Large Senegalese Twists!!!

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Nomiah K.: This was so helpful! thankyou.

themukisa11: to the right. thanks:)

M Tenney: I see u braided first before twisting which way do you begin twisting so the twist wont come a loose? Btw:loved ur video=)

themukisa11: Thanks:) The ends usually stay put because I feather the hair to make it thin towards the end; it also produces a more natural look than blunt ends. There are several tutorials on that technique. My favorite one is by Worldofbraiding here on YouTube. I'm now located in Miami, FL.

Tisha B.: Hey I really like how you did here hair! I am trying to learn how to do senegalese twists on my own hair and I know its gonna take practice. I wanna know how you got the ends to stay put and not unravel. Also are you located in Atlanta??

Daja' Hardwick: This is really neat! But could you please do a tutorial??

tale101: Great job!!! How do you get your parting so neat. Like if its triangles or arches etc...

Lavonta suggs: R u still located in ga

D Simmons: how are the twists to her edges? my edges are thin but i really want to get these twists done

msboo26: Great job!!!!

Beyonda Nowell: Very nice. What type of braids would you recommend for swimming?

shareka0: i live in ATL

718gal: Oh my goodness I can't believe it!!!!! You did my crochet braids the best!!!!!!!

nickyworth25: you're moving to GA?!?!....Yay....gotta make an appointment for the spring!!!

themukisa11: @kim gonzales thanks! :-)

kim gonzales: I know you are in Med. school, but I don't know--You might have to have two jobs...You do a very good job doing hair...Nevertheless, we want you to succeed as a doctor, but having you as a stylist won't hurt:)

Harmony Nae: Please do a "I'M HERE NYC VIDEO"! Location, prices, etc..., Thanking you in advance♡ Shalom

Harmony Nae: Beautiful work and healthy hair!

RaRa609: Yay!! I will be making an appt lol

zlajoi: R u kidding me? soon as i find someone who looks like you'll really take care of my hair ,you about to leave NY.
Large Senegalese twists!!! 5 out of 5

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Large Senegalese twists!!!