Test Ride: Victory Judge

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fivefootsixtriumph: In your opinion, do you think this bike could be "adjusted" with mods to make it comfortable for a shorter rider (5'-6") for 300-500 mile day and over night trips?

Dbest1a Vlogs: Nice vid, to bad u can't lean to far

PCheezo: im getting my judge on tuesday!!!

spawnhatred: i want a victory, but the cost of one is still wayyy up there...mid 15s....thats harley price, but i do like them better than harley, just cant seem to spend 10G on a vicotry when i can spend 5gs on a honda or a suzuki

wozza59: The Judge does seem to scrape way to easy. I think Vegas 8 ball mounts would sort that out.

KingMag42: Hi! Do you think this is a manageable bike for a beginner? Also, how is the lean angle? I hear that it doesn't take much to start scraping the hard parts. Thanks!

Jon Trimble: Great video ... where was this? Reminds me of a ride a buddy and I took from San Diego to Julian last August. Watching this fullscreen on my TV and reminiscing about warmer weather (in the northeast).

Texarmageddon: Wait, so you mean no valve Adjustment? So just your basic brake, sprocket and oil changes? If this is true ....... I might go visit a dealer very soon.

patso1968: Yep, I got mine! Black with Stage1 "straights" exhaust (gives it a nice growl) so far I've logged 8200kms (5000+ miles) & loving every minute! It's more comfortable than it looks & the power is awesome

Gafirema: Did you get your judge? How are you liking it? Victory's are fantastic bikes and the judge is no exception. Glad I was able to give you a fix with my video!

Chris Johns: The orange looks great! However having owned a matt blue Honda Hornet 919 I don't think I'd buy another matt bike. Not enough shiney for me! :D

meltrue7: I want.. And I want the Orange one! LOL That is one smooth looking bike!

MrNineTwoFive: I really like the new bikes Victory is pushing out but my only complaint is that the switch gear feels a little budget, and sometimes they use plastics too much for my tastes, but I hear they are bulletproof so its hard to complain. I want to see a rival to the xr1200 from them someday.

fivefootsixtriumph: I wish Victory would get rid of those crappy looking turn signals! They look cheap and are made of plastic! The same goes for the speedo, it's plastic and looks and feels cheap!

patso1968: Thanks for the post, I'm waiting for delivery of my JUDGE (next day or so) & can't wait to go for my first ride... In the mean time I'll just have to enjoy yours again :)

Gafirema: American. They are owned by Polaris. Also, I'm not trying to be bias or anything, but they really are very well made bikes. They also have self actuating valves so you don't need to get valve jobs done and belt drives, so no chain maintenance. They're pretty solid, well made and maintenance free bikes.

jakob2803: Sounds cool man, so these Victorys, are they an American brand or is it a harley sub-brand or something European?

Gafirema: It has a Tach, it's digital. It looks small in the video but it's quite easy to read in reality. Also has a gear indicator.

jakob2803: No tach? No bueno!
Test Ride: Victory Judge 5 out of 5

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Test Ride: Victory Judge