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Hairfinity - Don't Buy It Until You Watch This First!
Hairfinity - Don't Buy It Until You Watch This First!
Hairfinity Reviews & Results: Hairfinity Before and After Pictures! * * *
Hairfinity Reviews & Results: Hairfinity Before and After Pictures! * * *
Hairfinity 1 Month Update   Honest Review  Ciarahoneydip
Hairfinity 1 Month Update Honest Review Ciarahoneydip
Hairfinity Review! Does It Actually Work?
Hairfinity Review! Does It Actually Work?

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rachel bent: if i use it..can i get acne?

shelanda pascal: hi, i just wanted to share my thoughts with you, I have had a similar experience happen to me. I used to be able to straighten my hair over and over with no issue and my hair would always go back to normal. then i went about a year and a half without using any heat on my hair then i straightened it and it would not go back to its natural curl pattern after washing it it would stay stick straight. The reason was because i had gone so long without using any heat that my hair was basically shocked when i straightened it. I don't believe that the supplements affected your curl pattern. maybe this helps.

Victoria Sheffield: Ive been a stylist. I have been for 20 plus years. Vitamins won't straighten your hair!!

janiemaebeauty: The HEAT BROKE YOUR SIDE* BONDS* 

Kelly Ridgeway: Hey love your video your hair is really pretty my hair is thinning I wanted to know if hairfinity will help my hair grow back in thin spots or do u know any other products that would help it grow there are so many things to help grow but not sure which ones will work please help I am taking biotin for hair and nails please help thank u 

Tori Blot: I noticed that in your straightening video you were using a shampoo with Keratin in it. I know Keratin is used for making hair straighter or softening you curl texture, but not permanently. Do you use Keratin often? Do you think that prolonged use of it with flat ironing could be the reason?

TheBrownIsland: It will be OK, I noticed this is an older video so I hope you have regained a full head of curls again after following the professional advice the experienced Hair Stylists shared with you.

Romanetta Brown: I recently for my birthday decided to get a Dominican blow out. And it's been a month gone. My hair is growing yes but my texture is growing straight😤 I refuse to cutoff and start over

Justin Hallam: I think if u want straight hair since I do u should use this my mum wants straight healthy hair and it works a bit not totally

rachel: How long u used this? <3 pls answer

Harper Maven: I just want to say thank you for your input/review!  I have read many of the comments, and I see people suggesting that you were relaxed without knowledge, and that you heat damaged your hair.  Well the reality is that every human body is different, you may be deficient in vitamins that I am not, and  you may also be intolerant to various vitamins/foods/chemicals/minerals where I am not, you may even have allergens that I never experience and vice versa.  That being said introducing a host of things into your system without knowing where your natural body stands with all of a products ingredients is VERY risky.  You don't need synthetic or outside chemicals for your body to have a chemical reaction, hell, stress can give you a chemical imbalance! So imagine incorporating, stress, diet, environment, supplements, medications, heat, and other products.  If my product has a crap load of MSM and my body has a surplus I'd probably have a reaction that your body wouldn't if you were lacking MSM.  Then take into consideration the source of these vitamins it is either natural or synthetic, and if it is natural it may not be from a compatible source. Your body may not know how to process it all.  Ijs...there are many unknowns.  Have you tried to contact the company and see if they have studies that prove that women in this or that situation may experience one thing or the other?  They should be able to break down common issues and be able to explain why you are having the reaction.   DID YOU EVER TRY  "Manetoblism?"  If so did you like it? How did your hair do after hairfinity?  Forgive me if you have answered this in another video, I must have missed it..:( Sorry!

Sophie Louise: Where can you get Hairfinity?

Venus X: Thia happened to me as well when i was natural, when i flat ironed my hair too hot it actually went str8 on only took 1 to 2 times for this result...

Enna review: How does it make the ends of your hair straight?-I can understand new growth-but how does it manage to change hair you already have?

Kiley Adams: It could be the hairfinity. My hair texture changed so much while taking those pills. And it weighed my hair down and made it very thin, completely. But it does grow my hair. But I want length and thickness. So I made a few adjustments, with the vitamins I take, plus my diet. Now I have both thickness and length. But it does certainly change your hair patten. 

Mia Mila: No your hair texture is NOT supposed to change if u ask me. My Friends Hair is Super Long Longer than Yours ad Is Still super curly hun.

Yakeema Taleem: i love my curls so i wont risk it i will just use biotin. it really do looks like u put a relaxer. but i believe you.  i hope ur hair gets back to its curly self. sorry you had to go through that

cassiemichelle03: Is it bad that I started laughing when she was like "I'm scared"

ThatGirlOverThere: i actually have natural straight hair and the capsules actually made my hair permently curly i do not take them every day

Jocelyn Gonzalez: You hair completely renews itself every 7 years. 
I had the cutest curls before and now my hair is very straight with a couple wavy pieces  towards the front. 
WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY HAIRFINITY | A WARNING! | ciarahoneydip 5 out of 5

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