Truelove Knot - Pinwheel

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Shawn Charton: Holy GOD! You are frikken GORGEOUS!

Alma Sawaf: Haw to see this is dark

Krumpchins: Dad's Office much?

Melvin Morgan: video too dark cant see tie

ufera: Can't see crap

Conrad Sutton: It was a little hard to follow but still a great tutorial. But let me say that it is AWESOME to see a young man who can and likes to dress. So many young, AND older males don't do this.

Lender Williams: Like the tie, not the demonstration. Too hard to figure out what your working try recording from a mirror so know which way to go. Easier to follow you that way

Bob Von Bruns: I have had a mustache since 1970, so not ALL good things come to and end. I like the knot - especially since I have many striped ties.

Thanks, Bob

Adalberto Moraes: Muito legal este nó de gravata. Já estou usando aqui no Brasil. Forte abraço Eliot. Obrigado.

Avery Lyde: Great video.

thebluray: Lighting zoom in would've sealed it.

John Wayne Rongley Jr.: I will not wear this in the near future, thanx for being the only one who can. Classless

John Wayne Rongley Jr.: P.S. better lighting is an absolute must as well

John Wayne Rongley Jr.: Mr. Truelove, You need to learn how to teach properly because I have been reviewing this video of yours for months and to date only yourself have been successful at pulling off the pinwheel. A) Slow down, B) Explain in detail exactly what steps are to be adhered to in order to successfully pull this knot off


Isadora De Jesus: Uou que legal🎹

Eletha Duffy: Hope you will redo this video with more light on the knot and the area in front of your neck: its hard to follow right now as its shadowed. Great tie knot though!

wazzobazzo: Can't see crap

Nicholas Perkins: I am sorry but  with it being so dark, i have a hard time trying to watch your videos, I like the knots, but I find myself going elsewhere for a better lighting. hope you do different lighting in the future
Truelove Knot - Pinwheel 5 out of 5

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Truelove Knot - Pinwheel