How To Apply Alienware Breed Theme On Windows 7

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Mike Johndrow: @xXNooBHelperZXx i realize this, but if you notice, if you download the link now, everyone is having an issue, when you download, the breed theme is not included in the download at all

xXNooBHelperZXx: @TheJohndrow you can only get which is compatible with ur windows .for xp theme is different and for vista and 7 its different.choose the folder which matches your windows and then install.

xXNooBHelperZXx: @AnimeDudeXD no its not neccesary i have Toshiba xD

xXNooBHelperZXx: @TheJohndrow and make sure u restart your computer after installation

xXNooBHelperZXx: @vidkeeper9 yes i know its from dell thats why and it is with stardock becuz it needs to change somethings which we cant do without stardock

RandomnessoflifeTV: You have to patch tour system for this to 100% work

xXNooBHelperZXx: @NaughtyNightNinja hey did u downloaded the video and for alienguise , after extracting choose the folder which contains your windows name and try again if u still have problems please ask again

xXNooBHelperZXx: @sonya2100 i dont know whats causing the problem as i to have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 plus i have mozilla 4.0 andd yahoo and it works fine

xXNooBHelperZXx: @stealer96ps3 have u chosen the correct folder for your operating system.

Kim Jong-un: ahaha

Jevanđel Đurić: thanks

stealer96ps3: @xXNooBHelperZXx when i install it on urs it said alienware theme installed after the mycolor thing mine doesnt and when i download it and install it, it doesnt download the theme

EpicGamers247: Thanks.

RaZeRuKi: Thank bro it work for me.....

xXNooBHelperZXx: @skizo23pace uninstall and then follow the video do everything right just make sure you used the correct folder as for ur windows.

Mike Johndrow: ok maybe im missing something lol ive looked everywhere to fix my issue. i downloaded alien guise and the only option it gives me is to restore windows default theme. how do i get the other themes? im only interested in "Breed"

ezio187: @xXNooBHelperZXx if you wahant check out facebook my name is (icopeev)

xXNooBHelperZXx: @ezio187 sorry i didnt understnd what u said can u please clarify

NaughtyNightNinja: hey nice vid, i downloaded it but it clashes with firefox :( it makes loads of black squares come up

Kim Jong-un: i see no dislikes and some people say tht it breaked their computer

xxxoddfuturexxx: when i restarted my computer it didn't have the theme on it.

jakemichie97: to anyone who has the issue where it gives off the windows 98 taskbar: 1. instal it and get the 98 taskbar 2. restart your computer 3. try to install again i had the problem not 10 mins ago and this fixed it for me

xXNooBHelperZXx: @lammyheadrulz did you download from my link.

stealer96ps3: i doesnt say i installed the theme after i installed the color thing

xXNooBHelperZXx: @xxxoddfuturexxx you have to open the installed software and then apply the theme from there.If u still didnt understand then comment

Mike Johndrow: @lammyheadrulz im having this same issue. this is the same exact thing i get

mason rogers: Thanks for that it broke my laptop bitch

Frosted Koolcat: Froze for a while after install but after initializing and all that stuff it worked peachy switching back and forth from this to normal theme. Thanks for a nice tutorial.

ezio187: @xXNooBHelperZXx ok sharing of facebook right now and telling my frend (i allready sub if you mean me)

MyRokudoMukuro: hey where you get the other theme ?

lammyheadrulz: When i download and extract the windows 7 file mine isn't called "aw_guise_win7" mine is called "mycolors_setup_dell_preload_03-16-2011" Why is this? WHen i install and even after reboot all it shows is the "restore to windows default" and then it says to register to unlock more themes

xXNooBHelperZXx: @stealer96ps3 sorry i did not understand your question

xXNooBHelperZXx: @Blazzzerz dun knnow dude i havnt heard anyone say that

ezio187: @xXNooBHelperZXx i mean that you have a view but no one says thanks i just rote it fast

vidkeeper9: it only comes with the stardock download not the theme for some reason

jerome: @XxBlackYoshixX yeah same with me >.<

xXNooBHelperZXx: @MrAiman700 Breed is for windows 7 for XP and Vista the theme is different.

stealer96ps3: @xXNooBHelperZXx ya i chose windows 7

Blazzzerz: Why lot of people say that this breaks computers?

xXNooBHelperZXx: Before commenting please restart after installation i didnt did as i had already installed it.

Snoopdk2770: hey i downloade the Aw_guise but When i get to the extracting part i finde a program called MyColor and if you apply theme it cost money so my question is where didt you get your theme from ? plz tell

xXNooBHelperZXx: @TheJohndrow no u dont understand man.See when we download then we extract and go inside the folder.There we go again into aw_guise folder and then extract the files from the .zip file which corresponds to our current operating system.Then we install the extracted applictaion .After installation open that applictation and your theme will be in it.

radu agapie: where the freak do you get that theme? in aw_guise is just mycolors aplication. I installed it adn i restart the pc but it doesn't apear in mycolors? wtf is the mistake?

swineflusimon: I've had this for a long time and I was wondering if anyone knew how to take the skin off. PLEASE HELP!

Llamalewis: Is there a fix for this now anywhere? Or is everybody still having this problem?

Lucas Forsman: I want the green and red one to... where do I get it

Aiman Taufek: hey, there's no "BREED" theme in the stardock -,-

superbogart: Steps 1.extract the folder "aw_guise" 2.extract the folder "aw_guise_win7" and install the file "mycolors_setup_dell_preload_03-16-2011" . apply it then close. and install the file "Breed" then apply it and the process start.. 5.and your done.

stefo1998: yeh i apply and i get a windows 98 look but the other crap works like the folder looks thats it and program looks thats it but not the glass or cursor or the pop up menu plz help

xXNooBHelperZXx: @XxBlackYoshixX did you choose the correct folder and try to redo the whole process and dont forget to restart.
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How to apply Alienware Breed theme on Windows 7