Zeki Tablet Review

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Viking Dudee: I got the quad core version, and im happy with it, and it charges in less then an hour with the wall wart. For the people who has issues charging this or the Zeki tablets, you need to use the wall adapter to charge it our turn the tablet off to charge it on pc. The wall adapter is 5v 2amp which charges mine in less then an hour, but another charger with 5v 500mv will not charge it fast and the tablet will actually use more power then what it can charge.

jon ericson: will like it if it starts sending back

Raquel Lino: Y r u breathing like that 

BLADER7144: we have the zeki 8 inch dual core tablet, TBDG874B model and the ac adapter got messed up on the first day! and the pc adapter can only be charged when the pc is on. need help!! It also takes it to charge for 10 hours(bummer) :C

midas touch: picked one of these up yesterday for 60 bucks, for the price- its great. BUT keep in mind that its not going to be as powerful as the well known tablets, but its ok.

Lajuana Fife: Do its. Have a front. And back carmen

Shannon Scott: Does it have a camera?

Caleb Hogue: can you tell me if shadowgun deadzone works on this? im getting mine tomorrow in the mail an thats pretty much all i bought it for.

DJDubstepBear: i got a 10 in

Leroy Whitchett, Jr: You make you soon I'm having a problem with Amazon door I cannot download on this zeki so is it really worth your time

Hoang Nguyen: Can you tell me more about the battery life as well as the internal speaker of this tablet, how good or bad they are ? Thanks.

flipteezy: U sold me

shwtym1: How is this machine on Skype? My wife is from overseas an thats big for me to purchase.

khmerface19: Just get black market alpha!

2jz1987: Thinking about getting this for $59 bucks from best buy. Getting 2 of these for my 3 and 5 year old nephews. Thanks for your review

Jen Brownson: can you add netflix too it?

Kennedy McCants: But the thing about temple run when you have to be on the one side you really cant move over with motion control so its bacisically impossible to win

darthomega55: i cant wait to get one, apples' i pad may be the best but if low profile companies like this keep it up, apple is screwed.

Ben Walker: The other app store

Cath Rome: helpful video on the 'Zeiki Tablets' at Kmart/Sears stores!

Ben Walker: i found that a majority of the apps on google play are on it. they have a lot of categories. news,games,shopping,and alot more.if you dont like the selection you can download the amazon app store. just go to google and type amazon appstore download. it should take you to amazons site, and give u instructions on how to do it.

Sensi Brown: ok i need you do vid on how to get google play on tablet and where to get the link for file plzzzzzzzzzzz ty

simpleemi: What App Store did you download?

Catt Miauens: So does it come with Bing or did you download it? I notice the Google search bar in the corner.

Alexia Webb: gerrrr!!!!!!! I cant find the video for a 10.1

luisangel0509: Great video i.just bought one at walmart for 100 dollars on special and im loving it

Katie Oneal: This is a Zeki 10 inch, TBDC1093B multi touch tablet and any apps I try to download go to my phone or Marquis tablet. What do I do? Email suzzieque70@gmail.com tel. 727226-0741 Thank you, Susan Pallante

simpleemi: What App Store did you download?

MultiKaraokeman: i agree ben, it is a good-decent tablet for the money, especially if you can find on sale for around $100 or so. you can do a lot with this tablet and it is smooth operating plus it can be flashed to get the google store. i'm getting about 3.5-4 hours of battery life, and as you said-it is not the fastest in the world on charging. slow in my opinion. but still, for the price,-a definite keeper and a bargain that works very well and smooth operating. great for road trips and coffee house use !

matthew shea: i still dont know how to post youtube vidios or get what app

lorenzaaureliano72: Can I get google play on it

mrfrankiesharpe: The johnsons just google "google play apk download"

fierroboy1: Hey id like to get a gameboy emulator for this any suggestions?

Ben Walker: Yes sir.

Sensi Brown: TB782B zeki i hve same one

Jazor50: Thank you so much because of imarket I can stand the thing for because Amazon was pissing me off.

Imperfect21Angel: Im getting this for christmas for a few family members!.. Does it have skype? or is it compatiable with it

zaivala: There is a good forum for this device at Android Tablets dot org. NO BLUETOOTH on this device.

Rhonda Davis: Thank you for your review, it's the only one that's works.

Switchback10cd: Thanks! This helps. I'm getting one for my 10 year old for Christmas. Sorry I don't know much about this stuff. My question is can I add more memory and how do I do this? I would like to see a video on how to get the google app market on it also. Does the app store that is on the tablet have lots of games that are the same as google app market?

Ben Walker: Yes. It has to be a micro-usb though.

clutchmystro: yes please make a video on adding google play

warhammer265: it does that to me to >:( i freaking hate that

tyria smith: how do you down load Google play?

Senses: Whenever I plug in headphones to mine the speaker continues to play with the headphones instead of just the headphones playing alone

Moonkee See: ROOT IT!

BigJyeTV: thanks for this review. I'm about to get this at sears for 129 w/ android 4.1 Jellybean on it.

shred5: I have seen the 7 inch in Kmart and I found the 7 and 10.1 inchers on amazon, but I don't see a 8 inch version anyway. Looks like it sacrifices on the screen but everything else seems acceptable, but I want to know exactly what this is I'm looking at

Sensi Brown: i have the same tab and i feel there very good sounds fine and batt on full charge can be 4 hrs

Ciera Taylor: hey im guessing that the music is free.
Zeki tablet review 4.5 out of 5

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Zeki tablet review