Color Theory How To Use Corrector Concealer

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Color Theory How to use Corrector Concealer
Color Theory How to use Corrector Concealer
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Joa Liz Rivera-Silva: I am a makeup buff, addict, afficionado, if you will, and I love watching makeup tutorials but, to be honest, these are much more helpful!!! What is the use of watching someone applying makeup without them explaining the basics!??! Subscribed to your channel!! Loved it!!

LadyAlien: This is the most beneficial video ever

Pantera: im dark skin and i have dark pigmentation on my cheekbones. which color corrector should I use? I have seen on youtube videos that the dark skinned women are using the orange corrector to hide acne scars, dark spots, pigmentation etc. but you just said the orange is to cancel out any blueness in the skin. im confused.

Myriam Larochelle: Best video explaining color theory with concealer!!!! Thanks this helped me a lot!!!

Cece Marquez: Never knew what it did. Thanks now I know.

Chatmon Family Values Vlogs: I'm an NC45 in Mac foundation. What would be a great highlight Concealer for me. I'm trying to get that Kim k face look

Dime nicnic: very helpful video, where did u get the pallet with face powders?

shannons skincareworld: Can you subscribe to my channel plz as I will do more videos if I have more subscribers and I will subscribe to u x

Nina Mule Lyons: Oh wow. I have olive tan skin. And dirty grey brown melasma around my mouth. I spent an hour with the Pros at the Mac counter ended up with a pink corrector and a NW35 concealer. It's working but not perfectly. It's better. Not gone Do you like Graftobian ? Wonder if that is better than. MAC. This has been a huge problem for me

banditausa: Thank you so much for the very helpful video! (The finger part I didn't even see it until you wrote it on the screen, I was too busy listening to all the stuff and if people like the video this shouldn't even matter). Thanks again!!!


Emma Hernandez: Where do we get the concealer pallet?

nadeleter1: thankssss for thiss

Luciana Mello: Love your videos!!!

Maria Range: HAHAHAHHAAHAHA Click subscribe its FREE!!!!!!!! :) :)

sj1605: i have hyperpigmentation on certain areas. I am nc45. what shade of corrector do u think i shud use to correct the dark brown areas? i know that mud cosmetics hv correctors but i do not know which shade to buy. the deep brown or brick?

mommaelf2009: Camille, I am doing a young lady's makeup for prom and her and her date are wearing blue and black, She wants something other than the same old neutral colors, what suggestions do you have? I have a few ideas of my own but I wanted to know what your opinion is. Oh bye the way she has blue eyes, and reddish blonde hair.

angelray45: @KaraLeigha It's Alicia Silverstone's accent!

MuffinPatz: what about white concealer?? my dark circles just look like blaack circles ahahah sooo what color should i used? orange or yellow?

okay: Were did you get the concealer pallet
Color Theory How to use Corrector Concealer 5 out of 5

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Color Theory How to use Corrector Concealer