Atmos RAW Oil Attachment

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Did this video help you?

JubileeO: thanks for explaining this :)

ousbelsco: Thank you for clearing that up! Sure helped me out with my newly purchased atmos.

Tatiana Jones: Am I the only one who has a problem with oil leaking into the battery ? Any advice would be very helpful!! I can't find anything on Google or anywhere else that talks about the problem that I'm having someone pls help

Joseph Epper: thank you i just bought one off groupon and was just staring at it wondering what to do

Based D: Does the oil give you a similar "high" feeling? Is the oil attachment, the piece and the oil worth it for $60?

Gina Rossy: Thank you I was so lost with my oil attachment!

Daniel Hernandez: If anyone is a fan of metalcore/hardcore/screamo music check out my Solo artist page "DH Project" here @ My Lyric video and EP is dropping very soon ;)

Brandon Nguyen: Hey man, so I ordered my Atmos RAW Vape from eBay, and I then ordered the Wickless Atmos Optimus Oil Attachment, and it just isn't working. I tested the dry herb heating chamber, and that heats up, but my oil attachment WITH oil in it, just isn't working. The battery is fully charged and all, but the oil won't heat up.

Zachary Heidemann: thanks for making this!  i couldn't figure that tip out and it came in a kit with no instructions, really appreciate this!  be well!

Alex Klemenko: hey man thanks nailed everything i had q's on!! great post!!

Brian Twersky: Thanks man! Couldn't figure this thing out either & you've got it down.

Mimi Melanin: Thank you for posting this video! Very helpful and straight to the point.

Whyten Nerdy: Do you need the 510 or Atmos threading to use this with the Atmos Raw?

john badcock: i was just wondering can you put e juice in these cartridges and if so how thin does it have to be

Austin Shoffler: Any idea if you can change out the drip tip?

omoya: GREAT job! You're the first person who actually showed me how to use this thing without a lot of babbling first. I appreciate it!

Manal Cunningham: THANK YOU, I was trying to figure this thing out for days lol

Sean Grogan: Does this attachment work with the atmos jr? Can't seem to find a straight answer anywhere

leo caudillo: I just bought a bundle pack that came with the oil attachment. But the battery isn't heating up the oil attachment. Any ideas what it might be?

Jimmie Lavender: good job.
Atmos RAW Oil Attachment 5 out of 5

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Atmos RAW Oil Attachment