Detailed Review Of MIDI Pad Controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine Pad Sensitivity Upgrades MPC

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Detailed review of MIDI pad controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine pad sensitivity upgrades MPC
Detailed review of MIDI pad controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine pad sensitivity upgrades MPC
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rootberg: Why do you need incredible pad sensitivity, are you playing some perfect emulation of a Indian Tabla that responds to all different midi velocities. For all people getting started. Let me tell you this... you do *not* have to buy any upgrades for you mpd or mpc. I've been on the MPC2000xl for a long time, until recently. And no the pads are not amazingly responsive when it comes to velocity. But they work, and they are sturdy. Thousands of records have been made with the MPC without ever getting pad upgrades etc. It's gimmicky. Use the tools and make music. If you need incredible velocity response, get a professional e-drumkit. This is not it.

Dasezd Mine: for the Korg padKONTROL dose it turn on threw the usb or do you need the ac adapter 

Vocoded Glasses: I made my own mind for this. since the korg pad control is only half as expensive as most of the other devices it is the best choice cuz you don't need to upgrade it.

Greg Fries: I think the padkontrol is perfect. Padkontrol is the best product you've got on display there. The akais are terrible, and maschine is honestly as good or better, but it's also a completely different product. Maschine is an entire workstation, not a pad controller like the other 3. The problem with a lot of midi controller products is that the manufacturers try to slap all kinds of buttons, sliders, pads, and keys on to the controller and they end up with a device that doesn't DO anything well. They are trying to be everything to everyone. I applaud Korg for the padkontrol. It doesn't need more sliders or buttons, or anything. If you need more sliders, or knobs, buy another controller or device for mixing that has those things. Don't drive up the cost of production of padkontrol, and drive down the focus of the product, by adding a bunch of stuff that isn't for finger drumming, I say.

Vocoded Glasses: I'd like to know. how big are the pads of the KORG compared to the other controllers? Please answere

tolekmiszcz3: Great video man ! How about Trigger Finger Pro ? Did you check the pad sentsitivity on these new controler ?

Slammed HOONIGAN: mpd32 all the way! i remember watching all these comparison videos and im very happy with my purchase. and yes the pad upgrade is a must. right now i have the electrical tape mod but will upgrade to fatpads soon cuz it does hurt ur fingers after a while when ur pad drumming. also mpd32 brings note repeat. :] Well yeah, thats my input for the people still deciding.

persyst: Great in depth review! Glad I saw this prior to making a decision. I was wondering, can you use the flam and roll functions when triggering midi notes in a DAW? Thanks. 

soxfantony773: nice video. informative. It should be noted that doing mods on your controllers will most likely void the warranty, which is important to cheap bastards like me.

Vianney Lavigne: Just like that in global setting on akai product there a sensitivity setting, on maximum i was good with it. I had to read the manual to Know about did you Know?

Dee Smoove: @chriscauldermusic PadKontrol or Element? Which one would you prefer man. Im interested in your opinion.

redirishmanxlt: Fantastic review! Thanks for taking the time to do this :)

Wavestrike Electronics: Korg has a fatal flaw in every product they release because everything is designed by committee. So the Pad Kontrol is missing knobs, the Volca Bass is missing accent, the Volca Beats is missing an analog clap, rim tap and cow bell, the King Korg has a dumb name, gold color of a buick, and no earphone jack on it. It is amazing how ignorant companies can be.

G: Would you recommend the mpd 26 or pad kontrol?

BeatsOutDBricks: so if i buy maschine can i use it to make a beat then drag it to Live , wanna know if it also works with DAWs like ableton live

chriscauldermusic: It's your choice. I happen to really like the look and feel of the "thick fat pads" with the pad corx... the difference is negligible, though. No one's going to hit a pad that softly (midi velocity 5)... and if they do, there is hardly a difference between that and midi velocity 10. Whatever you choose, it will be great and you'll notice a difference.

Divine Justice: I agree about the pad kontrol and maschine being the best. I didn't have a problem with editor. I had to program the different scenes to be on different channels for use with traktor and the editor helped I wouldn't base your mpc opinion on just the 1000. Especially if it was the earlier blue 1000 that had individual pad sensors. The black 1000 had a single unit . 2000xl the best. freak with one of those before you talk anymore mpc crap.... I've had an mpc 1000, 2000, 2000xl, mpd 24 too

chriscauldermusic: watch?v=Wmw2L1OSaG8 This guy's series is perfect, if you ask me.

chriscauldermusic: You're welcome. Glad the vid was helpful. :)

Kendall G.: Finally a well recorded, in-depth review of the most popular MIDI controllers. Thank you.

m haolehonu: thank you!

beaus101: Have you done the Tape-shortcut to the MPK mini?

