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Caribface Sassi: I think its def heat damage, some ppl think that if u dnt flat iron every 3 days ur hair will not stay flat but dats not true caz I wrap my hair at nights n it def stay flat much longer, so maybe u need to cool down on the heat, but I guess every style brings some kinda pain.

KinkyBeautiful: Sorry to break it to you hun, that damage was done by flat irons not Hairfinity. I've been taking Hairfinity for months now and is having great results. Sometimes it only takes one good flat iron to change your texture especially if it was done by a professional.

Marys HairObsession: This makes no sense. Supplements can affect the hair that you are currently growing, for as long as you take them. Supplements cannot change the curl pattern of hair that you have *already* grown, before you started taking the supplements. Unless you have been taking Hairfinity for the past year or two (or however long it took to grow the hair that you currently have), it cannot change your curl pattern. 

Ginger Monroe: One second does anyone know why our hair is curly. I'll help you African Americans generally have thicker hair and pore size does vary but not in the range like that of hair. Heres a visual to help, when your wrapping a gift and you want to curl the ribbon you apply tight pressure between scissors and your finger to curl the ribbon our pores in our heads apply the same pressure on our growing follicles causing them to curl thick hair. The tighter the fit, the tighter the curl. Now if for some reason the vitamins are causing the hair an individual hair to be thinner than usual then it will have less pressure when growing from the pore thus less a squeeze and a straighter curl pattern. Your welcome, smh

jazzmine Monroe: You talk way too much . I swear I had to skip around until you actually started talking about the vitamin.

prettykirsten1: lol boo you dont know what you are saying. THAT IS HEAT DAMAGE!! my hair looked just like that when i had way too much heat damage and I did a big chop to get rid of it and start fresh. I only take biotin for the thickness. 

Ginger Monroe: Thanx doing my research on hairfinity, but what was the name of the other supplement you were taking that made your hair think bio?

SistaWith RealHair: Wouldn't the vitamin affect your new growth and not hair that grew previously... No way hairfinity could affect previously grown out texture, new growth is a different story.

Vanessa Watson: i'm really debating trying this product searched it and you popped up! lol i don't care if my hair stays straight i just want it to grow after I just cut it lol 

Chantell Chew: I would say that constant heat on natural hair is definitey a negative, but that is just my opinion. I think your hair is cute and very healthy despite the fact. Keep up the good work!

Fashionluva003: I know this video is old but that heat damage and it can definitely happen one heat application! 

courtney Neillan: you need to take better care of your hair

MISSPHOTOGENIC BABY: Yeah something is fishy about those pills, I keep hearing it messes up your texture. In beauty school I learned that straight hair grows a little faster because it doesn't have to twist and turn out of the hair follicle so maybe that's what the pill helps your hair do! Lol I'm never taking these pills I love my hair 😟

sabrina kardashian: i don't think that's bad.. and my hair is already thick I just need it to grow it.. I have short pieces in the front of my hair that never grew . I had to get my hair cut before because it was damaged. every since than the front part always stayed the same

sandy rain: i cant staaaaaaaand the wayyyyyyyyyy to you tallllllllk

cherice yarber: I'm a license cosmetologist, you have heat damage... its not straight from taking pills!!!

ohsokorqui p.: It's def heat damage. But I have seen other reviews where Hairfinity actually made some women's hair thinner opposed to thicker but def no changes of curl pattern.

Sherrie Johnson: Yeah,that was heat damage !!

sharita waters: heat damage is NOT a gradual thing! it only takes one time to damage your hair with heat. Natural hair is very delicate!

courtney Neillan: its really not the hair finity lolz

nikanatural: That's not true Hun. I have super kinky curly hair and I went and got my hair straightened one time and it would not revert back at all so you can get heat damage immediately 

Dorcas Wilfred: Just because your hair is now straight doesn't mean it's no longer natural. Natural means no relaxer not kinky curly

Kristie Jones: Your curls will eventually come back. It is heat damage. The same thing happened to my sister the first time she straightened her hair after going natural and her curls didn't come back when she washed it. It took about a month of deep conditioning and protective styling and then one day she washed it and it was like the curls never left.

PiSceSHuNny86: I guess I will be trying these pills soon, been skeptical for over a year lol

claris17gemini: It's heat damage. No pills affect existing hair 🙈

luvathicknurse: I'm on my 5th bottle and my hair has grown longer however I notice the texture has changed too. I actually think it's gotten thinner. I hate to stop taking them but I like healthy thick hair not just long hair. I'm drinking water as well. Also my face broke out with pimples where as I have never had pimples. I'm concerned 

kaylah dawkins: Not true about the longer the hair gets the looser the curls, its the flat iron.

u-nique white: i love that jacket!

Gossipgirlx0: it's from all the heat! i used to have very very wavy hair . For a year i was straightening my hair nonstop and my hair started to get straighter and straighter . I noticed this when i let my hair air dry. It wasnt vey wavy like it was before , but it was straight!! SO heating definitely may change your texture. Few months ago i went and got a haircut/trim and my hair texture is back to normal (WAVY) and i stopped using heat on my hair! 

