Rock Island Armory(RIA) 1911 .45ACP Compact Review

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1975acidburn: I have the exact same one. I have less than a box through mine. I like it. Mainly got it for a daily carry but it's a heavy pistol compared to other I own. I also ended up wanting to have a way to attach a light for when I'm out at night or my home. Wish I would have bought the full size and maybe with a rail mount.

Cesar Celestino: Great review. I picked up my plain jane  ria 45 ca. 1911 full size. You are right. I love this gun.

MrC45man: They had to cut back on something to come in at the price they did.   The RI finish is thin and does not reflect a normal or quality parkerized finish.  Such is much more durable than the thin coat process found on the Rock Island.

David Maximus: GARBAGE!

Jacob Greve: Maybe my eyes are getting to me but that looks more like a 6+1 than a 7 plus 1

Keith Brown: Ironic, I'm getting ready to trade my Taurus PT1911 Duo Tone in for one or an ATI Titan :-D

June Lewis: Thinking of surprising my wife with this one! She is a big fan of the 45 acp, and .357 Magnum.  We are a Colt family, but not Colt snobs. The way I see it, if the gun builds up a reputation of being solid and reliable as the RIA has, what's the problem? My carry gun is the Glock 19. The wife also carries a 9mm. Yep, I'll get this one for her. Like your review!

dirtyjew1974: aside from some of my guns that have centemental valure my ria is my favorite gun, love the way it handles and fires flawlessly!

TechNick: Hmm I guess I got lucky with my Taurus millennium pro 9mm then. About 500 rounds through it without a single glitch. Not a one. Believe it or not, doesn't really bother me. Shoots pretty darn good as well, paid about 400 for it and I can't complain.

Mithrilbong: You should really work on the lighting in your videos.. this looks like crap. Not trying to be rude. Otherwise, great vid.

Flashgrenade82: these are great guns for the money i have a full size Springfield 1911 and a Rock island officer they shoot the same... great buy if your on a budget i use my RIA for EDC

Flashgrenade82: lol i thought there was a spider on my screen... i have the compact/ officer mines fully loaded 7 in the clip + 1 in the barrel never had any nose dives...

MrSlider5: I have one and it shot really low..about a foot low and six inches to the right from point of aim at 10 yards. Called RI and they told me to send it back to them for repair. Still waiting to get it back. Also while changing the grips..(those smooth wood ones suck),one of the bushings broke. Also, might as well not even have sights, they are so blacked out. I'll have to do something about that, too.

William Ramsey: I Just got my first RIA 1911 A1. I put 150 rounds through it with no problem

Nate Skaggs: Great video! I'm picking one up for edc tomorrow

marshaul: Kimbers are not premium 1911s. Price does not equal quality.

butchy586: yeah,i try to give accurate information but all i get is crapty comments from guys that could'nt find ass in a strip a retired ARMY ranger and have had a lot of experience whith different weapons systems,so i get on here and try to help people decide on edc guns or whatever.i guess they got it all figured out tho.they dont need my help

Jeremy vince: nice. i have a springfield too i know what you mean about not abusing it. i still might get a RI just to have my own opinion through personal experience with them. i might even conceal carry the compact version depending on how well the one i buy shoots. it seems like a hit or miss, but i guess you can't go wrong with the lifetime warranty

JackofTradesAll: I have 2 1911's. When I run and gun in the dirt and gravel. I don't even care about the RIA. Its awesome to trash and shoots well. It really can take a beating. The Springfield Armory I have on the other hand is a range gun only. For what I paid for it, I can't bring myself to abuse it.

Jeremy vince: there seems to be a lot of hype with these 1911s on the web, but when i ask several gunsmiths here where i live in tx they tell me to stay far away from them.
Rock Island Armory(RIA) 1911 .45ACP Compact Review 5 out of 5

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Rock Island Armory(RIA) 1911 .45ACP Compact Review