I think bamboo is one, but a google search will tell you. Nice clean system though. good job!

jerry innes: my system works just fine without a bell siphon... i would imagine that if you have any plants near the siphon that the roots will grow into it and cut off your drainage and empty out your main storage tank

Patricia Shriver: how did you keep the connections from leaking? Every connection I have leaks. I glued the hose to the pvc connection because it leaked really bad, and it worked for about 36 hours, and is leaking again. Is it because I don't have man-muscles? 

Jim Chen: how to you control over flow from rain when the system is outdoor?

David Edlund: EVerything looks good. Stick with it. Remember that when you have the hydroton, it will fill faster. Gj

Cameron Caviness: I have a couple concerns: 1. For long term use I would highly recommend a form of mechanical and biological filtration. - If the water is continuously unfiltered mechanically the build up of feces and uneaten food will eventually stick to the roots of the plants and clog them up of sorts. This can cause decreased efficiency in nutrient and water uptake which can inhibit growth and eventually kill the plant. This can also cause root rot - which in turn leads to plant death. I would suggest either a radial flow filter or a swirl filter. - Contrary to popular belief plants will not act as a complete filter to remove all harmful dissolved gases from the water. The main one is ammonia - plants do not like ammonia. I would suggest a bilogical filter with colonized nitrobacter and nitrosomonas to effectively convert ammonia -> nitrite -> nitrate. Without doing significant water changes at least once per day ammonia would build up to a harmful level very easily. 2. I would suggest to completely cut out the water pump and try circulating all of the water through an air lift. Small air pumps use less energy and will also allow you to aerate the water if you wish to stock your tank at a higher density. Overall it is a great design. I am by no means trying to bash the system, just simply offering advice of ways to improve this system for long time usage.

Alex Stensland: What is a good time for syphon start to syphon start I just set my system up and I am messing around with the flow rate

Richard Claessens: you fill time drain time is just about right the beds should be higher so the water can siphon more powerfull and that would also create more air for the fish make sure your fish are legal in your state ... use lots of fish about 1 gal / inch of fish let the fish "set the water for a few days then put in your plants.

jeremyhall420: I use two small solar panels charging 2 12v batteries in parallel that runs my inverter setup and runs my pumps in my system. So the electricity is free for my system.

Lacocacolaman: Isn't there a concern for BPAs and all the other stuff the plastic leaks into the food?

Karen Jernigan: do you have a list of materials? I already have a pump, so I am wondering on other materials. What type of fish are you going to grow? 

Don Rogers: Very good have some thought in same area did short test run late last year then revamped almost whole thing about to start again , ice took out two large limbs which took out most of my system have new seedlings started and about to start against. Have to finish two more grow beds

Chris Scarff: You did this video 2 years ago, but I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for your follow-up videos or even pics. Did you complete this project? Are you still using it? Did you enlarge it? If so, how big? I just purchased the same 100 Gal tub for $69 USD. I also purchased it's 50 Gal sister tank for a large sump. I didn't like the look, nor the smell of the grow-beds (looks the same as yours too), and there was no official recycle symbol on them, so I had to go cheeper on the grow beds, for now, but they looked be be better plastic (PP). Post some updates if you have them. Thanks, good stuff.

Thunder Wolf: I am looking for details about your products please leave message

J.R. Stinson: Really cool man. I am getting into AP growing and learning more as I go. Any thoughts about doing a long inlet pipe with holes drilled so water can more evenly distribute upon entry to the beds? Also, what about making those syphon slits bigger to prevent clogging from algae? Also what type of pump did you use? Model/make?

Kevin Smith: Thanks for the idea. I am building a setup right now using this as my base design.

FishNinjaY: excellent. I also liked your video specific about the Tips/Tricks of the bell siphon. This is a nice system. Do you think your estimates on flow and siphon function will change once you have the grow beds filled with media? Seems like it shouldn't. Thanks! Subscribed.

Anthony Jimenez: that is GREAT!!!! I am getting into the same i have some land in colorado and we are going to do this too.. THX for the info once again GREAT JOB!!!

