The Mauser Model 1914 (Semi) Automatic Pistol

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Jared Stanfield: thanks larry, I enjoy your video's, and I am a return customer of Midway USA

ducduy huynh: mot cay may tram

White Star Line: I think Mauser's handguns are what put them on the map... only professional shooters or German soldiers would be really familiar with Mauser's bolt action rifles, whereas everyone knows about the Broomhandle and Luger, both of which were made before this gun.

CosmicGrooves: Hmm... don't think I knew semi auto pistols existed in 1914.

Jake: Man that is a very nice looking pistol. Leave it to the Germans to make good looking firearms.

leftyaa12: Picked one up from a friend for 120 bucks.#s matching. Came with 2 original mauser mags. The gun is in pretty good cond. still has prob 90% of orig bluing and works great. The only thing is that is has a slight buldge in barrel but doesnt affect accuracy. Picked up another barrel just to have. Really like it. Wonder what it might be worth?

RElover22: 9x23 steyr i think

BushcraftBritannia: Why are you asking me? But they have 2 different calibres, the originals used 9x23mm steyr but after Austria was annexed by Germany they were rechambered for 9mm para

JamesMovingTarget: I have a steyr 1912, what ammo does it use ?

Mitchell Denman: i just got one of these Mauser 1914s but it needs a firing pin. ive checked gunbroker but couldnt find anything. does anyone know where i could find one?

BushcraftBritannia: what about the C96? And the steyr m1912

Opus 32: Yep, I got a 1910.

Cynical RSO: One of those was my paternal Grandfather's side arm in WWI (Reserve Artillery Feldwebel) so it is on my buy list.

MrAmptech: Thanks, nice and to the point.

Matt Turns: one at a local pawn shop for 350$. this said it was worth 800$. looks like ill be going back to get that pistol tomorrow ;)

yf2sv: my grandfather brought back a 1910 same pistol just 25 acp. he said he found the pistol along with a Luger on a Waffen SS officer old German guns are so well made

HL Publishing: Just a few words to tell you that an interesting downloadable ebook on this model (technical and historic aspects) is available at

LovesBig FemaleFeet: i have one for sale made in 1916 good condition

isaazman123: @T2oys you're a grammar nazi

isaazman123: @T2oys don't be such a nazi
The Mauser Model 1914 (Semi) Automatic Pistol 5 out of 5

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The Mauser Model 1914 (Semi) Automatic Pistol