AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher

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Michael Mcmanamon: Mag not clip i know people told you befor just throwing one it there.

bwvbach: well now the stream contains copper!

Dw Smith: You don't know what plinking is? I see your vocabulary is on a par with your grammar. Try Google. (If you know how.) Redneck? I think not. Spent my whole life living in urban areas and I have both an engineering degree and an MBA. I'm guessing you couldn't even get a GED.

Dw Smith: I'm sorry that your illiteracy embarrasses you. I am not a "gun nut." I own a grand total of 2 firearms, a 22 for plinking and a 12 gauge for hunting birds. I'm sure that if you worked for CNN that you would refer to that as an arsenal..Please keep posting here and demonstrating your ignorance.

Dw Smith: Hey, creepy clown: Your command of the English language is as poor as your understanding of statistics or anything related to firearms. Hopefully, your parents will soon restrict your Internet access so that you have time do do your grammar homework.

Blake Smith: Uh,No.

khonlaox1: I wonder if that luncher could be used as a flash enhancer

Ryan: Dont shoot water

L-dubwesson: we want to see the "golf ball launcher" not a one minute prequel of your crapty ar15

Dw Smith: No kidding. I once dropped a 10# downrigger weight into a river once. (By accident.)

Michael Duong: Fisherman put way more lead into rivers than shooters ever have

thagonzp: Whoever shot into that river is an idiot. Why would they do that? Let alone shooting golf balls into the woods.

hugh davidson: Duck!

Dw Smith: Oh noes!! Now the YouTube armament vocabulary Nazis are after me. Whatever will I do. LOL.

Dw Smith: Yeah, I've been schooled on that since posting this. If I off you with something I call a mag or a clip what does it matter? No intent to threaten you. Just having fun. The last thing I ever want to is take someone else's life.

Dw Smith: I didn't fire those rounds. And I'll bet the feds have better things to do than track down somebody who dropped a few rounds into a river,
AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher 5 out of 5

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AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher