Chevrolet Silverado Bad U-joint Or Slip Yoke?

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Jarrett Mims: Is this all it does?

SaM Becker: I have a 2003 Z71 silverado and have noticed the same noise. I bought the truck a few months ago and have been living with the sound ever since. I notice the clunking noise in between 1st and 2nd gear the most, when going around 15 mph and speeding up. I'm going to change the u-joints to see if this will help, any other ideas?

oso loco: My 2012 silverado does the exact thing when I put it in drive or reverse

Ravis Maximus: as said below about spider gears take drive shaft off and check play in diff spider gear and or ring and pinion prob loose

Ravis Maximus: also you have exhaust lifter clap these are known to break echaust bolts and or back out check I bet one is broken on the header manifold

Al Smith: Can a bad rear differential, U-Joint, or drive shaft cause a delayed engagement problem in a 2002 Ford F-150 XL Super Cab?
 I put it in drive...about 5 seconds later my truck lunges forward, and when I slow down by breaking and re-engage the accelerator, there is about two seconds of a "neutral-like reaction" before the acceleration continues (so long as I do not stomp on the accelerator).
 It shifts fine once in gear though. If I am traveling at ANY rate of speed and then suddenly stomp the accelerator, there is this deep thud noise that feels like the rear end was just jerked!!! 
((((as if something back there didn't get the message that the tranny and the motor were ready to go))))

Mechanic thinks it is my differential...what do you think?

austen fritz: It's ur ujoint

Nick Thompson: These trucks are known for having play in the spider gear

G4M3K1LL: I have the same problem EXCEPT, now I have no reverse and minimal forward power. The trans is stuck in limp mode (3rd gear). But what you have is what I started out with (plus limp mode). Chevy Silverado 2500HD 6.6 LT. Will post video in April when I'm back home

ChevyBurton: U joint!

Erika Bennett: Rear end

Chris Henson: if its not broke dont fix it 

TXguy: I don't know if you're still monitoring this site, but the speedo problem might be the speedo gear and rear end ratio don't match.

TXguy: The dealer knows exactly what it is. I bought a 2009 Silverado that developed that problem shortly after I drove it off the lot. It felt like driveline binding in 4WD, but I don't have 4WD. The dealer said dirt gets into the slip yoke and causes it to bind. Easy fix is to grease it, but it doesn't last. They replaced it under warranty and it's smooth as silk--for another few years.

Iyad Hassan: man im having exactly what are you saying, its clunk when i shift to reverse and also clunk when shift from 2-1 or from 3-2, so is this normal ? i have 2003 chevy avalnche z71 please reply. thanks

Justin Brown: I put heavy duty u joints from the local parts store in mine and it stoped doing I did front and rear of the drive shaft cleared that noise right up this is considering the transmission shop told me I need a new t case

James Dunlap: I am experiencing exactly what you described, especially the shifting clunk. If this back lash is normal do I need to do anything about it or just live with the clunk?

angst206: Mr. Gear Head, Thank you for the info. "Double walled"? that prolly explains my problem. My drive shaft pings, using tire rotation as a base, I count about 9-11 pings. makes sense at 3.73s, I have jacked it up securely with 4 6tons stands and I and brother crawled under and the sound is coming from the middle of shaft, smooth at trans output and axle input; replaced spider gears in Feb. busted inner wall? thnks. cheers then.

mike3000ace1: I have the same thing going on, Did you find a fix yet?

Ran Moten: Gear Head, you obviously know your business. I think you have isolated and diagnosed a few problems for a few people. I experienced the clunk when putting the vehicle in reverse but my driveway is on a incline and there is no problem on level pavement. Chevy service department diagnosed the rear end hopping and related it to the slip yoke and they recommended dropping the shaft and lubricating it for $92.17 so I guess I can bite that bullet. Thanks for your input.
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Chevrolet Silverado bad u-joint or slip yoke?