How To Fix A Oil Seal Leak In Your Car - DIY With Scotty Kilmer

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How To Fix Oil Seal Leaks
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Scotty Kilmer: ⬇️Things used in this video:
1. AT-205 Re-Seal:
2. Disposable Gloves:
3. Steel Jack:
4. Funnel:
5. Common Sense
6. Full HD Camera:
7. My computer for editing / uploading:
8. Video editing software:
9. Thumbnail software:

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Jason Alexander: How often do i need to use this?

John Johnson: my ford focus mechanic says flywheel seal leaking..can i use this..

Joe Wind: how does this compare with blue devil or something like that?

Tyrell Williams: Scotty would this work on valve seal leaks.?

Saddam hussain: My car makes blue smoke and reducing oil. Pcv value is replaced. I plushed engine with petrol. But still blue smoking and resucing engine oil 1/3 in a week. Another thing is when car is in manual gear and full acceleration is not constant. Plz help

jayson edrolin: Hello Scotty, I have a honda city manual transmission. My auto mechanic advice me to replace my oil seal. Where should I pour this AT-205 Re-Seal?. Is it in the ATF Tank?

Some Puerto Rican Guy: My gas tank was leaking as I drove, so I added a little bit if this sealer and boom. Those pesky fuel lines couldn't steal my gas anymore. Definitely thumbs up from me, let me know what you guys think.

David Valdés: Hi, Scotty I'm subscribe to your chanel I have a 2003 Honda accord and when I start in the mornings it gives me this big pull like a transmition fail. I take it to the Mechanic and after a few test he told me nothing comes up Everything was fine, I don't know. Could you please help me with this. Thank you very much for your videos and your advice.

Rich Rich: Love your video

shayne fitzgerald: I do this: I Degrease my Engine and Engine Bay, Rinse and Dry it.. Then I Soak all Wire Harnesses and Sensors with WD40. Then I soak the Whole Engine, Fan Belts [Yep! Fan Belts] and Pullys, Engine Bay so Everything is wet. And I mean Everything Soaked with "Silicon Tyre Shine".. LOL. NOW my super Clean Engine is Dripping Wet with Oil's and Silicons.. It's like "Magic Hand Barrier Cream" for your Engine, Engine Bay, Battery and Other Parts Subjected to constant Wet/Dry Cooling and Heating Cycles. My Fan Belts DON'T SLIP and have lasted way over 150,000 klms and Still look new [I have never bought $ a Fan Belt in my Life] and they Don't Slip, Dry Out or Break, plus all Rubber Hoses and Plastics Never seem to Crack or Leak, you can also Spot an Oil Leak in a Second, Your Engine and Engine Bay will look Brand New All of the Time. Nothing Seems to Age, Corrode, Rust or Dry Out Under the Bonnet and Does not seem to harm Stickers... After 3 Months or So. Your Engine will Collect Some Little Dust.. So Degrease the Engine again, like the Start of this Comment and Start "OIL SOAKING" Again.. YOU WILL ALWAYS have a BRAND NEW LOOKING and LASTING ENGINE.. I have been doing this for 40 years now and It always works well for me. I put WD40 and Silicon on All most Everything.. Very Good Stuff!!

Michael Mace: Is that a Harbor Freight jack?

Mark Martinez: My truck leaks engine oil while it's on, what could it be ? Thank you. It's a 2004 gmc yukon xl 5.3

Deborah R: Any recommendations for great mechanic in Houston to fix my 97 silverado oil pan leak?

Donald Labelle: I have a 2001 Buick century I'm burning a quarter a day what is my cars problem ?

WeddingPlanner00: I have an 2002 ford windstar and it has slightly oil leaks not very big puddles. But how can i seal it. I also dont have cap on my oil

Goon & Sensei: Is this good for leaking buttholes

li li: can it make with gear oil?

JB91710: Will it work on valve cover gaskets on a Audi 2.7T engine? I would only do this till spring when I can change them.

MAX ZEE: This stuff like all transmission stop leak stuff will work. It
"inflates" rubber on seals and gaskets and they will stay inflated as long as the stuff stays in contact with the rubber. it was a concept developed by mechanics back in the 60's by adding brake fluid to the automatic transmissions in the early chevy's. But if it doesn't stay in contact, that's where the nightmare starts. If whatever your trying to stop leaking doesn't stop and all this stuff leaks out, then all the rubber blows up like a balloon and then deflates, causing massive leaks and damage. So its CAN work, but can also destroy seals and gaskets including the bands that drive the transmissions and rings on solenoids that shift your transmission.
How to Fix a Oil Seal Leak in Your Car - DIY with Scotty Kilmer 5 out of 5

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How to Fix a Oil Seal Leak in Your Car - DIY with Scotty Kilmer