Libbster H: Wow everyone is disagreeing with you but I AGREE. your hair was perfectly fine and natural (as you showed in the other videos) how in the heck would your hair go from curly to straight after 1-2 flat irons? no way in heck that happens!! Every body is different & we all react to diff things in diff ways & it seems that in this case hair infinity made your hair thinner & undefined your curl pattern. and as for others it made there hair thicker or w.e the case was. So yeah you introduced a foreign chemical into your body & your body/hair reacted the way that it did.

Rikki Leigh Diwata: Do you put heat protection on your hair because when its wet it looks like heat damage

Angelica Duhart: But it's just the ends that are straight not the roots. To me it looks like heat damage. The new growth hair is not your end hair its your root hair. And you can clearly see that the roots are thick. I dont know. Im thinking of joining the hairfinity team I've flat iron my hair once and there are a few strands that have yet to curl back. And thag was just one time. So I can only assume from ur consistency thats tour results hun. 

Kimisha Covington: Oh wow that does look exactly like relaxed wet hair. That is crazy weird. How often a month do you flat iron your hair? I really want to grow my hair back out and its so thick I don't mind it not getting thicker but straight with no relaxer is really strange.

Karma Kamelion: The straightness is ONLY from heat damage. Straight ironing your hair over time changes your natural curl pattern! From the looks of your hair i'm assuming your have a fairly soft hair/not very kinky hair that's not very thick. I dont know maybe that made your hair more susceptible to losimg the curl....? But your wet hair looked a limp and definitely heat damaged to me. Your wet hair actually reminded me of my weak, limp hair when I had perms. Did you use a heat protectant? That helps. I have a friend at work who is natural and her hair is your length but thicker. She has been natural for like 4 years. She flat ironed her hair so much that she says she lost her curl pattern. I mean it wasn't totally lost in my opinion BUT she didnt have those defined curls that I have or other ppl have that don't straighten their hair regularly. I've been on Hairfinity for only a week or so and im excites to see how well my hair does over time.

Rachel Jones: The texture of your hair changing has to be from you over processing it with heat. I take hairfinity and my hair stays kinky especially when wet. The only part of my hair that doesn't get kinky is the top part that I leave out for sew ins that gets flat ironed by my hair dresser. It takes two or three washes for that part to revert back to its natural state if it does at all

Nchukym Berry: hmmm, interesting. That looks like the workings of a flat iron, possibly heat damage judging from the translucent ends while wet. Not being funny but that's what it looks like.. Maybe if you lock the F.I. away for a few months to a year that problem will go away

roneica williams: lol this made no sense... :(

Christy Love: Im not sure about what happened to her hair, but Im taking the pills and have not experienced any of the bad side effects yet. I'm starting week 3. I have very soft and fine natural hair. I wash and condition with Carol's Daughter product once a week. I think a person result will differ because everyone is different.

latoya holder: I just started hairfinity this past sat. My face is breaking out like crazy. It has to be the pills. Did anyone have this side affect and will it go away soon if so? I did increase my water intake 

boatis23: Thats weird! It must be the pills but I dont know...

ritamix33: i had to stop taking Hairfinity. my hair shedded so much i had lots of hair loss. terrible. and the pimples it caused were horrible. i don't recommend it.

Monique Porche: There is biotin in hairfinity and I just finish mines and got an inch

Cristina Cappucino: ... your hair loses curl when it gets longer/ whens the last time you cut it ?

Anita Ofokansi: I would say this is heat damage based solely on the fact that she did not use any heat protectant serum or substance while flat ironing, as she described. That was probably the wrong step to skip in favor of saving time, and her straight hair is the unfortunate result.

S Jai: no it's definitely not heat damage...having flat ironed once in a whole year there's nooo way your hair would be so straight,..I think whoever did your hair slipped a relaxer in your hair or smthng..I've heard a consensus that hairfinity thins out ones hair too...I'll jus stay away altogether

stephanie washington: My hair is doing the exact same thing, I've only been taking the pills for about two weeks, but I notice that my hair does not kink up like before when I wash it, personally I like that my texture has change because I use to hate washing my hair b/c it was so kinky. 

NikkiW W: This is why I can't stand black women, the girl just posted her damn experience with the damn pills and all you hyenas start going in on her about her vocabulary, she this, she that...nothing but crabs man, straight up crabs. 

MJWife07: ok now I am VERY concerned because I have been taking hairfinity. Haven't noticed any differences in thinness but I am cautious to continue to take them. I may just take a regular hair skin and nails vitamins from now on. I love THICK hair

Christina Mbachu: it could be product that you used.. some products that claim to make your hair softer and manageable actually have the straightening ingredient for relaxers in it 

Shaina Speights: I used hairfinity before and it thinned my hair out a lot ! I wouldn't use it

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