How To Reset Binary Counter On Rooted Galaxy Note 2!

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Isaac Chonillo: What is your Note II Android Version? I heard that another people that used this method with a updated version of android 4.3 bricked their phones.
I have a note II GHT-T889. Can I use Triangle away without any problem?

S Madd: omg i bricked my phone i followed ur instructions im so scared please help me

Biz Diva: If the counter says 0 but also says "custom" can you still get the OTA update from Samsung? I would hate to unroot just for the 4.3, when I could keep root and get 4.4. However, with every variant of rooted ROMS I lose S-Pen capabilities and some of the TouchWiz features that I enjoy. Grrrr

shehab alawdi: for some reason my custom binary download always resets to: YES(1COUNT)
and when i try to check for update it gives me an error like update interrupted
 mine is a ATT NOTE 2 I317

Djazeiry: my phone is GN7100.......DUDE please just help me :) , i have my counter to 1 because i rooted it before ....but now my phone is unrooted (factory reset) to get the latest stock version 4.3 , so when i check for updates i download the update (4.3) normally but when the phone reboot and start extracting or something (there is a progress bar with numbers :P ) when it reaches 30 % my phone reboot and it says that the phone has an error when updating could this be the cause because my ocunter is set to 1 ?

Alonzo Tyson: Y do it keep leaving 1 on my phone when I use it

Chris Fnmc: i have 6 counts and im not rooted , how can i reset it

Tristan Rayos: Hi, is it necessary to reset binary count if they have already sent me a replacement phone? I will be sending back the defective phone.

MrSnacko: And if I now have to root my phone to reset the flash counter. If I un-root the phone, does that advance the flash counter?

MrSnacko: Do you need SuperUser installed??? You went past that 'Grant' message pretty quickly when you started Triangle Away. And do I need to be rooted? I am taking my phone back to AT&Ts for service and I already un-rooted it. So now what...

DJ Lurch: Thanks bro... I had to use the Triangle App to reset to "1" then did it one more time to reset to "0"! Appreciate the video

Obada Jabr: the same thing here... used it but I can't get into CMW recovery mode now How to fix this? some guy in the comments said that this happened to him so he re-installed CMW via odin and now he's in a boot loop!! P.S. thank you for everything you do.

Harbir Brar: you are a life saver man. thnkx for your video. plz keep up the good work.

Erick Funte: ***ATTENTION*** if you are a vzw user and you see that the binary counter says none or no do not run this "just in case" because it will trip the binary counter. If you have done this and need to run triangle away the only way the app will work is if the BOOT LOADER is unlocked... Good LUCK!!!

Clara Ivette: Hi... My phone is rooted, and did the triangle away but keeps saying custom binary 1 count, current binary: custom and System Status: Custom.... i can't get it to 0 count... I don't know if its because i upgraded to version 4.1.2, with T-Mobile.... Question: I have screen lock none, and when my phone is put to sleep, when i press the home button i get the other screen that you would normally get when you press home 2 times i'm not getting my home page, is this something normal with 4.1.2????

Hsby 90: thanks bro

drsinghravideep: Hi Max i rooted my GT N 7100 with your easy rooting method (flashing ROOTED CMW Recovery via PC odin) and then used Triangle away. After that I am not able to enter into CMW recovery. It just shows Galaxy Note logo 2 times and then reboots the phone? Should I flash CMW recovery again via PC Odin ? I flashed it via recovery manager and it went into boot loop.. Can u help?

Unbox the wicked: hey max, i installed the exynos exploit app that chainfire made and used the un root method to fix the exynos-mem bug, it fixed it but now i cant check for system updates because it says my device has been modified it rooting and using this app my only option at fixing this?

mitchttcs: I used the root method you made for the international/tmobile galaxy note II's. An OTA update for multiwindow is coming tomorrow and I'm not able to update it. When I go to download mode, it shows I have 1 counter for the binary. Would using this method help me get the OTA update tomorrow?

Markie476: Fyi, make sure you back up any important data of course before performing a wipe. You can restore your data back once you get the normal status and count back to 0. Hope that helps.
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How to Reset Binary Counter on Rooted Galaxy Note 2!