French Cleat Hanger System

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French Cleat Hanger System
French Cleat Hanger System
Shop Talk: You can't beat french cleat!
Shop Talk: You can't beat french cleat!
French Cleat
French Cleat
How to hang a heavy mirror or picture with ITW Anchors
How to hang a heavy mirror or picture with ITW Anchors
Hanging a picture using a French cleat
Hanging a picture using a French cleat

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WEALRO: A younger Trip Smith and not on the water lol , you need to get back to some of these wood working videos or just carpentry tips every now andnthen

Fraser Kinloch: How much weight do they hold?

A P: Brilliant! Thanks Trip

Barbara Cubert: My husband is a safety specialist and the first thing I saw was your electrical outlet needs a cover but I love the french cleats they are great for cornice boards

Bonnie Anderson: hey this is just wonderful, thanks for all you share!

Orlos The Druid: those stip magnets are awesome....get them a ton cheaper from Harbor Freight

paul sway: thats a great hanging system i am going for that as i have many stuff to hang up  but what the angle cut on the cleats

51249ca: where'd he get that shop apron from?

Martyn Pope: how would you use this method when the item you are fixing has a recessed board like a Headboard?

Jay Classen: Hi , I'm Pete you got good ideas please let me know when you got some new ones thanks. I want to start my garage with the French cleats thanks

tony davies: Great video,thanks for posting,also can you use MDF because its cheaper than ply and i am on a budget at the moment 

Yarnell Wash: Really nice video on french cleat system.  I built a new workshop for the first time but found out I was hurting for room to hang stuff, and your video helped me out a lot. My son told me about french cleats and I had no idea what he was talking about.  French cleat system is going to help in making adjustments in case I decide I have move something.  By way ... and it's going to sound nuts but I built all my walls to my shop out of pallet wood. Like plywood sheets.  Didn't think it would be possible, but it worked and just finished it. Now I need to find some spray to fill in the small spaces of the wood, however, as it is now, no rain or wind can enter the shop.  Shop is 15' x 16'.  Thanks.

Jeannie Kvanvig Robertson: Thanks for the helpful video, Trip.  I need to hang a large, heavy chalkboard in my classroom which already has the wood cut and attached to the backside of the board.  Mounting the chalkboard to the wall doesn't seem like such a big task now.  Thanks again!  Jeannie

Jp Hek: Good idea, I'm gonna  use it in my garage
Greetings from Holland

Baykut Burak Bozca: Good ideas .. Thanks ...

Alexander DeMarquis: we just watch the videos because he so cute lol...

kscamara123: Unjustified under use but a great solution --- thank you!

608johnny: worked installing millwork in NYC for decades  french cleats is the commercial way we install upper cabinets

Selandry1: Already used your lumber rack system and I agree that the French cleats are the way to go as I remodel my shop. Thanks for the great video.

Courtney Hinson: SS

Thank you for the comments. I just watched your video in the French cleat system and the simplicity if it blew me away.
I'm new to wood working and is becoming my hobby since I'm about to retire from the military. One question I could use your help on is how to cover the ends of boards? I've been using the Kreg jig a lot but there is and end always showing that just doesn't look good. Any advice?


Courtney Hinson
French Cleat Hanger System 5 out of 5

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French Cleat Hanger System