Zeki Tablet Review

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Jacob Bradley: on mine theres a camera in the back but it wont work anybody know why

Brandon Rojas: how do you got youtube working?... when I open youtube it says It relies on google play services I added google play.service to it nd that it ends up not being compatible with it

JONNY CRASH: saw the bing browser, and i saw you use chrome, what im wanting to know is can i use the regular google search browser on it? im not a fan of bing and chome is like the old AOL program, it has a self replication virus in it, took me a month to finally get all its files out of my pc.

thanks for the video, i like when uploaders show us some of the products functions and not just what it looks like out of the box.

dacs67: Good review, I picked one up today for 49bucks,. I thought for that price. What tell could be that bad. Main use would be email, and YouTube, as to not run so much battery off phone. Works great for what I need. Using it for this as we speak.


jon ericson: will like it  if it starts     sending   back

Viking 2121: I got the quad core version, and im happy with it, and it charges in less then an hour with the wall wart. For the people who has issues charging this or the Zeki tablets, you need to use the wall adapter to charge it our turn the tablet off to charge it on pc. The wall adapter is 5v 2amp which charges mine in less then an hour, but another charger with 5v 500mv will not charge it fast and the tablet will actually use more power then what it can charge.

Raquel Lino: Y r u breathing like that

Tampaterry54: picked one of these up yesterday for 60 bucks, for the price- its great. BUT keep in mind that its not going to be as powerful as the well known tablets, but its ok.

Lajuana Fife: Do its. Have a front. And back carmen

BLADER7144: we have the zeki  8 inch dual core tablet, TBDG874B model and the ac adapter got messed up on the first day! and the pc adapter can only be charged when the pc is on. need help!!
                                             It also takes it to charge for 10 hours(bummer) :C

Shannon Scott: Does it have a camera?

Caleb H: can you tell me if shadowgun deadzone works on this? im getting mine tomorrow in the mail an thats pretty much all i bought it for.

DJDubstepBear: i got a 10 in

LEROY WHITCHETT JR: You make you soon I'm having a problem with Amazon door I cannot download on this zeki so is it really worth your time

Dylan Traylor: you download 1 maeket from 1mobile.com and u get all playstore apps. thats how ppl

Yuzan Gamer: My realive name is Zeki

Janella Flor: How to download a playstore here?

STEVEN N: Thank you for the review am this tablet, there is hardly no reviews on it! Another thing if you can show any roots or how to get Play Store on it, it would be nice! Don't know if there is Cyanogen Mod for this device....? Thanks again Renorhymes

MrNylah: Flash it to your tablet
Zeki tablet review 5 out of 5

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Zeki tablet review