Speed Cracking WPA & WPA2 With CowPatty And Genpmk

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Andrew James: How would you do this if you wanted to generate rules into the word list?

username: Sick 45 seconds intro, maggot.

Vagabond: This isn't cracking, this is a simple dictionary attack on a weak password.

JoshTheBoss: But how does the SSID "Soggymeatball" help with the passphrase "Anonymous"?

Alex Sandro: Ow, God, so many noobs...

Day Later Pizza: The problem with videos showing how to crack WPA/WPA2 is that they use really really dumb passwords that aren't really the case, at least as far as I've seen most people stick with the standard SSID and default password that comes with the router. i.e. ATT uses a 10 digit numeric password that's salted with the SSID, 10 digits is 10 Billion different lines aircrack or whatever you're using needs to run through. That takes a loooonnngggg time.
Also another thing that's frustrating, buying a 200 dollar graphics card just to use it for gpu assisted cracking isn't practical for the average person hopping on a normal rig or using something like a rasperry pi so I don't know why people suggest that as a fix lol, cause if they had 200 to just blow on that they could afford their own Wifi haha.

anonymous N/A: no freaking idea what is going on here.....

DiegoALexis2079: somebody call Bill Gates to make this more simple..

Wail Dahir: Eveerybody put in the exemple "Anonymous " "123456 " ahahahaha , f*** put password like : A3B2145YU@ and show me

Derek Real: Wizard @ 4:13 stopping airodump with exactly 666 beacons.

cyberjack: genpmk  lol  so so so sloooow much better with pyrit with gpu power much faster

M Thomas: So, this can only work if the router does not have a Firewall to automatically block a client after a certain number of connection failures. Also, some routers have a button you have to physically press in order for it to allow new connections.

odinsmeadhorn: You have to build the Genpmk lists at the same rate that you Crack with CowPatty using the library attack. It will take just as long both ways so whats the point of even using Genpmk. You build the list which takes just as long then crack in a matter of seconds. Or you just crack at the same rate that it took you to build the list. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here.

José R: Anonymus was in diccionary?

JarppaGuru: how much time take generate hashed example for 5 long key a-z0-9 when total keys would be 62193780. i testing one window program and it will try only 250keys/s and allredy run 24hour looool and not yet finished.if i had hash for it it would run 10000key/s (on linux sure) so that would take 100minutes? so how long time take make that hash file before cracking wpa?

JarppaGuru: if generating hash basically same thing than run wordlist on cowpatty. my brain says its slower? what if password is firstlines of wordlist? you take all time to make pre calculated hash. when cowpatty wud find it 2 minute anyways lol. and why do hash if you never again use it with same essid again :) my question is? genpmk+cowpatty(hash)=cowpatty (wordlist) when run million passphrases and it will last on line

fuckmanolo: Your voice reminds me Chris Griffin lol

Kaloqn Donkov: This is for silly, there is more good ways to do it, not with this fuking dictionary.

cirujatuc79: "End of pcap capture file, incomplete four-way handshake exchange, try using a different capture." :( (wifi WPA2)

m9alexz: anyone want to hack WEP ? i can teach you how just send me message :)
Speed Cracking WPA & WPA2 with CowPatty and Genpmk 5 out of 5

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Speed Cracking WPA & WPA2 with CowPatty and Genpmk