The Basics Of Car Audio Speaker Replacement -EricTheCarGuy

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The Basics of Car Audio Speaker Replacement -EricTheCarGuy
The Basics of Car Audio Speaker Replacement -EricTheCarGuy
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eric brugioni: what if the speakers run at higher watts do you need an amp

Annie Worroll: Huh. How did I not find this when I replaced the speakers on my car a couple weeks ago?

Thankfully it was pretty straightforward, the salvage yard had several cars with compatible speakers so it was pretty easy.

Turned the bottom part with the magnet on the rear speakers into magnetic parts trays. Sadly, the front speakers didn't have a bowl section, just the frame.

Derek D: great video! in terms of electrical signal for speakers there is no quality difference between solder and crimp. solder if preferred by manufacturers as it makes tinier components possible. A crimp connection will always standup overtime way better compared to solder as solder is weakened over time and becomes brittle and will suffer from vibrations unlike crimp. to each their own though.

Akshat Pokhriyal: hi Eric, I have a problem with my car speakers. When I play radio, both front right and left speakers work. But when I use aux, only left side speaker works. Any idea what could be the reason?

emir kovacevic: what speakers to buy if i have deh 6250 bt , 22W per chanel 4-8ohm , i want budget ones , should i buy 50w speakers or 15w i dont understand this wattage thing because to many different opinions

Bobbo Tron: i just google a speaker wire color guide vehicle specific example 93 sable speaker wire colors. it always comes up

Jose Torres: you should have rip the harness from the old speaker instead cutting the wires

Satan: Well, if the crack really bothered you you actually coulda welded the crack. Js.

George David: dude if you listen that kind of music... you changed the speakers for nothing... that ducky organ sound from the 70 that we all hate with rotary speakers... I hope you;ll end up in a huge tree because of those craps you are listening.... druggy

Terrance Williams: I have the exact same speakers in my 2004 Durango. They sound great for not a lot of money. What kind of soldering iron did you use to solder the wires? And the heat shrink tubing attachment for it? These would come in handy for me to update my amp.

Aaron Gonzalez: anybody notice the dancing man in the back round 2:00

Leonardo Somoza: are you high eric?

mrtruserv: I probably don't  have a clue...but if you run a test light with the radio on will that not show you the positive point on the plug?

Joel Karanas: what's the first song?

Jose Zenteno: installing those speakers made you cry eric. lol

Kevin Livingston: I didn't realize I watched this before until I saw Elvis gettin down in the background.

reaper reaper: Nice video! A tip for the next time you need music for a video. Check out NCS, they've got pretty decent copyright free songs. ;)

tony palomino: I love watching your videos.

tony palomino: Eric, do you live in the hood?

Silly Dog: Use speaker wire adapters. They cost a few dollars and plug into the factory plug and then plug into the new speaker. Simple and never have a speaker out of phase.
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The Basics of Car Audio Speaker Replacement -EricTheCarGuy