Chris Bridges: When I was in Hawaii, i built almost the exact same setup. I used a round pond liner fish tank. It worked very well, but your times are going to change completely once you have the lava rock in it, so I wouldnt stress about the times too much. You will be fiddling with it off and on for a while. I know I did. I had to adjust the water flow once a week or so, as algae built up in the supply line or the filter on the pump got dirty. I figured out that most problems with my system cycling could be overcome with increased water flow into it. So if it gets to be too much bother, try moving up to a higher capacity pump. You may be able to find pictures of my system on my google+ page if your interested. I made a great stand for those two beds out of just 5 2x4 boards and some screws I had laying around that was very sturdy. Nice job on the system.


Leslie Smith: Nice setup... $150 is not really close though. We have done the same setup.. has cost about $500. The stock tank alone is $60-80, plus plumbing, pump, bell siphons and clay media. 

Erik Mathew: With ocean fish being hunted to near extinction all because people don't want to stop all for money this seems like a solution to a renewable fish resource, the ocean fish can only populate so quickly

Benjamin Brown: Where did you get your grow beds? I have been looking all over for some like that and can not seem to find them. My ap system has a complete cycle every 15 mins. This is my first one, that seems to be doing fine for germinating seeds as well as the mature green onions that I have in my system. 

Thomas Pope: I am curious as to what your water Ph would be and I was also thinking a timer on your pump would be a good idea. My experience with hydroponics is that you don't need to flood (feed) the plants but about 4 times a day. Those little clay rocks I forget what they are called, hold a lot of moisture between feedings so I do not think your roots will dry out. Let me know how you do. Also you may want to add a small air pump and bubbler stone to add extra Oxygen to the "fish pond" fish love oxygen.

Donnie Bennett: we are looking to build a system and wanted to know of any changes you might make with hindsight

kevin barreto: here are the grow beds http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/outdoor-grounds-maintenance/kennels-dog-houses-barns/buckets-feeders/double-tuf-utility-tub-20-gal-green?infoParam.campaignId=T9F&gclid=CKrr58WR77wCFUiGfgodT3sAiQ 

caldreamin09: Wow that's awesome!!! It finally hit me how the bell siphon works!! The bell, or cap creates a pressurized environment which is broken when the water goes down to the slots cut near the bottom of the pipe. It's basically just an air bubble within a siphon.Thanks for the no frills demonstration, it was very helpful

kadmir2004: Great setup brother. Suggestion: Your drain and fill should be on a 1 hour cycle. Your video said you have 8 minute fill and 4 minute drain. You should be draining about once an hour to avoid root rot. Cheers, Jim

Green Hands of Aloha: Aquaponics is liberty. 

Donnie Bennett: how is your system working for you?

John Miller: +Tracy Holz This guy had an interesting setup but I think I still like your layout better.

Kwyeuht Storm: I truly want to make this.

Geoffrey Wylie: I built a very similar system in my basement and wanted to ask how yours was going. I have a few other questions I am still working out but did u purify the water before putting in system? And is your pump constantly filling and the siphon is draining ? Awesome video thanks

Christopher Brignola: you should always test with media in the bed, when testing without the timing and water amount will be off

Mh Fish: I am sad that your lovely aquaponics video opens with a pro oil ad. otherwise thank you and great job!

steven baker: Two questions. What are you using for your beds? And do you run your pumps 24/7?

T25AM76: Great job. Does the fill and drain time reduce by half or more when the grow beds have media in them? I guess it varies on how much volume the media takes up and the fill and drain time reduces ?

1mtstewart: with your system, what is the pounds of fish/gallon to start/ end. what is your grow bed size l x w x depth per gallon of tank water? have you tried a floating or supported raft system, with net pots and clay balls instead of rock or other media?

Development Services International: $150 aquaponics set-up. Only thing missing is fish, and bio-filters. Otherwise, it's a basic system.

MickBurkellc: Great project. Where'd you get the totes? I haven't found anything that was the right dimensions. They look perfect...

growownfood: Choosing a general design for your aquaponics garden is a choice.

Olen Soifer: This is a good start, but you're missing two major components: A solids filter and/or a biological filter. If you use DWC, you need the bio filter or your fish will self-destruct from their own ammonia waste. And, if you use growing media & hope for it to be the bio filter also, but you don't have a solids filter, the bed will end up clogged the solid fish wastes.
Easy & Affordable Backyard Aquaponics 4.9 out of 5

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Easy & Affordable Backyard Aquaponics