Fixing Oil Seal Leaks Fast.

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Fixing Oil Seal Leaks Fast.
Fixing Oil Seal Leaks Fast.
At -205 re -seal to fix oil leaks
At -205 re -seal to fix oil leaks
How to fix - Honda Civic Rear main seal oil leak repair
How to fix - Honda Civic Rear main seal oil leak repair
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shriramvenu: anyone ever tried abro engine oil stop leak?

Linda Foote: I didn't notice on how much of this sealer you add to wherever you have a leak. Is it the bottle that tells you or what ?

pirotechnico323: im leaking between the transmission and engine almost making it look like its the oil pan gasket but I doubt it now... how can I use this sealer to fix my problem plz and thanks!!!

MegaFlaxman: I have an olds bravada with a 4.3 that's recently developed some oil drips, bottom of oil pan is wet. The engine performs flawlessly and I'm Leary of adding this to the oil, I don't want to risk messing up the bearings etc.

Kevin Arnold: Hey Scotty! Nice Video!
I have a question, my motorcycle has these 2 sensors inside the left hand side of the engine. Their wires come out through 2 holes on the engine case and that way get connected to the ECU. Now these wires have a rubber cap covering the hole (loosely) and this is closed off by a seal (it looks exactly like the ones used in aquarium tanks)
Should I go for your recommended fix in this video or do I need to do something else?

Carlin Lentz: Hey Scotty, not sure if you know it but that AT-205 is the exact same thing as DOT 3 and 4 brake fluid. Look up the MSDS and you will see it is 100% glycol ethers. Which makes sense because brake fluid has been used for a long time to restore rubber . Maybe not so significant to you but I'm from Canada and it's really hard to find this stuff so I did a little research and stumbled upon it!

Lloyd Dailey: one thing that causes seals to leak is overfilling ! it's better to be a little low then too full !

arfan82: Hi Scotty,

I'm trying to find a PCV valve for my Corolla verso 1.8 vvti 2004, where's the best place to source one? The engine is getting through a ton of oil and I want to try this before condemning the engine with bad piston rings. It's also losing coolant which doesn't look great either.

germanshepherd13: unfortunately this product did not work for my small rear main seal leak on my jeep wrangler. had it in for about 5 months now. would it hurt if I tried another bottle or just live with the small leak? thanks

brad kessler: jacks leak?

Bryan Crane: were can i bye the at 205 at

RaisedByWolves: so this can be used for engine and power steering leaks too?

Ben Golan: Very surprised!! thanks genius american man!!

Joe Lutz: Dear Scotty, The other day my oil light came on, first time in 40 years of driving. Sure enough, I was two 1/2 quarts low. Thinking everything was fine, I drove it for maybe one hundred miles and bang! , the oil light again. It isn't leaving an oil stain and it doesn't seem to be smoking. Could I some how only be losing oil while driving, say from a bad oil pump or something. I'm stymied.

catfishakaAMC: Scotty, in a pinch here. Strapped for cash on a 2001 Kia Sephia. It's losing brake pressure and I noticed a brake fluid leak coming from the seal that goes from the master cylinder to the firewall. Would it be recommended to try this stuff in the master cylinder or spraying it onto the seal from a windex bottle?

Dj Peter: hey scottie i have a 2008 doge magnum 2.7l small iol leak on valve cover driver side doesnt leak every time but when it does oil falls on manifold si start to see white smoke would u recamond using with mortor iol thanks

EVS Street: You right! Hard to find but worth the computer search of auto parts stores and the drive across town. Rear main seal leak fixed! Revin up!

Martin Lara: hello scotty can you tell me a number of causes my car is licking oil underneath any thoughts?

Story Ender: anything you recommend for a oil pump leak ?

woosa42: How do you feel about adding this to the engine oil?. I have a small leak coming out of the front of the engine that runs down on the manifold, which isn't all the time, and drips possibly coming from the oil pan leaving 2-3 nickle to quarter size drips. I have read some reviews in Amazon about people having to replace the whole engine because it pretty much blew up. I don't know about how much truth is behind all that or what their actual problem was. I have a 2007 pontiac grand prix, what do you think? I really don't have the funds to have an intake gasket, oil pan, rear seal, or high oil pressure problem to be replaced at the moment. I have no oil pressure guage to determine if that is the problem. i really don't like adding snake oils because they can do more damage than good.
Fixing Oil Seal Leaks Fast. 5 out of 5

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Fixing Oil Seal Leaks Fast.