Micro Ring Beaded Weft Tutorial

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Diana Amegan: how can we remove tose micro rings later please?

easternhair: Very Informative and easy tutorial!

Queen Slove (Slove Hair):
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Millions of kisses and good wishes…

Georgina Hollifield: That hair looked awfully thin and the before and after image didn't impress me at all lmao 

tamara4eva: Where can I get the tool to do it and what is the name for it.thank

Daphneamy360: Can this be done on overprocssed hair Mixed Cookie Indian and is there a place New York City I'm in Brooklyn area?

50tmack: Are these wefts reusable at all?  I would love to see these applied to very short (1-3" throughout scalp) hair.  Thank you!

XxxLoveBug76xxX: I need this in my life, Alopecia sucks balls.... :'(

Typsy369: Is this less damaging than the fusion extensions? I want my nature hair to grow but still have long hair now. Thank you!

Queen Hair: thanks your sharing, it will help many people .
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genericwit: Are these reusable? I thought you had to use new beads every time.

peemeself: Uncomfortable i had that! Type extension and glue etc god uncomfortable never again. My hair really hurt

Tuesday Povey: I just had these fitted, however I noticed she used like really small pieces of my hair, and she's done them realllllllllllllllly tight to my scalp. It's the second day now and my head is so sore and some of the beads are digging into my head! Is it normal for this to happen or should I go back and ask her to do it again?

yannie kumar: Is it posible to comb?

Christian Nicole: Your hair can be almost any length but it needs to be able to blend so as to hide their install. I've done this technique on nearly bald clients. they just happened to have enough hair at the top for it to look natural and blend perfectly

Christian Nicole: Hey! Yeah you can do this on kinky unrelaxed hair, you just need to be sure that your weave is kinky as well. It should be easy maintenance because you can scratch your scalp and shampoo easier. But i wouldnt go for THIS technique because it looks like removal can be a pain for ANY hair. Id go with the regular braidless or beaded sewin.

ScienceFTW: How long should your hair be to safely install these?

Melanie Elizabeth: PLEASE RESTOCK 613 in 18" I am DYING to buy!
Micro Ring Beaded Weft Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Micro Ring Beaded Weft Tutorial