How To Fix A False Overheating PS3 ( Heat Sensor )

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Hpsddd Le Suso: Ta une tête de bite déjà avant de mettre de la nouvelle pâte thermique tu devrais nettoyer les processeurs

Madara Uchiha: It's better or easier to just turn on the disc button turn on ps3 but still hold the disc button release then the spin thingy goes full force this about the dust problem or not..

Jack Hermiz: they spend till エセ人間

Sherlocks Modding&developing: i havent laughed so much in my life. abit of advise putting new paste over old is just wasting your new paste your better off cleaning the old paste of the heatsink an chips. you have the motherboard tilted on carpet. Also using your mums/sisters hairdryer isnt going to work for reflows or anything to do with pc equipment in that matter. an you also forgot to plugin the fan and bd drive cable. an it seems if your ps3 is actually overheating due to all them layers of old and new paste you keep applying that is your issue.

SLICK-MODZ: Now what I would have done is taken it apart removed the ihs plates with a palette knife (painters) works best then cleaned the paste from the dies and removed the silicone from the cpu board and plate and the rsx plate add new paste on the dies and on the plates stick the plates on the heat spreads and put silicone on the inside of the cpu and rsx plate and put the ps3 back together run it for 5 minutes then 20 minutes and then put it through a stress test and see what idle temps are I sure as hell wouldn't do it this way this is the most noob way of doing this....oh and I will make sure my fan is reconnected too ;-p

Lamine Gamer: Je l'ai fait mais il a surchauffe Je veux vous aider s'il vous plaît

Jose Vela Muñoz: eso no vale pana para unos días nomas buelbas a averíarse

Janny Corp: Lmao. All of these people who think they know anything about static discharges.
Repairing on carpet is perfectly fine. If you're really paranoid about it just don't move around a ton and occasionally touch a metal object. Stop parroting without knowledge.

Alcino Acosta: here we see the elussive peasant in his natural habitad, for some reason unclear to us it decides to go and try applying thermal compound in the most horrid way possible. further investigation ensues.

Greg Ham: ya, not technically good...but he's just a kid..cut him some slack. He took a shot. How many other thousands of crappy repair you tube videos are there? Granted, his title should have been "how I tried to fix my PS3 without the proper tools etc"...or some such caveat.

Most of us have learned the hard way "letting the smoke out" of various things. (even the pros occasionally). But trying to fix something on your own has some learning merit, and in some cases, the cost of pro repair makes taking the chance worth it. Your call after investigation of pricing, abilities etc.
Teaching others bad methods is rampant on the internet. Anyone who expects to learn from "you tube" -unless a provable, qualified pro, should realize what they are media for entertainment-only value.

Kein Name: Oh crap.... this is the baddest Video i ever seen.

Ever Mojica: Thank you for making sucha video

Ali The Undertakr BestGamers: WTF dude no fan inside ..............  how its work help ...................

Ali The Undertakr BestGamers: i need you fix my ps3 if you can becu to many idiot in Shop in MY Country he cant open ps3 all hahaha wtf so I need your help how to get these glu or cram

James Charlton: I had brown SHag carpet do's this make a difference just axing

mrsqueak74: freak this crap! I'll pay for the repair. Damn you're fast. You should try to find a job as a mechanic of the pitcrew in F1.

xenomorph999: i am working on a film about a midget

ajazali ajaz: call me 03158390447
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How to fix a false overheating PS3 ( heat sensor )