The Basics Of Car Audio Speaker Replacement -EricTheCarGuy

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The Basics of Car Audio Speaker Replacement -EricTheCarGuy
The Basics of Car Audio Speaker Replacement -EricTheCarGuy
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Robert Monhollen: I got the kicker 41DSC65 and kicker 41DSC693

Robert Monhollen: I bought those same speakers last week. Waiting on the 6x9s now.

Scott Tanner: I use a multimeter to fond out the polaratey

Dano C.: Front negs. have black stripes, rear negs have white stripes.

Chris Robles: Cant you just use wire connectors (dont know if that is the right way to spell it)

Yasine Ali: Be super careful when you mount the screws for the speakers. I managed to poke a hole in my Kicker CS67 6.5 because the cordless driver slipped.

Francisco Curiel: haha I love that intro song haha

Pagan Gods: this dude gets a hard on every time he says package tray 😂

Justin Averbeck: If you buy your speakers from crutchfield they send wiring harnesses for all of your speakers for really makes the process of reconnecting wires that much easier

Bobby Stevens: did the back doors have speakers

Hugh Hemington: If you're like me and you HAVE an Acura Vigor (mine is a '93) , here's what you need to know about the Rear speakers:

If you remove the grilles, you may be able to remove the speakers without removing the mounting frames at all. It takes a short phillips head screwdriver. It's probably worth a try FIRST. You still have to get into the trunk to release the grilles, but if your speakers are a good OEM replacement, it may save a lot of time and hassle!

Find a sacrificial lounge chair pad -- you have to climb into the trunk, I recommend sideways and you're gonna need some padding over the rear deck! (climbing out is face down or sideways -- don't even try face-up)
The speakers are held in by (each) 3 10mm nuts on studs just over an inch long. I recommend a u-joint somewhere on your ratchet because one stud on each is over the forward trunk shell on each side. If you look at the holes, you can see that you could theoretically leave the nuts on and slide the speaker assembly back, but it's a TRAP -- don't fall for it -- just take the damn nuts off.
Then there are TWO Phillips screws "inboard" holding each grille cover on, also accessible from the trunk. They are black and one is inside a well, so you have to look. If you have a hard drive magnet, snap it to your screwdriver because you don't want to lose those screws. (we're trying to get RID of the rattling noise)
The sound connectors are squeeze-and-pull -- I recommend buying the Metra or other adapters with your new speakers. You'd rather perform your own vasectomy than solder in the trunk!
IN the car, the speaker grilles slide INWARD (towards the center of the parcel shelf and lift off. (that's why only two screws!)
The speaker baskets come out with some effort as Acura usually mis-aligns the shelf so it hangs over one speaker basket.

Don't sweat the "fiber" collars around the top of the speaker frames -- there is no way on earth they are coming out INTACT. Even the pair that stayed in place appears to have been MADE in two pieces.
If the plastic carrier frame is cracked, two-part 5-minute epoxy works well.

The actual original speaker dimensions are 6 7/16" by 9 1/4" at the extremity of the frame curves. Mount hole spacing is 4 11/16" by 6 3/4" hole center to hole center. The grilles are not very tall, so if you go 5-way with a lot of lift, count on adapting new grilles. Since these speaker openings are OPEN BACK, you can go crazy with deeper baskets on new speakers. The trunk lid torsion bars are behind the speakers so don't worry about that! The original speakers are 2 3/4" from the bottom of the frame to the bottom of the magnet, FYI.

Hope this helps.

Daisy Mouri: This is one of the best upgrades you can do! My generation, the super oldies, really likes good, clear music! Frank Sinatra anyone? Who's Frank Sinatra?

Payton Bandy: you're the most boring car repair channel I've ever watched.

Juul de win: mine has 4 wires on a plug standard at the speaker hole, i want to add a speaker to the rear, i have speaker cable to connect it, how do i connect the other speaker with speaker cable, for there are 4 wires on the factory speaker

Brett hay: Eric, when soldering two wires next to each other like this, it is better practice to offset the connections, so they aren't side by side, it helps to make the connections more discrete, but also give added protection from the two shorting out if you end up with a failure of you insulation.

CLS550: where did you buy that heat gun with that adapter?

Niles Niles: Anybody saw the legs
swinging in the background lol.

Shadow Gamer: you forgot to disconnect the negative terminal on your battery
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The Basics of Car Audio Speaker Replacement -EricTheCarGuy