Divine Justice: I have a korg micro kontrol put the pads aren't as buttery as the pad kontrol. still a good unit. Do you know if they changed anything for the maschine mikro? I have both and haven't noticed a difference so far.

chriscauldermusic: Hey @EMEReynolds... I haven't used the Mikro... but truth be told, I went with Maschine over Ableton, as I used Ableton for years. I still like the loop/clip slot thing with Ableton but Maschine RULES as far as sample chopping goes. It's a total breeze. Maschine has note repeat, too... but not integrated swing with note repeat (not that I need it, I record every note in real-time). I would go with regular Maschine instead of Mikro ($400 instead of 6 is good).... hang on, I need another comment..

chriscauldermusic: I use all of Togu Audio-Line's series, including the U-No-LX which I bought about a month ago. I LOVE his synths and effects. I also use Poise for beatmaking and sample chopping. Check them out at onesmallclue dotcom. Or search YT for Poise videos. You can definitely use Reaper to make beats... I do it all the time. Reaper 4 is my main DAW.

Tyreik Kendell: What vst's are you using for Reaper? I've heard you can use it to make beats but I've jus been using it to track audio.

KYCSigma: I know which one i should buy now :D thankyou

EMEReynolds: Very good review, enjoyed watching the whole thing. What are your opinions on the maschine mikro vs the mpd 26? The maschine mikro is on sale right now(same value as mpd with fat pads) and includes the software that would eliminate problems on the mpd such as note repeat and such. I'm using ableton so I think that maschine is kind of overkill but for the value right now, it seems that the mikro would beat out the mpd.

MrSirRobinson: Very detailed & entertaining, great review. You definitely sold one of these controllers...

beaus101: Thanks for the video; I was trying to figure out if that Tape-method was just a rumor.

norbertmocsnik: Extremely useful. Very appreciated!

benefitrover: This review rules man, thanks a bunch. Had no idea about needing to mod the akai stuff.

Ceruel Muñoz: "And yes I do own all of them because I'm just nuts"

Tomix1980: very useful and detailed . thank you !

Bee Gee: EXCELLENT REVIEW! I'm gonna buy the pads from MPCstuff for my MPD26. Thanks for the heads up!

Jason Caldwell: can u use maschine software with the akai mpd!? thatd be dope!!!

joshecash: can u sample vinly on the maschine//??

SgtSlavin: I know, I was referencing Deadmau5. :D

Amado Santana: yea they work on ableton live

André: I'm starting with music software, so about hardware i know basically zero. Maschine is just a device where you can map your knobs, pad's, or it comes already with some effects assigned to each button/knob? and if somebody could give me some advantages why use a midi like this ( w knobs and pads) just to help me understand. Thanks!

chriscauldermusic: I would give Maschine a try, but definitely with the regular Maschine controller (not the Mikro)... the knobs and separate LCD screen really are important. Watch some videos on Maschine, especially if you produce hip-hop... you'll be convinced! :) Good luck, and thanks for watching the vid!

montd: Hi, just here to say thank you, watched it all. Tomorrow I'm getting a used MPD 26 and will be doing the electric tape mode (since mpdstuff doesn't ship to my country and I'm low on cash). Cheers!

chriscauldermusic: Good deal, man. Yeah, if you produce hip-hop and chop samples... Maschine is IT. I used Ableton for a bit but the arrangement view is absolute crap, especially when you want to add vox and do several takes. You always have to make a new track because the punching-in is so counter-intuitive. These days I'm all about Reaper 4 and Maschine... that's how I do basically ALL of my music... hip-hop to indie folk stuff. Maschine is sooo fun for hip-hop. Team it with the Poise VST for drum layering!

chriscauldermusic: Oh, and the 1000 I owned was the black version with the full pad sheet/single unit.

illCapBeats: MPD 26 with Black Fat Pads. U can't go wrong. Thats exactly how I got mine.

chriscauldermusic: My opinion of MKII - CRAP. Colored pads? Who CARES! Removable faceplates... that's cuz other 3rd-party companies were making money doing the same. Maschine needs a clock/song timer, revised song mode, automated pad mutes, and realtime time-stretch.. not colored pads. That vid sucked. All hype. And Massive comes free with it? I think the whole world torrented it already years ago. I don't mess with torrents or anything. Get the regular MKI. You don't need Komplete either. Use freeware VSTs.

DonValentino: mate is there big different with Maschine and Maschine MK2 ???

MyAndreshurtado: hey what would be a better setup with more features and a better buy? to buy an akai mpk25 or the akai mpd26 wwith a mpk mini? i would like your wisdom! thanks bro

DonValentino: what is better mpd32 or maschine ???

ibanezman04: Hey man, can you use the mpd 26 without a computer?! if not , which samplers out there can i use with software and standalone?
Detailed review of MIDI pad controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine pad sensitivity upgrades MPC 4.9 out of 5

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Detailed review of MIDI pad controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine pad sensitivity upgrades MPC