How To Fix A False Overheating PS3 ( Heat Sensor )

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TrolleyMC: I have a better solution: Just bake the damn board.

WTH are you using a hair dryer?!?!? Buy a damn heat gun!

Alex Wilder: Does, anyone know how much it costs to get it fixed?


el4in74: idiot!!!!!!!

Glennfrey Lozada: what was the cream you'd been put first

Dainius Sutkus: do you need to blow hot or cold air with fen ???

Flo Dredd: Heyyyyyyyyy you're tooooooooo smaaaaaart : you forgot to plug the cooling fan ahahahahahah !
You're a great Master !

NikolaJXPL: What a retard...he thinks he knows what he is doing. Also, did he forget to plug the cooling fan back when closing the device? What a retard...

Baltazar Perez: your stupped

FAISAL GHASWALA: And can i use that credit/debit card to shop online...
I almost have sufficient info to use that card..
You retard what an asshole u r....

pico 740: I'm a professionnel electronic technician and i've never saw a thing like this. So dangerous way to repair it. Carpet, flux, the way heating is done, all wrong, don't do it like that guys.This won't last long. The guy is even lucky it is working at the end.! You have to go to electronic school like i did men+ 30 years of experience. Good luck anyway!


OnPleasure: 1:46 WTF are u doing??? U can break the Mainboard!?! WTF

Christopher Rogers: I wish I can give this video five thumbs up. Ha ha

lunn8: well i did do a xbox 360 on a hob of a oven the reason was because i had to many to drink and was very p##### off there are many ways of doing a so called fix to a ps3 but bottom line is the board is warped and you will never get it back working if you do its only will be for a shirt out of time before it will go again and its way too much bother if you like it that much call sony who will change it for a fee i know but what will do it is the dust gets in the ps3 when it overheats and overheating again will never fix it its ok if you do the temp fix to get your games and maps off but thats it

Matthew Wildman: its not a false signal. and those are not the chips you are applying the thermal paste too. STOP MAKING STUPID videos like this, and giving people false hope. You are causing others to break their systems, thinking you have the fix.

in conclusion : FAKE AND GAY. :D you have to remove the heat shields and apply thermal paste under and ontop. BET your system has already broke since you "fixed it"

Marcus Aurelius: lol.  New paste just put over the old.  Awesome.

viperpulse: Dumbest thing I've ever seen done to a ps3....almost.

SaucyBegger25: An anti static bag is only anti static inside. Remove the old thermal paste before applying new. Use more heat than a hair dryer. Try and actually melt something rather than only turning the flux into liquid. At least earth yourself from static. Never touch electricals internals while on a carpet. And basically get someone that understands what a reflow means and how it works. 

MrLefthooker: Nice attempt I suppose, but totally wrong approach. Smearing flux around the 2 chips (RSX and Cell Chip) wont do anything. The Cell Chip (the second chip you smear in this video), for example. What you see is the heat sink/spreader, the chip is underneath this. The spreader is stuck onto the chip socket with silicone. Spreading the flux paste around the base of this chip is like putting a headache tablet on top of your head if you have a headache. Right tool, just used wrongly. By heating the flux it "might" creep under the RSX chip, but deffo not under the Cell chip. Watch Ultra NSC videos, they will put you on the right track.
How to fix a false overheating PS3 ( heat sensor ) 5 out of 5

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How to fix a false overheating PS3 ( heat sensor )