Detailed Review Of MIDI Pad Controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine Pad Sensitivity Upgrades MPC

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Detailed review of MIDI pad controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine pad sensitivity upgrades MPC
Detailed review of MIDI pad controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine pad sensitivity upgrades MPC
Akai MPD218 - honest review about pad sensitivity and more MPC midi controller
Akai MPD218 - honest review about pad sensitivity and more MPC midi controller
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­čÄ╣ 10 of the Best MIDI PAD Controllers
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Sherrylou Bagcal: can anybody recommend me a midi controller thats cheap and good for someone who has almost no idea about these things. I'm thinking about the korg padkontrol but I'm looking for an mpc because it looks like a huge pain trying to set up pads and stuff. Any tips? like how difficult it is to setup a padkontrol or an akai mpd218? or should i get an mpc considering the fact that i have no idea how to set these things up

LeglessTable: What's the best midi controller pads you've used for $200 or under? I bought a Launchkey 49 and I'm really disappointed with the pads. You have to slam them and I can't get any finesse for high hats or consistent dynamic control for drums.

The piano keys okay, but nothing great.

King Steelo: Should I get the mpd 32 or maschine mk2

Mel M: thanks 4 this review! what are ur thoughts on MPD 218 pads?

Ethan Scott: Hey, i just got the mpd 26. I am using it with live, when I map, i get the faders, effects, loops, and all of that jazz... but what i don't get is how to map individual drum hits. really need some help here!

Unknown User: if i use a midi to usb cable and plug the midi cables in the maschine and USB to pc , will it still power up?

Caro D: what are your thoughts on the new mpd218 vs korg padkontrol

philip murphy: Hi guys i have a Padknotrol goin in to the Mpc 500 all my sets was done out on the 2500 an when u load em up in the 500 ur missing some pad as there is only 12 not 16 so I put the Mpc in true midi to the korg so I can use all 16 pads now its workin but. There not in the right pads on the korg so is there I quick way to do this ???

firehandszarb: The knobs on the padkontrol are not very good. The adc is very low resolution. Rotary encoders would have been much more usefull.

Bluto Bluto: Hi, thanks for you review, very helpful. Just wanted to ask you a couple of things: Do you have a function similar to the "16 levels" on the Korg PK? I mean the function you have on most AKAI MPC's where you can spread a sample over the 16 pads each being a different note in a scale.
Also, are the "Scenes" on the Korg PK the same as the "Banks" on the MPC's?

Thanks a lot in advance

Lost Son: The thick/fat ones are MPC style, same goes for the super annoying sensitivity. The MPD ones are way different, they are slim but have certain unique and pretty cool characteristics. If you want better sensitivity, better for you I mean, there are 3 different parameters which you can adjust to fit your playstyle (on the MPD26). It's a great machine overall.

catalyststudio: Have you found that doing any of the pad sensitivity upgrades has caused an increase in double triggers or crosstalk between pads?
I have an mpc1000 with the mpcstuff fat sensitive pads, and its almost unusable because of double triggers and ghost notes etc...

HOLD MIC'S: for the Korg padKONTROL  dose it turn on threw the usb or do you need the ac adapter 

rootberg: Why do you need incredible pad sensitivity, are you playing some perfect emulation of a Indian Tabla that responds to all different midi velocities.

For all people getting started. Let me tell you this... you do not have to buy any upgrades for you mpd or mpc. I've been on the MPC2000xl for a long time, until recently. And no the pads are not amazingly responsive when it comes to velocity. But they work, and they are sturdy. Thousands of records have been made with the MPC without ever getting pad upgrades etc. It's gimmicky. Use the tools and make music. If you need incredible velocity response, get a professional e-drumkit. This is not it.

Vocoded Glasses: I made my own mind for this. since the korg pad control is only half as expensive as most of the other devices it is the best choice cuz you don't need to upgrade it.

Vocoded Glasses: I'd like to know. how big are the pads of the KORG compared to the other controllers? Please answere

tolekmiszcz3: Great video man ! How about Trigger Finger Pro ? Did you check the pad sentsitivity on these new controler ?

Greg Fries: I think the padkontrol is perfect. Padkontrol is the best product you've got on display  there. The akais are terrible, and maschine is honestly as good or better, but it's also a completely different product. Maschine is an entire workstation, not a pad controller like the other 3.

The problem with a lot of midi controller products is that the manufacturers try to slap all kinds of buttons, sliders, pads, and keys on to the controller and they end up with a device that doesn't DO anything well. They are trying to be everything to everyone.

I applaud Korg for the padkontrol. It doesn't need more sliders or buttons, or anything. If you need more sliders, or knobs, buy another controller or device for mixing that has those things. Don't drive up the cost of production of padkontrol, and drive down the focus of the product, by adding a bunch of stuff that isn't for finger drumming, I say.

Black Smith: @chriscauldermusic PadKontrol or Element? Which one would you prefer man. Im interested in your opinion.

persyst: Great in depth review! Glad I saw this prior to making a decision. I was wondering, can you use the flam and roll functions when triggering midi notes in a DAW? Thanks.

Detailed review of MIDI pad controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine pad sensitivity upgrades MPC 5 out of 5

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Detailed review of MIDI pad controllers MPD MPK PadKontrol Maschine pad sensitivity upgrades MPC